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19-11-19 (00:40)   A Man Developed 'Feather Duvet Lung' After Getting New Bedding (Gizmodo)
19-11-19 (00:18)   Improving autonomous autos by having them guess which humans are selfish (Ars Technica)
19-11-19 (00:13)   NASA scientists swooped over Antarctica and captured a gnarly world (Mashable)
19-11-19 (00:04)   The World's Largest Private Collection of Fighter Jets Is in France's Wine Country (Popular Mechanics)
19-11-19 (00:04)   What Is HDR and Why Is It on My TV? (Popular Mechanics)
18-11-19 (22:47)   This Device Turns Low-Grade Waste Heat Into Electricity (Popular Mechanics)
18-11-19 (22:04)   Score These Sony Wireless Noise-Canceling Headphones For $120 Off (Popular Mechanics)
18-11-19 (21:54)   Deep-Sea Vents Might Solve Mystery of Ancient Ocean Carbon (Gizmodo)
18-11-19 (21:44)   Katai BlueJay 360 camera does away with wasted space in virtual meetings (Digital Trends)
18-11-19 (21:18)   Boeing seems upset with NASA's inspector general (Ars Technica)
18-11-19 (21:18)   You Can Make a Rocket Engine's Entire Combustion Chamber in One 3D Print (Popular Mechanics)
18-11-19 (21:13)   Getting some SVO for your (auto) SUV (Cosmosmagazine.com)
18-11-19 (21:13)   Honeybees can surf to safety (Cosmosmagazine.com)
18-11-19 (21:01)   Boeing: NASA did not overpay us for Starliner, and we have "actual experience" (Ars Technica)
18-11-19 (21:00)   'Avenue 5' Trailer: Hugh Laurie Captains a Luxury Space Cruise Gone Awry in HBO Comedy From 'Veep' Creator (Video) (TheWrap.com)
18-11-19 (20:59)   First full map of Titan assembled (Cosmosmagazine.com)
18-11-19 (20:59)   Were animal ancestors bisexual? (Cosmosmagazine.com)
18-11-19 (20:59)   Engineers less flush with success (Cosmosmagazine.com)
18-11-19 (20:59)   Another glorious galaxy (Cosmosmagazine.com)
18-11-19 (20:54)   Gravitational Waves Could Uncover Missing-Link Black Holes (Gizmodo)
18-11-19 (19:47)   The New Formula to Calculate Your Dog's Age in Human Years (Popular Mechanics)
18-11-19 (19:21)   Playing Hide-and-Seek, Machines Invent New Tools (Quanta Magazine)
18-11-19 (19:11)   First Trailer for Avenue 5, Veep Creator's New HBO Series, Previews a Space Vacation from Hell (TVGuide.com)
18-11-19 (19:04)   Here's the New Tesla Cybertruck Logo (Popular Mechanics)
18-11-19 (18:40)   'Killer' asteroids: How to know when space rocks are as scary as they sound - CNET (C-Net News.com)
18-11-19 (18:33)   Lead Is Stronger Than Steel If You Compress It Enough (Popular Mechanics)
18-11-19 (18:18)   Google Stadia Is Built for the Future (But Not the Present) (Popular Mechanics)
18-11-19 (18:10)   The upcoming HBO comedy Avenue 5 looks like Veep in space (Polygon)
18-11-19 (18:04)   Robots Need to Know They Can Die at Any Minute, Just Like the Rest of Us (Popular Mechanics)
18-11-19 (17:54)   Avenue 5: Trailer and Release Date for Armando Iannucci HBO Space Comedy (Den of Geek)
18-11-19 (17:53)   What could antimatter illuminate about the dark universe of dark matter? (Syfy Wire)
18-11-19 (17:47)   Amazon's Selling the Google Pixel 3a For $100 Off (Popular Mechanics)
18-11-19 (17:13)   Earth's winds have picked up again, after years of slowing (Mashable)
18-11-19 (17:07)   HBO's sci-fi comedy 'Avenue 5' is a deep space pleasure cruise in first trailer (Syfy Wire)
18-11-19 (17:06)   Kerbal Space Program's Breaking Ground expansion lands on consoles next month (Eurogamer.net)
18-11-19 (17:04)   It Would Be Pretty Cool to Hibernate (Popular Mechanics)
18-11-19 (16:58)   HBO's Avenue 5 Trailer: More Like Veep Space Nine (Vulture)
18-11-19 (16:58)   Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground Expansion is coming to consoles next month (GamesRadar)
18-11-19 (16:24)   You'll Be 'Breaking Ground' in Kerbal Space Program When the Expansion Lands on Console (PlayStation LifeStyle)
18-11-19 (16:01)   China now launches more rockets than anyone in the world (Ars Technica)
18-11-19 (15:47)   China takes commanding lead in annual orbital launches (Ars Technica)
18-11-19 (15:33)   Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Volcanic Eruptions (Popular Mechanics)
18-11-19 (15:24)   The Sunburst Arc: A quirk of gravity reveals how the infant Universe lit up (Syfy Wire)
18-11-19 (15:12)   Watch the first trailer for HBO's 'Avenue 5' sci-fi space comedy (Engadget)
18-11-19 (13:39)   Japan's Hayabusa2 Space Probe on Its Way Back After Ryugu Asteroid Mission (Gadgets 360)
18-11-19 (12:14)   Padmé Amidala, Queen of Empty Space (WIRED)
18-11-19 (02:41)   Max Martin Finally Speaks on Hit Songwriting Secrets: 'It's Almost Like Science to Me' (Variety)
17-11-19 (22:38)   Human blood acts really weird in zero-G, and that could threaten astronauts (Syfy Wire)
17-11-19 (17:33)   This Robotic Arm Can Lend a Helping Hand With Repairs (Popular Mechanics)
17-11-19 (16:18)   California's methane super-emitters (Ars Technica)
17-11-19 (16:14)   Space Photos of the Week: 2019 Transit of Mercury (WIRED)
17-11-19 (16:04)   Artificial Intelligence Can Now Predict When Lightning Will Strike (Popular Mechanics)
17-11-19 (14:13)   Where AI and ethics meet (Cosmosmagazine.com)
17-11-19 (14:13)   When galaxies rotate, size matters (Cosmosmagazine.com)
17-11-19 (14:13)   These guys are better off together (Cosmosmagazine.com)
17-11-19 (14:13)   What is a 'mass extinction' and are we in one now? (Cosmosmagazine.com)
17-11-19 (14:13)   Science history: Hertha Marks Ayrton, woman of substance (Cosmosmagazine.com)
17-11-19 (14:13)   This old bird did shake its tail feathers (Cosmosmagazine.com)
17-11-19 (10:47)   Here's why the internet will always have enough space for all our devices (TNW)
16-11-19 (21:04)   A Security Flaw Lets Hackers Overfill Your Pet's Bowl (Popular Mechanics)
16-11-19 (19:04)   Superfast High-Bandwidth Internet Just Reached the Arctic (Popular Mechanics)
16-11-19 (16:18)   The science of audio: How a podcast reveals the pleasant mysteries of hearing (Ars Technica)
16-11-19 (16:18)   A Privacy Guide for Voice Assistants in a World Where You Cannot Escape Them (Popular Mechanics)
16-11-19 (14:47)   Dark matter link to regular matter's dominance fails to show up (Ars Technica)
16-11-19 (05:33)   The Best Deals on Outdoor Equipment from REI's Gear Up, Get Out Sale (Popular Mechanics)
16-11-19 (04:53)   NASA officially gives Ultima Thule a fitting new Native American name (Syfy Wire)
16-11-19 (00:05)   Star Wars: The Mandalorian AT-ST Raider LEGO Review (SlashGear)
15-11-19 (23:54)   The First Batch of Data from NASA's Sun-Visiting Probe Is Now Available to the Public (Gizmodo)
15-11-19 (23:23)   A Woman's 'Velvety' Palms Revealed Her Lung Cancer (Gizmodo)
15-11-19 (23:18)   Yellow Lights Are Too Short (Popular Mechanics)
15-11-19 (22:33)   Russians Will Do This to You, Whatever This Is, If You Want (Popular Mechanics)
15-11-19 (22:33)   20 Great Gifts for Boys Who Love to Tinker (Popular Mechanics)
15-11-19 (22:18)   Physicists capture first footage of quantum knots unraveling in superfluid (Ars Technica)
15-11-19 (21:47)   Microsoft is Storing Source Code in an Arctic Cave (Popular Mechanics)
15-11-19 (21:23)   Report: Here's How Tom DeLonge's UFO Research Group Got Those 'Alien Alloys' (Gizmodo)
15-11-19 (21:18)   Study: You can tie a quantum knot in a superfluid, but it will soon "untie" itself (Ars Technica)
15-11-19 (21:18)   Apple bans vaping apps from the iOS App Store (Ars Technica)
15-11-19 (21:18)   This Is the Last Front-Engine Chevrolet Corvette (Popular Mechanics)
15-11-19 (20:47)   This Is an Entirely New State of Matter (Popular Mechanics)
15-11-19 (20:38)   Could we be in for a real-life space war a lot sooner than we think? (Syfy Wire)
15-11-19 (20:36)   NASA reveals the mesmerizing dance of Neptune's moons (SlashGear)
15-11-19 (20:33)   In 'The Mandalorian,' the Galaxy Far, Far Away Gets Weird (Popular Mechanics)
15-11-19 (20:33)   How to Power a Steel Blast Furnace Using Only Hydrogen (Popular Mechanics)
15-11-19 (19:47)   Rare genetic condition gives man Eye of Sauron look (Ars Technica)
15-11-19 (18:54)   China May Be Concealing Organ Harvesting Through Fake Donation Data, Scientists Report (Gizmodo)
15-11-19 (18:04)   You Can Own This Former ICBM Silo in the Arizona Desert (Popular Mechanics)
15-11-19 (17:54)   Astronauts' Exercise Programs Could Help Cancer Patients Endure Chemotherapy (Gizmodo)
15-11-19 (17:33)   Scientists Are Fighting Over One of the Hottest Places on Earth (Popular Mechanics)
15-11-19 (17:09)   Astronauts Are On a Spacewalk Right Now to Repair a Crucial Dark Matter Experiment (Gizmodo)
15-11-19 (16:38)   Is this viral video evidence that Bigfoot really is out there? (Syfy Wire)
15-11-19 (16:32)   The genetic basis of Peruvians' ability to live at high altitude (Ars Technica)
15-11-19 (16:21)   Cells That 'Taste' Danger Set Off Immune Responses (Quanta Magazine)
15-11-19 (15:59)   10 of the best educational and developmental toys in the UK (Mashable)
15-11-19 (15:24)   A flocculent spiral galaxy with a really, really weird middle (Syfy Wire)
15-11-19 (15:13)   Instead of buying lame gifts, donate to these conservation orgs (Mashable)
15-11-19 (14:39)   Tata Communications Joins Microsoft in Connected Car Space (Gadgets 360)
15-11-19 (13:22)   Star tossed out of the Milky Way is traveling at 3.7M mph (SlashGear)
15-11-19 (10:36)   Researchers create stingray-shaped spacecraft that may explore Venus (SlashGear)
15-11-19 (04:01)   Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the single leading source of anti-vax ads on Facebook (Ars Technica)
15-11-19 (02:56)   See Sech and Darell Take 'Otro Trago' Into Space at the Latin Grammys (RollingStone.com)
15-11-19 (00:18)   The Internet Thinks These Things Are Aliens. The Truth Is Much More Sinister. (Popular Mechanics)
14-11-19 (23:40)   Scientists Need 10,000 Dog Volunteers for Very Important Research (Gizmodo)
14-11-19 (23:18)   Introducing Japan's Lithium Ion Battery-Powered Submarine (Popular Mechanics)
14-11-19 (23:18)   The Evolution of Sports Cheating (Popular Mechanics)
14-11-19 (23:09)   Researchers Created Holograms You Can Feel and Hear (Gizmodo)
14-11-19 (22:54)   Congress Is Increasingly Wary About NASA's 2024 Moon Landing Deadline (Gizmodo)
14-11-19 (22:41)   Outer Worlds Dev Obsidian's New Game Is As Far From Space As You Can Get (GameSpot)
14-11-19 (22:32)   New 3D display combines visuals, haptic feedback, and sound (Ars Technica)
14-11-19 (22:13)   Endangered birds leave genetic clues in their drinking water (Cosmosmagazine.com)
14-11-19 (22:13)   Astro assistance for cancer? (Cosmosmagazine.com)
14-11-19 (22:01)   NASA report finds Boeing seat prices are 60% higher than SpaceX (Ars Technica)
14-11-19 (21:59)   Who's your daddy? (Cosmosmagazine.com)
14-11-19 (21:59)   Building a picture of bamboo's strengths (Cosmosmagazine.com)
14-11-19 (21:59)   Something else to grow hydroponically (Cosmosmagazine.com)
14-11-19 (21:59)   Making glass flex, not fracture (Cosmosmagazine.com)
14-11-19 (21:51)   Museum offers $25k reward for meteor: Here's where to look (SlashGear)
14-11-19 (21:47)   Motorola's New Razr Proves That Flip Phones Can Be Cool in 2019 (Popular Mechanics)
14-11-19 (21:47)   400,000 Insect Species Face Extinction (Popular Mechanics)
14-11-19 (21:24)   Outer Worlds Dev's Next Game Is As Far From Space As You Can Get (GameSpot)
14-11-19 (21:11)   Star of Apple TV Plus space show thinks movies could help us get to Mars - CNET (C-Net News.com)
14-11-19 (21:07)   Meet Narwhal, the 10-week-old puppy with a tail growing between his eyes (Syfy Wire)
14-11-19 (19:54)   New CDC Report on Superbugs Is Full of Bad News (Gizmodo)
14-11-19 (19:24)   Science Behind the Fiction: Rick and Morty's musical mind control (Syfy Wire)
14-11-19 (19:18)   Lodge Cast Iron Is Up to 63% off on Amazon Right Now (Popular Mechanics)
14-11-19 (19:04)   Ford's First All-Electric Crossover Finally Has a Name (Popular Mechanics)
14-11-19 (18:55)   Science Channel Turns the Spotlight on the Ancient Kush Empire of Nubia in New Two-Hour Special "Lost Kingdom of the Black Pharaohs" Premiering Sunday, December 1 at 9PM (The Futon Critic)
14-11-19 (18:54)   Stunning Fossil Discovery Uncovers the Second-Most Primitive Flying Bird (Gizmodo)
14-11-19 (18:47)   Stretchy, Degradable Semiconductors Are the Future of Everything (Popular Mechanics)
14-11-19 (18:24)   New study says invisible megastructures could be connecting the universe (Syfy Wire)
14-11-19 (18:04)   How SMS Works-and Why You Shouldn't Use It Anymore (Popular Mechanics)
14-11-19 (17:54)   Researchers 3D-Printed Plastic Cubes With Complex Patterns That Make them Bulletproof (Gizmodo)
14-11-19 (16:47)   Why Is Russia's Spy Ship Near American Waters? (Popular Mechanics)
14-11-19 (16:40)   How the 2010s Changed Physics Forever (Gizmodo)
14-11-19 (16:24)   New Expensive Dungeons & Dragons Dice Set Features Gem Grown By Science (GameSpot)
14-11-19 (16:18)   Physics holds the secret to volleyball's highly unpredictable "float serve" (Ars Technica)
14-11-19 (16:07)   Hayabusa2 is leaving the asteroid Ryugu and heading back to Earth (Syfy Wire)
14-11-19 (15:32)   Major fish nurseries are awash in microplastics (Ars Technica)
14-11-19 (15:23)   Watch Wild Fish Chase a Laser Pointer (Gizmodo)
14-11-19 (15:18)   Microplastics and baby fish are drawn to the same spots in the ocean (Ars Technica)
14-11-19 (13:27)   The Morning After: Motorola RAZR returns as a $1,500 foldable phone (Engadget)
14-11-19 (12:39)   PUBG Labs Goes Lives as Dedicated Space for Testing Experimental Features, First One is Skill Based Rating System (Gadgets 360)
14-11-19 (07:58)   SpaceX successfully completes Crew Dragon engine tests without an explosion (Engadget)
14-11-19 (00:28)   The EPA's Anti-Science 'Transparency' Rule Has a Long History (WIRED)
14-11-19 (00:27)   NASA renames Kuiper Belt object following controversy (Engadget)
14-11-19 (00:01)   Company discovered it was hacked after a server ran out of free space (ZDNet News)
13-11-19 (23:40)   'Arrokoth' Is a Great Name for This Weird, Lobey Space Rock (Gizmodo)
13-11-19 (23:18)   25 Last-Minute Gifts and Stocking Stuffers on Amazon (Popular Mechanics)
13-11-19 (23:04)   How To Get Rid of Cockroaches for Good (Popular Mechanics)
13-11-19 (22:58)   Amazon orders William Gibson series from the creators of 'Westworld' (Engadget)
13-11-19 (22:54)   The Location for NASA's Next Mars Rover Is Even More Intriguing Than We Realized (Gizmodo)
13-11-19 (22:23)   What Makes AI So Weird, Good, and Evil (Gizmodo)
13-11-19 (22:05)   NASA will use Mars 2020 rover to look for tiny fossils in hunt for life (SlashGear)
13-11-19 (22:04)   The U.S. Is on the Verge of Testing a New Ballistic Missile (Popular Mechanics)
13-11-19 (21:18)   Would You Eat Meat Made from Air? (Popular Mechanics)
13-11-19 (21:11)   Space rock Ultima Thule's new name, Arrokoth, avoids Nazi connotations - CNET (C-Net News.com)
13-11-19 (21:09)   Don't Panic About the 'Black Death Plague' (Gizmodo)
13-11-19 (20:47)   Our First Impressions of the New MacBook Pro (Popular Mechanics)
13-11-19 (20:35)   Neutrinos Lead to Unexpected Discovery in Basic Math (Quanta Magazine)
13-11-19 (20:33)   Everything We Know About Tesla's Mysterious New Pickup Truck (Popular Mechanics)
13-11-19 (20:13)   Ancient enamel sheds light on extinct giant ape (Cosmosmagazine.com)
13-11-19 (20:13)   Sacred Egyptian ibises were wild birds (Cosmosmagazine.com)
13-11-19 (19:59)   Star Wars idea comes to life (Cosmosmagazine.com)
13-11-19 (19:59)   There's more depressing news about anti-depressants (Cosmosmagazine.com)
13-11-19 (19:59)   Hyper-fast star ejected by supermassive black hole (Cosmosmagazine.com)
13-11-19 (19:59)   A shield, a dance and a growing crystal (Cosmosmagazine.com)
13-11-19 (19:47)   Did Ukraine Really Create a Missile That Can't Be Shot Down? (Popular Mechanics)
13-11-19 (19:18)   7 Common Recycling Myths, Debunked (Popular Mechanics)
13-11-19 (19:09)   Could Antimatter Be the Portal Into the Dark Universe? (Gizmodo)
13-11-19 (19:09)   Promising Plant Sciences Breakthrough Could Lead to Photosynthesis 2.0 (Gizmodo)
13-11-19 (18:47)   Scandal of kids posing as researchers continues to grow in South Korea (Ars Technica)
13-11-19 (18:33)   Wind Turbines Are Getting Wild (Popular Mechanics)
13-11-19 (18:24)   What exactly was this bizarre ancient mashup monster that has scientists baffled? (Syfy Wire)
13-11-19 (17:48)   Techstars launches a virtual space tech accelerator with USAF, the Netherlands and Norway (TechCrunch)
13-11-19 (17:47)   'The Mandalorian' Explores the Star Wars Universe in All the Right Ways (Popular Mechanics)
13-11-19 (17:33)   Like a Ghost, the Iconic F-4 Phantom is Slowly Fading Away (Popular Mechanics)
13-11-19 (17:07)   Our local supermassive black hole shot a star right out of the galaxy (Syfy Wire)
13-11-19 (16:54)   How Manmade Lava Explosions Could Save Lives (Gizmodo)
13-11-19 (16:47)   Apple's New AirPods Pro Are Already on Sale at Amazon (Popular Mechanics)
13-11-19 (15:51)   Kuiper Belt object 2014 MU69 officially named Arrokoth (SlashGear)
13-11-19 (15:18)   How to spot the SpaceX Starlink satellite train overhead this week (Ars Technica)
13-11-19 (14:42)   Photos show Venice underwater after highest tide in 50 years (Mashable)
13-11-19 (13:51)   JAXA announces Hayabusa2 is leaving Ryugu (SlashGear)
13-11-19 (13:39)   PC Gamer plays: Apsulov: End of Gods, My Lovely Daughter, Endless Space 2, and Vermintide 2 (PC Gamer)
13-11-19 (13:18)   A "mouse-deer," seen once in the last century, has now been caught on film (Ars Technica)
13-11-19 (13:01)   One of the world's "most wanted" mammals has been rediscovered (Ars Technica)
13-11-19 (11:42)   Why the 'imminent' Brunt iceberg hasn't cracked off yet (Mashable)
13-11-19 (10:58)   Japan's Hayabusa2 is returning to Earth with asteroid samples (Engadget)
13-11-19 (02:38)   Canadian scientist identifies new species of hornless, parrot-beaked dinosaur (Syfy Wire)
13-11-19 (02:18)   EPA still moving to limit science used to support regulations (Ars Technica)
13-11-19 (01:18)   The world finally has an approved vaccine against Ebola (Ars Technica)
13-11-19 (00:18)   Formula One's Path to Total Carbon Neutrality (Popular Mechanics)
12-11-19 (23:47)   2019 Streaming Guide: Should You Sign-Up for Disney+? (Popular Mechanics)
12-11-19 (23:40)   DNA Could Be One of a Million Possible Genetic Molecules (Gizmodo)
12-11-19 (22:59)   SpaceX launches even more satellites into space (Mashable)
12-11-19 (22:54)   Curiosity Finds Mysterious Oxygen Fluctuations on Mars (Gizmodo)
12-11-19 (22:47)   More Americans Buying Electric Cars Than Manual Transmission Cars (Popular Mechanics)
12-11-19 (22:38)   Rad new jet-powered car just hit 500 mph, but can it break the speed of sound? (Syfy Wire)
12-11-19 (22:26)   Humans could get rid of space junk by turning it into hotels and storage depots (Digital Trends)
12-11-19 (22:09)   Japan's Asteroid Probe Is Finally Returning to Earth With Its Precious Cargo (Gizmodo)
12-11-19 (22:04)   The 'Han Shot First' Debate Just Took the Dumbest Turn Imaginable (Popular Mechanics)
12-11-19 (21:33)   New EV Battery Can Charge in 10 Minutes (Popular Mechanics)
12-11-19 (20:57)   Wild space rock Ultima Thule gets new official name: Arrokoth - CNET (C-Net News.com)
12-11-19 (20:55)   The Mandalorian Teaches Us How To Poop In Space (GameSpot)
12-11-19 (20:33)   The 3 Toys That Made This Year's Toy Hall of Fame Class (Popular Mechanics)
12-11-19 (20:19)   Review: Samsung's Space Monitor is handsome and minimal - if you have the desk for it (TechCrunch)
12-11-19 (20:09)   Japan to Reinvent Fukushima as a Renewable Energy Hub (Gizmodo)
12-11-19 (19:53)   AI can predict your imminent death better than doctors, study finds (Syfy Wire)
12-11-19 (19:41)   Oscars: 159 Features Submitted Into Documentary Race (Variety)
12-11-19 (19:36)   Mars oxygen levels keep spiking and NASA still isn't sure why (SlashGear)
12-11-19 (19:18)   NASA Telescope Spots Massive, Trippy Thermonuclear Blast (Popular Mechanics)
12-11-19 (18:23)   Researchers Create a Metal Structure That Will Not Sink or Stay Submerged Under Water (Gizmodo)
12-11-19 (18:14)   The Science Is Extremely Clear: You Need to Prioritize Sleep (WIRED)
12-11-19 (18:09)   34 Million Americans Know Someone Who Died Without Being Able to Afford Medical Care, Survey Estimates (Gizmodo)
12-11-19 (18:04)   The X-37B Could Become a Fighter Jet's Orbital Wingman (Popular Mechanics)
12-11-19 (17:47)   The Witnesses (Popular Mechanics)
12-11-19 (17:42)   Watch the Arctic's oldest, toughest sea ice perish in new video (Mashable)
12-11-19 (17:40)   The EPA Amends Its 'Transparency' Proposal to Somehow Be Even More Terrible (Gizmodo)
12-11-19 (17:18)   A Look Inside the Cockpit of the World's Fastest Car (Popular Mechanics)
12-11-19 (17:13)   National parks estimated to save trillions in mental health costs (Cosmosmagazine.com)
12-11-19 (17:13)   Using sound waves to target tumours (Cosmosmagazine.com)
12-11-19 (16:59)   AI learns to design (Cosmosmagazine.com)
12-11-19 (16:59)   Climate warnings from the distant past (Cosmosmagazine.com)
12-11-19 (16:59)   Vaping linked to teenager's lung inflammation (Cosmosmagazine.com)
12-11-19 (16:59)   Another tale set in amber (Cosmosmagazine.com)
12-11-19 (16:35)   Mathematicians Calculate How Randomness Creeps In (Quanta Magazine)
12-11-19 (16:33)   Lost World War II Submarine Rediscovered 75 Years Later (Popular Mechanics)
12-11-19 (16:14)   The Mesmerizing Science of Garden Sprinklers (WIRED)
12-11-19 (15:38)   New study: Climate change is making hurricanes more destructive (Syfy Wire)
12-11-19 (15:12)   The art and science of fall damage, and how it can make or break a video game (GamesRadar)
12-11-19 (14:47)   A new paper concludes that hurricane damage is increasing (Ars Technica)
12-11-19 (14:32)   Partisan differences show up in reasons why Americans support NASA (Ars Technica)
12-11-19 (14:03)   Death and betrayal aboard a vast steel space spider (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
12-11-19 (13:30)   Elon Musk's internet from space: 60 new SpaceX satellites bring US service closer (ZDNet News)
12-11-19 (05:54)   Fireball Lights Up the Skies Over St. Louis During Northern Taurid Meteor Shower (Gizmodo)
12-11-19 (05:24)   Nessie's got nothing on this newly unearthed, razor-toothed sea monster (Syfy Wire)
12-11-19 (02:53)   You could be booking an Earth-view room at the Von Braun Space Station by 2025 (Syfy Wire)
12-11-19 (00:42)   SpaceX sends another batch of Starlink satellites into space (Mashable)
12-11-19 (00:40)   E-Cigarettes Don't Have to Be Tainted to Send You to the Hospital, UK Case Shows (Gizmodo)
12-11-19 (00:32)   Google has access to detailed health records on tens of millions of Americans (Ars Technica)
12-11-19 (00:18)   Would you trust Google with your medical records? It might already have them (Ars Technica)
11-11-19 (23:33)   The 7 Best Computer Monitors For Extra Screen Space (Popular Mechanics)
11-11-19 (22:54)   Stingray-Shaped Probes Could Explore Venus's Atmosphere (Gizmodo)
11-11-19 (22:28)   NASA's Hubble Space Telescope successor is huge (Mashable)
11-11-19 (22:18)   The World's First Talking Dog Is a Very Good, Very Smart Girl (Popular Mechanics)
11-11-19 (22:13)   The 'mouse deer' lives (Mashable)
11-11-19 (22:04)   AI Can Tell If You're Going to Die Soon. We Just Don't Know How It Knows. (Popular Mechanics)
11-11-19 (21:15)   Nov. 19 Microsoft Education TweetMeet to focus on computer science and future-ready skills (Microsoft Blogs)
11-11-19 (21:11)   Science Fair on Disney Plus: A heartfelt, funny look at kids changing the world - CNET (C-Net News.com)
11-11-19 (21:09)   In a World First, the EU Has Approved an Ebola Vaccine (Gizmodo)
11-11-19 (20:54)   The Nile Could Be a Window Into the Underworld (Gizmodo)
11-11-19 (20:47)   Apple Is Entering the AR Fray (Popular Mechanics)
11-11-19 (20:28)   Even the defiant Taku Glacier, long resistant to warming, has started shrinking (Mashable)
11-11-19 (20:09)   Oh Boy, Mercury Is Gonna Transit the Sun [Update: It's Over] (Gizmodo)
11-11-19 (20:04)   Missing for 30 Years, a Rare Deer Species Is Rediscovered in Vietnam (Popular Mechanics)
11-11-19 (19:23)   Radar Scans Reveal Ancient Human Footprint Embedded in Mammoth Track (Gizmodo)
11-11-19 (19:13)   The tour guide in our brain (Cosmosmagazine.com)
11-11-19 (19:13)   The puzzle of a proton's proportions (Cosmosmagazine.com)
11-11-19 (19:13)   Nemo's cousins have a special way of finding him (Cosmosmagazine.com)
11-11-19 (19:13)   Why the Nile goes where it goes (Cosmosmagazine.com)
11-11-19 (19:13)   Cities messing with spring's signals (Cosmosmagazine.com)
11-11-19 (19:13)   Deer departed is back again (Cosmosmagazine.com)
11-11-19 (18:47)   Should Ships Have Speed Limits? (Popular Mechanics)
11-11-19 (18:47)   We Tested Yeti's New V Series. It's Even Better than the Tundra. (Popular Mechanics)
11-11-19 (18:35)   Virginia Trimble Has Seen the Stars (Quanta Magazine)
11-11-19 (18:04)   Score A Renewed Macbook Air For Hundreds off on Amazon Today (Popular Mechanics)
11-11-19 (18:04)   The Enduring Appeal of 'I Will Always Love You,' Explained by Science (Popular Mechanics)
11-11-19 (18:01)   Future-Ready Skills & Computer Science - #MSFTEduChat TweetMeet on November 19 (Microsoft Blogs)
11-11-19 (17:47)   SpaceX adds five dozen more Starlink satellites to burgeoning constellation (Ars Technica)
11-11-19 (17:47)   The History of Veterans Day (Popular Mechanics)
11-11-19 (17:28)   Review: These speakers from IKEA and Sonos save space and sound great (Mashable)
11-11-19 (17:15)   15 Scary Endings That Almost Froze You To Death (GamingBolt)
11-11-19 (17:09)   'Lost' Species of Mouse-Deer Spotted in Vietnam After 30 Years (Gizmodo)
11-11-19 (17:04)   41 Well-Designed Gifts for Cycling Enthusiasts (Popular Mechanics)
11-11-19 (17:04)   25 Great Gifts For Tech-Loving Foodies (Popular Mechanics)
11-11-19 (15:38)   Will the Unicorn give us a meteor storm on November 22? (Syfy Wire)
11-11-19 (15:13)   Gifts to buy your climate-denying uncle (Mashable)
11-11-19 (14:05)   Pac-Man mergers could explain massive, spinning black holes (SlashGear)
11-11-19 (14:01)   Space cowboy successes, and failures, ahead of The Mandalorian's Disney+ launch (Ars Technica)
11-11-19 (13:47)   Space-grade CPUs: How do you send more computing power into space? (Ars Technica)
11-11-19 (13:41)   The Morning After: Apple's new Mac Pro made a surprise appearance (Engadget)
11-11-19 (09:27)   How to safely watch Mercury pass in front of the Sun today (Engadget)
11-11-19 (06:27)   Rick and Morty Season-Premiere Recap: Unstoppable Science-Fiction Boy (Vulture)
11-11-19 (00:18)   Watch Mercury's Transit of the Sun Right Here (Popular Mechanics)
10-11-19 (23:24)   Humans are extremely likely to go extinct, and it looks like we don't even care (Syfy Wire)
10-11-19 (22:58)   Watch a herd of MIT's Mini Cheetah robots frolic in the fall leaves (Engadget)
10-11-19 (21:47)   Limits, schlimits: It's time to rethink how we teach calculus (Ars Technica)
10-11-19 (21:47)   7 Wild Conspiracy Theories That'll Make You Say 'What?!' (Popular Mechanics)
10-11-19 (21:18)   How Scrabble Pros Bend Words to Their Will (Popular Mechanics)
10-11-19 (19:47)   A personality quiz for fans of math and history: Are you a Newton or a Leibniz? (Ars Technica)
10-11-19 (16:18)   Can science break its plastic addiction? (Ars Technica)
10-11-19 (15:04)   How to Track and Photograph Secret Spacecraft (Popular Mechanics)
10-11-19 (14:13)   Silk patch monitors health, no sweat (Cosmosmagazine.com)
10-11-19 (14:13)   That's unsinkable behaviour (Cosmosmagazine.com)
10-11-19 (14:13)   Can we beat mosquitos at their own game? (Cosmosmagazine.com)
10-11-19 (14:13)   How should we treat a social robot? (Cosmosmagazine.com)
10-11-19 (14:13)   Science history: How George Westinghouse lit up the world (Cosmosmagazine.com)
10-11-19 (14:13)   A dozen space doppelgangers (Cosmosmagazine.com)
10-11-19 (13:22)   Mercury's rare Sun transit will happen on Monday: Here's how to watch (SlashGear)
10-11-19 (00:27)   CDC says a toxic compound may be responsible for vaping illnesses (Engadget)
10-11-19 (00:18)   Small Yet Mighty Mercury Still Holds Many Mysteries (Popular Mechanics)
09-11-19 (21:18)   How To Prepare Your Garage for Winter (Popular Mechanics)
09-11-19 (21:13)   NASA subjected its new Mars rover to harsh Mars-like environs (Mashable)
09-11-19 (19:13)   This is how colossal NASA's new Hubble Space Telescope successor is (Mashable)
09-11-19 (18:18)   This Technics Turntable Powered Hip-Hop's Early Sound (Popular Mechanics)
09-11-19 (17:47)   Great apes pass a false-belief test, hinting at a theory of mind (Ars Technica)
09-11-19 (17:13)   2019's word of the year is right on the money (Mashable)
09-11-19 (16:42)   Vaping illness linked directly to one substance in new CDC report (Mashable)
09-11-19 (15:18)   The best science and math moments in Sesame Street's first 50 years (Ars Technica)
09-11-19 (15:18)   9 Ingenious Smuggling Machines That Beat the Berlin Wall (Popular Mechanics)
09-11-19 (15:09)   Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 2 - A Space Combat Masterpiece (Den of Geek)
09-11-19 (00:05)   Cosmic fog helps astrophysicists clock just how fast the universe is expanding (SlashGear)
09-11-19 (00:04)   Air Force Downs Several Drones With New ATHENA Laser Weapon System (Popular Mechanics)
08-11-19 (23:38)   Comics: New Mutants head to space; Big Hero 6 arrives after 15-month wait; more (Syfy Wire)
08-11-19 (23:23)   We Now Have Direct Evidence That Vitamin E Is Behind Vaping Illness Outbreak (Gizmodo)
08-11-19 (23:18)   11 Ways To Hang Anything on a Wall (Popular Mechanics)
08-11-19 (23:07)   Daniel Wilson honors Michael Crichton's legacy in The Andromeda Strain sequel, The Andromeda Evolution (Syfy Wire)
08-11-19 (22:47)   The Best Home, Tech, and Gear Deals for Veterans (Popular Mechanics)
08-11-19 (22:47)   Steal Your Friend's Netflix Password While You Still Can (Popular Mechanics)
08-11-19 (22:36)   NASA Installs Final RS-25 Space Shuttle Engine on SLS Core (ExtremeTech)
08-11-19 (22:32)   Watch this beautifully disgusting liver fluke parasite explore man's innards (Ars Technica)
08-11-19 (22:24)   MIT's Mini Cheetah robot channels Black Mirror's 'Metalhead' dog drone (Syfy Wire)
08-11-19 (22:04)   Hey, Let's Burn Some Metal in Zero Gravity (Popular Mechanics)
08-11-19 (21:51)   Boeing reveals why one of its Starliner parachutes failed to deploy (SlashGear)
08-11-19 (21:26)   Moon-bound NASA astronauts get nifty sleeping bags for snoozing in space - CNET (C-Net News.com)
08-11-19 (20:47)   Water Is Really Hard and Expensive to Split. These Guys Might Have a Solution. (Popular Mechanics)
08-11-19 (20:47)   Army Creates Super Detailed Skull X-Rays in Search for a Better Military Helmet (Popular Mechanics)
08-11-19 (20:33)   Burning Out: What Really Happens Inside a Crematorium (Popular Mechanics)
08-11-19 (20:09)   'Yikes, I'm a Host': What It's Like to Have Parasitic Eye Worms (Gizmodo)
08-11-19 (19:32)   Vitamin E acetate found in all lung fluid samples tested from injured vapers (Ars Technica)
08-11-19 (19:23)   A 15,000-Year-Old Trap for Catching Woolly Mammoths Has Been Discovered in Mexico (Gizmodo)
08-11-19 (19:04)   If You Got a Strange Text This Week, Here's Why (Popular Mechanics)
08-11-19 (18:40)   Gollum-Like Daddy Long-Legs Discovered in the Bowels of the Earth (Gizmodo)
08-11-19 (18:04)   Sony's Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones Are Over $70 off Now (Popular Mechanics)
08-11-19 (17:33)   The Bloodhound LSR Is Halfway to Its 1,000-MPH Dream (Popular Mechanics)
08-11-19 (17:33)   Amazon's Best Early Holiday Deals on Tech, Tools, and More (Popular Mechanics)
08-11-19 (17:32)   Quantum mechanics gets stern challenge from single silicon ion (Ars Technica)
08-11-19 (17:18)   What caused 11,000 scientists to declare a climate emergency? (Ars Technica)
08-11-19 (17:11)   Volkswagen ID Space Vizzion foreshadows a production electric wagon - Roadshow (C-Net News.com)
08-11-19 (17:07)   This next-level superhero space vest could make humans immune to killer radiation (Syfy Wire)
08-11-19 (17:01)   What is the significance of 11,000 scientists declaring a climate emergency? (Ars Technica)
08-11-19 (17:01)   Quantum mechanics gets stern challenge from single silicon ion (Ars Technica)
08-11-19 (16:47)   Tesla's 'Cybertruck' Pickup Is Coming This Month (Popular Mechanics)
08-11-19 (16:47)   11 Drill Bit Sets for Every Job (Popular Mechanics)
08-11-19 (16:18)   NASA does not deny the "over $2 billion" cost of a single SLS launch (Ars Technica)
08-11-19 (16:07)   Nanomedicine looks like a Borg implant but can save lives in space (Syfy Wire)
08-11-19 (16:07)   Watch a rare transit of Mercury across the Sun on Monday (Syfy Wire)
08-11-19 (16:06)   Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya's Community of Microbes: a celebration of color and science (TheVerge)
08-11-19 (15:32)   Kerbal Space Program 2 is grounded until after April 2020 (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
08-11-19 (13:18)   Rocket Report: Aloha to Hawaii launch site, China tests grid fins (Ars Technica)
08-11-19 (12:14)   Iconic Anime Spacecraft Recreated In Straw (Kotaku)

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