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24-10-18 (03:53)   Objects in Space 10/23/18: To protect my family (Syfy Wire)
24-10-18 (02:43)   Winners of the astronomy photo prize reveal the beauty of the universe (Newscientist.com)
24-10-18 (02:43)   Bird-like lungs may have helped dinosaurs rule the world (Newscientist.com)
24-10-18 (01:09)   See the Glorious Winners of the 2018 Astronomy Photographer of the Year Contest (Gizmodo)
24-10-18 (00:50)   Adenovirus Doesn't Usually Kill, So Why Did 6 Kids Die from the Virus in New Jersey? (Live Science)
24-10-18 (00:47)   Hundreds of health crowdfunding campaigns are for sham treatments (Ars Technica)
24-10-18 (00:26)   Europe's space agency plans to build its own micro-gravity moon base - on Earth (Digital Trends)
24-10-18 (00:05)   Starlink: Battle For Atlas Review - Introduction To Space Adventure (GameInformer.com)
24-10-18 (00:04)   Sandra Day O'Connor Says She 'Probably' Has Alzheimer's: What Defines Different Dementias? (Live Science)
23-10-18 (23:47)   It Just Got Easier to Make Hordes of Blood Cell-Sized Robots All at Once (Popular Mechanics)
23-10-18 (23:47)   NASA Fixed Hubble the Same Way You Fix Your Computer (Popular Mechanics)
23-10-18 (22:50)   Sweet Potatoes: Delicious and Nutritious (Live Science)
23-10-18 (22:49)   Meet Jelly, the new electric scooter science project run by Ford (TheVerge)
23-10-18 (22:47)   Killing the INF Treaty Could Spur New Generation of Missiles (Popular Mechanics)
23-10-18 (22:21)   Salmonella Hides Its Tail to Stay Invisible to Immune System (Live Science)
23-10-18 (22:18)   Arizona superintendent fails in last attempt to limit evolution teaching (Ars Technica)
23-10-18 (22:04)   A Turkish Airlines Flight Flew an Extra 800 Miles and Still Landed on Time (Popular Mechanics)
23-10-18 (22:04)   How China's New Missile Concept Could Cripple American Air Power (Popular Mechanics)
23-10-18 (22:04)   World's Oldest Intact Shipwreck Found at the Bottom of the Black Sea (Live Science)
23-10-18 (21:46)   Science: Broke brats glued to the web while silk-stocking scions have better things to do (The Register)
23-10-18 (21:38)   Space the Nation: Katie Mack, the mansplainer slayer, on getting science right (Syfy Wire)
23-10-18 (21:38)   Development: Bee and PuppyCat lands series; The Boy scares up sequel; Night Of The Comet floats remake (Syfy Wire)
23-10-18 (21:21)   Portrait 'Painted' by AI Up for Auction at Christie's in NYC (Live Science)
23-10-18 (20:54)   How Fear Can Kill You (Gizmodo)
23-10-18 (20:47)   NASA's Return to the Moon Could Include a Reusable Lunar Lander (Popular Mechanics)
23-10-18 (20:18)   The One Surefire Way To Unclog a Toilet (Popular Mechanics)
23-10-18 (20:18)   NASA chief says agency plans to launch crew on Soyuz in December (Ars Technica)
23-10-18 (20:04)   What Is Lithium? (Live Science)
23-10-18 (19:57)   The best humidifiers for your home or office space (Digital Trends)
23-10-18 (19:54)   Pieces of Ancient Luzia Skull Recovered From Scorched Brazilian Museum (Gizmodo)
23-10-18 (19:33)   NASA Spots Strange Rectangular Iceberg in Antarctica (Popular Mechanics)
23-10-18 (19:18)   The Best Outdoor Gifts for the Adventurer In Your Life (Popular Mechanics)
23-10-18 (19:14)   WHO calls for ban on 'virginity tests' used by police and employers (Newscientist.com)
23-10-18 (19:05)   Dating app Vibes aims to create a safe, authentic space for people to meet (TechCrunch)
23-10-18 (19:04)   China Opens Gargantuan 34-Mile Mega Bridge (Popular Mechanics)
23-10-18 (18:40)   Hubble Telescope's Broken Gyroscope Seemingly Fixed After Engineers Try Turning It Off and On Again (Gizmodo)
23-10-18 (18:29)   New clues to unravelling link between pregnancy and breast cancer risk (Newscientist.com)
23-10-18 (18:29)   Bone hormone released during exercise may lead to new memory-loss drug (Newscientist.com)
23-10-18 (18:21)   Are You Pregnant? 12 Early Signs of Pregnancy (Live Science)
23-10-18 (18:21)   Trying to Conceive: 10 Tips for Men (Live Science)
23-10-18 (18:21)   Trying to Conceive: 10 Tips for Women (Live Science)
23-10-18 (18:18)   Greek Trading Ship That Sank 2,400 Years Ago Found Intact (Popular Mechanics)
23-10-18 (18:18)   Ars on your lunch break: Losing my drone religion (Ars Technica)
23-10-18 (18:07)   Watch the First Teaser for BEE AND PUPPYCAT: LAZY IN SPACE (Exclusive) (Nerdist)
23-10-18 (17:54)   Will Cryogenically Frozen People Ever Be Revived? (Gizmodo)
23-10-18 (17:40)   World's Oldest Intact Shipwreck Discovered at Bottom of Black Sea After 2,400 Years (Gizmodo)
23-10-18 (17:06)   NASA's Hubble Space Telescope may be back in action shortly (TheVerge)
23-10-18 (17:04)   This Secure Router Blocks Advanced Cyber Threats (Popular Mechanics)
23-10-18 (17:04)   Cheetahs: The Fastest Land Animals (Live Science)
23-10-18 (16:50)   A Proof About Where Symmetries Can't Exist (Quanta Magazine)
23-10-18 (16:50)   What Is 'Color Science' and Should It Actually Matter to Photographers? (Fstoppers)
23-10-18 (16:24)   Pale Red Dot... for now (Syfy Wire)
23-10-18 (15:54)   Scientists Say They've Found Microplastics in People's Poop, But Don't Worry Just Yet (Gizmodo)
23-10-18 (15:32)   Those painted sculptures in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey are true to history (Ars Technica)
23-10-18 (15:23)   New DC/CW Crossover Pictures Confirm the Return of a Major Character (Gizmodo)
23-10-18 (15:18)   To Get More Electric Mileage, Scientists Want to Turn a Car's Frame Into a Battery (Popular Mechanics)
23-10-18 (15:04)   What a Scientist Can Learn From AlienCon (Popular Mechanics)
23-10-18 (15:04)   U.S. Carriers Are Operating in the Arctic Circle for the First Time in Decades (Popular Mechanics)
23-10-18 (14:47)   Ural's Newest Sidecar Motorcycle Has a Built-In Drone (Popular Mechanics)
23-10-18 (14:35)   Why Did This Zoo Lion Murder the Father of Her Cubs? (Live Science)
23-10-18 (14:35)   What Are Americans Most Afraid Of? Corrupt Government Officials & Global Warming. (Live Science)
23-10-18 (14:35)   48-Million-Year-Old Fossil Owl Is Almost Perfectly Preserved (Live Science)
23-10-18 (14:22)   NASA says Hubble is nearing a return to normal operations (SlashGear)
23-10-18 (14:14)   Science Isn't About 'the Truth'-It's About Building Models (WIRED)
23-10-18 (14:14)   World's longest sea bridge opens between Hong Kong and mainland China (Newscientist.com)
23-10-18 (13:57)   Bumblebee wants to lift your bed to the ceiling to save you space (Digital Trends)
23-10-18 (12:14)   The Mad Science of Fermentation's Funky Flavors (WIRED)
23-10-18 (12:14)   Get Yourself the Right Cookware to Maximize a Small Space (WIRED)
23-10-18 (11:59)   NetEase's Eve: Echoes is a mobile take on CCP's space-faring MMO slated for a 2019 release (Pocket Gamer.biz)
23-10-18 (11:44)   Intellivision joins the retro console space with new hardware coming in 2020 (GamesIndusty.biz)
23-10-18 (09:57)   World's first drone-equipped motorcycle features a special space for the Spark (Digital Trends)
23-10-18 (09:43)   Tiny supercomputers could be made from the skeleton inside your cells (Newscientist.com)
23-10-18 (07:04)   Here Is Zero's New Lineup of 2019 Electric Motorcycles (Popular Mechanics)
23-10-18 (04:05)   Study finds lack of exercise may be bigger health risk than smoking (SlashGear)
23-10-18 (03:38)   Objects in Space 10/22/18: He's waited for me, I've waited for him (Syfy Wire)
23-10-18 (00:50)   This Very Good Dog Is Defending America Against African Swine Fever (Live Science)
23-10-18 (00:50)   Dead Sea Scroll Fragments in Museum of the Bible Are Fake (Live Science)
23-10-18 (00:50)   This Man Got a Seemingly Harmless Bug Bite. It Turned Into a Flesh-Eating Infection. (Live Science)
23-10-18 (00:27)   Report says NASA lost historical artifacts due to lax procedures (Engadget)
23-10-18 (00:24)   Stephen Hawking's Simpsons script, wheelchair, and more up for auction (Syfy Wire)
23-10-18 (00:24)   Finally, a mission to Mercury is now taking off (Syfy Wire)
23-10-18 (00:21)   Microplastics Are Everywhere - and That Likely Includes Your Poop (Live Science)
23-10-18 (00:18)   This Carbon-Negative Generator Makes Drinkable Water out of Thin Air (Popular Mechanics)
23-10-18 (00:18)   NASA brings a Hubble gyro back to life after a seven-year hibernation (Ars Technica)
22-10-18 (23:50)   Stephen Hawking's Thesis, First Wheelchair to Be Auctioned Off (Live Science)
22-10-18 (23:23)   This Weirdly Geometric Iceberg Is Freaking Us Out (Gizmodo)
22-10-18 (23:04)   How to Track a Lost iPhone (Popular Mechanics)
22-10-18 (22:53)   Read an exclusive excerpt from Kim Stanley Robinson's new lunar thriller, Red Moon (Syfy Wire)
22-10-18 (22:36)   'Headless chicken monster' deep-sea creature caught on camera (SlashGear)
22-10-18 (22:09)   Some Supplements Are Full Of Untested, Experimental Stimulants, Study Finds (Gizmodo)
22-10-18 (21:51)   Mars researchers confirm potential for breathable air (SlashGear)
22-10-18 (21:04)   Hurricane Michael Unearths Ships Destroyed in 1899 Hurricane (Popular Mechanics)
22-10-18 (21:04)   The Navy's Next Attack Submarine Will Be Big, Expensive (Popular Mechanics)
22-10-18 (20:35)   Bizarre 'Headless Chicken Monster' Drifts Through Antarctic Deep (Live Science)
22-10-18 (20:35)   NASA lost a rover and other space artifacts due to sloppy management, report says (TheVerge)
22-10-18 (20:22)   Stephen Hawking auction hawks 22 evocative lots (SlashGear)
22-10-18 (20:06)   Joggernauts Review - A Challenging Exercise in Group Communication and Coordination (DualShockers)
22-10-18 (20:04)   How to Keep Your Christmas Tree Fresh Longer (Popular Mechanics)
22-10-18 (19:50)   Yes, the 'Blob' Is Back. No, It Won't Wreak Havoc on East Coast Weather. (Live Science)
22-10-18 (19:33)   NOAA Predicts Winter Is Going to Be Warmer Than Usual for Most of the United States (Popular Mechanics)
22-10-18 (19:27)   Mars may have enough oxygen underneath its surface for life (Engadget)
22-10-18 (19:23)   Demand for Chocolate Labs Is Making Them Sick and Prone to Early Death (Gizmodo)
22-10-18 (19:21)   Weight-Loss Supplements Contain Dangerous Stimulants Years After Being Prohibited (Live Science)
22-10-18 (19:14)   Hot baths could improve depression as much as physical exercise (Newscientist.com)
22-10-18 (19:04)   10 Hardcore DIY Halloween Projects (Popular Mechanics)
22-10-18 (18:47)   This DIY Halloween Monster Is a Perfect Project That's Good To Make With Kids Too (Popular Mechanics)
22-10-18 (18:47)   The Best Headphones and Earbuds for Every Situation (Popular Mechanics)
22-10-18 (18:21)   Skin: The Human Body's Largest Organ (Live Science)
22-10-18 (18:18)   Mysterious 'Headless Chicken Monster' Spotted in Ocean Near Antarctica (Popular Mechanics)
22-10-18 (18:04)   World's Oldest Fossils Now Appear to Be Squished Rocks (Quanta Magazine)
22-10-18 (18:04)   Watch Thieves Steal a Tesla Model S With Just a Tablet and a Phone (Popular Mechanics)
22-10-18 (18:00)   Salty Martian groundwater may have enough oxygen to support life (Newscientist.com)
22-10-18 (17:47)   Trauma of US Civil War POW experience affected the next generation (Ars Technica)
22-10-18 (17:35)   38 Baby Skulls of Weird Jurassic-Era Mammal Relative Found (Live Science)
22-10-18 (17:09)   How the Universe Ends (Gizmodo)
22-10-18 (17:04)   Mars May Have Enough Oxygen to Sustain Subsurface Life (Popular Mechanics)
22-10-18 (16:18)   This Obscure Collection of Fiberglass Car Is a Must-See (Popular Mechanics)
22-10-18 (16:09)   Stephen Hawking's Wheelchair and Papers Are Up for Auction, and We Hope They Land in Good Hands (Gizmodo)
22-10-18 (16:04)   Capture 360-Degree Video With This VR Camera (Popular Mechanics)
22-10-18 (16:01)   Relativity hires senior Tesla manager to help automate rocket production (Ars Technica)
22-10-18 (15:53)   Ring around the exoplanet? (Syfy Wire)
22-10-18 (15:00)   AI alchemists spit out the recipe for any molecule you want to make (Newscientist.com)
22-10-18 (13:35)   BepiColombo Spacecraft Headed to Mercury Snaps 1st Photo, a Selfie (Live Science)
22-10-18 (13:35)   Chocolate Labs Are Less Healthy Than Their Black and Yellow Puppy Pals (Live Science)
22-10-18 (13:35)   Ice Age Graveyard Holds the Bones of Mammoth Nursery Herds That Died at Watering Hole (Live Science)
22-10-18 (13:23)   Space Hulk: Tactics Review (TheXboxHub)
22-10-18 (06:12)   Molecule-level 'CT scans' could lead to faster drug discovery (Engadget)
22-10-18 (02:23)   Report: Hurricane Michael's Storm Surge Dredged Up 119-Year-Old Vessels Wrecked By Carrabelle Hurricane (Gizmodo)
22-10-18 (02:09)   Smartphone Notch, Deepfakes, and Facebook's War Room: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week (Gizmodo)
22-10-18 (00:07)   Objects in Space 10/21/18: Not a fit place for people (Syfy Wire)
21-10-18 (23:40)   BepiColombo Spacecraft Snaps Its First Selfie From Space on Its Way to Mercury (Gizmodo)
21-10-18 (22:06)   Flatworms fence with their penises and other fun science facts (TheVerge)
21-10-18 (21:52)   Panasonic's "Wear Space" Helps People Concentrate in Open-Plan Offices ([H]ardOCP)
21-10-18 (20:18)   Lithium giants feud over competition, brine in Chile's Atacama Desert (Ars Technica)
21-10-18 (15:35)   Extraterrestrial Life Could Be Purple (Live Science)
21-10-18 (15:18)   First thing we do, let's kill all the experts (Ars Technica)
21-10-18 (00:52)   Science Explains if You Could Survive MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (Nerdist)
20-10-18 (15:47)   Collapse of ancient city's water system may have led to its demise (Ars Technica)
20-10-18 (15:35)   Mystery of Mercury Levels in Arctic Animals Gets Solved (Live Science)
20-10-18 (15:21)   Exoplanet Hunters Have a New Plan to Spot Hidden 'Migrating' Worlds (Live Science)
20-10-18 (15:06)   Bavaria's space program shot to viral fame - but it may be in trouble (TheVerge)
20-10-18 (14:04)   2019 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Apparently Leaked on Instagram (Popular Mechanics)
20-10-18 (11:29)   Red Moon review: History lessons power great new lunar future novel (Newscientist.com)
20-10-18 (07:23)   Curiosity Rover Is Back to Limited Science Operations on Mars (Gizmodo)
20-10-18 (04:09)   Ticks Are Killing an Alarming Number of Moose Thanks to Climate Change (Gizmodo)
20-10-18 (02:58)   BepiColombo orbiters take off for Mercury tonight (Engadget)
20-10-18 (02:39)   Science Finds Sex With Your Ex Will Make You A Happier Man (D'Marge)
20-10-18 (01:07)   How the Chiodo brothers brought Crites, Klowns, trolls and other terrors to life (Syfy Wire)
20-10-18 (00:04)   Watch a 757 Land Practically Sideways in Gale Force Winds (Popular Mechanics)
19-10-18 (23:54)   Newly Detected Vibrations Show Earth's Inner Core Is Solid (Gizmodo)
19-10-18 (23:47)   About Popular Mechanics (Popular Mechanics)
19-10-18 (23:23)   New Clues May Explain Why This Fearsome Marsupial Lion Disappeared From Australia (Gizmodo)
19-10-18 (23:21)   Exquisitely Preserved Lungs from 120 Million Years Ago Stun Scientists Studying Early Bird (Live Science)
19-10-18 (23:09)   No Such Thing as Too Much Exercise, Study Finds (Gizmodo)
19-10-18 (22:38)   NASA Names an Unofficial Constellation after Godzilla (Nerdist)
19-10-18 (22:35)   Einstein and the Incredible Hulk Now Have Their Own Constellations (But You'll Never See Them) (Live Science)
19-10-18 (22:22)   BepiColombo spacecraft launch will kick off seven-year Mercury mission (SlashGear)
19-10-18 (22:18)   How to Make Your New Apple EarPods Fit Perfectly (Popular Mechanics)
19-10-18 (22:04)   The 8 Most Unbreakable, Indestructive Smartphone Cases (Popular Mechanics)
19-10-18 (21:33)   Go Corded or Cordless with Metabo HPT MultiVolt Power Tools (Popular Mechanics)
19-10-18 (21:22)   Researchers say Earth's core is soft (SlashGear)
19-10-18 (21:05)   Jurassic piranha fossils shed light on prehistoric flesh-eating fish (SlashGear)
19-10-18 (21:04)   What the Heck Is the Deal with This Weird, Square Iceberg? (Live Science)
19-10-18 (21:04)   What is Pi? (Live Science)
19-10-18 (20:47)   An Alliance of Plants and Fungus Could Be the Key to Farming in Space (Popular Mechanics)
19-10-18 (20:23)   A Major Insurer's ER Denial Policy Is Completely Arbitrary, Study Finds (Gizmodo)
19-10-18 (20:07)   An unsung hero, Scientology, and Isaac Asimov's harassment: Alec Nevala-Lee reveals sci-fi's 'Astounding' origins (Syfy Wire)
19-10-18 (19:57)   Glitchy NASA Mars Curiosity rover gets back to science - CNET (C-Net News.com)
19-10-18 (19:35)   What Is Inflammation? (Live Science)
19-10-18 (19:23)   Launching Tonight: A Mission to the Best Planet (Mercury) (Gizmodo)
19-10-18 (19:22)   The biggest organism on Earth is dying (SlashGear)
19-10-18 (19:00)   New Call of Duty trials no-helmet immersion - using superblack paint (Newscientist.com)
19-10-18 (18:54)   New Theory Explains Why Europe's Original Dogs Vanished (Gizmodo)
19-10-18 (18:50)   This Hunk of Metal Fell From Space and Landed in California (Live Science)
19-10-18 (18:35)   Here's How Researchers Made Mice with 2 Dads (Live Science)
19-10-18 (18:18)   Ars on your lunch break: Theaterwide biotoxic and chemical warfare (Ars Technica)
19-10-18 (18:04)   The Strange Noise-Blocking Plugs That Custom-Fit Your Ears (Popular Mechanics)
19-10-18 (17:47)   Your Gadgets' Battery Life Could Be About to Get Much Better (Popular Mechanics)
19-10-18 (17:47)   New Bill Could Save Tesla's $7,500 Tax Credit (Popular Mechanics)
19-10-18 (17:47)   New material could up efficiency of concentrated solar power (Ars Technica)
19-10-18 (17:18)   The BepiColombo Probe Is About to Being a 7-Year Mission to Mercury (Popular Mechanics)
19-10-18 (17:12)   Biologists have found a hormone that could make space farming possible (Digital Trends)
19-10-18 (17:01)   Two orbiters begin their long journey to Mercury Friday night (Ars Technica)
19-10-18 (16:04)   My Ride: The 1991 Saab 900 SPG, a Rare Turbo Hot Hatch (Popular Mechanics)
19-10-18 (15:38)   The Milky Way's sibling spiral star system (Syfy Wire)
19-10-18 (15:04)   The F-35 Program Is About To Start Pivotal Testing To Prove Its Worth (Popular Mechanics)
19-10-18 (15:04)   China Wants to Replace Streetlights With a Trio of Artifical Moons (Popular Mechanics)
19-10-18 (14:26)   NASA astronaut Scott Kelly's space photos put your Insta feed to shame - CNET (C-Net News.com)
19-10-18 (14:26)   NASA is using twins and worms to examine aging in space video - CNET (C-Net News.com)
19-10-18 (14:22)   NASA testing Insight mission's robotic arm (SlashGear)
19-10-18 (14:14)   Supercharged geothermal energy could power the planet (Newscientist.com)
19-10-18 (14:04)   The Eternal Quest for Aether, the Cosmic Stuff That Never Was (Popular Mechanics)
19-10-18 (13:44)   15 Giant Bosses That Are Very Easy To Defeat (GamingBolt)
19-10-18 (13:18)   Rocket Report: Why SpaceX stays in LA, Russia moves on, buy a missile silo (Ars Technica)
19-10-18 (12:43)   AI tries to help you protect your children from cyberbullying (Newscientist.com)
19-10-18 (11:14)   7 explanations for why mysterious radio bursts are coming from space (Newscientist.com)
19-10-18 (10:14)   Old honeybees make a drumming sound to get young slackers working (Newscientist.com)
19-10-18 (04:46)   Finally, a use for AI and good old-fashioned simulations: Hunting down E.T. in outer space (The Register)
19-10-18 (02:22)   The Japanese Have Invented A Cruel Device To Make You Work Longer & Harder (D'Marge)
19-10-18 (02:05)   The space pen became the space pen 50 years ago (TechCrunch)
19-10-18 (01:53)   Japan's Latest Invention Will Give You Lazer Focus... In Return For Your Dignity (D'Marge)
19-10-18 (00:43)   EVE Online Cheaters In China Might Get Sent To Space Jail (Kotaku)
19-10-18 (00:33)   Humans And Deer Are Killing Earth's Largest Organism Together (Popular Mechanics)
18-10-18 (23:54)   Trying to Understand the Size of This New Space Discovery Will Short-Circuit Your Brain (Gizmodo)
18-10-18 (23:24)   NASA names 'new' gamma constellations after Godzilla, TARDIS, and Starship Enterprise (Syfy Wire)
18-10-18 (22:47)   Why figuring out what's behind a big gender paradox won't be easy (Ars Technica)
18-10-18 (22:41)   MIT finds a smarter way to fight Spectre-style CPU attacks (Engadget)
18-10-18 (22:33)   Everything We Know About the Porsche Taycan (Popular Mechanics)
18-10-18 (22:18)   Here's a Look Inside Banksy's $1.4 Million Paper Shredder (Popular Mechanics)
18-10-18 (22:04)   10 Jobs You Can Do With an Oscillating Multitool (Popular Mechanics)
18-10-18 (21:18)   Researchers Discover Method to Make Bacteria Harmless (Popular Mechanics)
18-10-18 (21:09)   There's Now a Proven Way for Quantum Computers to Beat Classical Computers-With a Catch (Gizmodo)
18-10-18 (20:47)   The CIA Gave U-2 Pilots a Special Diet So They Wouldn't Have To Poop (Popular Mechanics)
18-10-18 (20:47)   New study argues against some of the oldest evidence for life (Ars Technica)
18-10-18 (20:43)   Banning straws isn't enough. We must get serious about climate change (Newscientist.com)
18-10-18 (20:34)   Rockstar Confirms Red Dead Redemption II Install Sizes, PS4 Digital Will Require 150GB Free Space To Unpack (GameInformer.com)
18-10-18 (20:33)   The U.S. Doesn't Want a No-Fly Zone Over the Korean DMZ. Here's Why. (Popular Mechanics)
18-10-18 (20:04)   Unlucky Man Had BMW Crushed While He Was Getting Surgery (Popular Mechanics)
18-10-18 (19:44)   Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Take Up 100GB of Storage Space on Average, Rockstar Confirms (GamingBolt)
18-10-18 (18:47)   What Data Does Apple Have on You? Here's How to Download It and Find Out (Popular Mechanics)
18-10-18 (18:32)   What watching Forrest Gump tells us about how we store memories (Ars Technica)
18-10-18 (18:23)   Vape Flavors Are Sketchy AF, Yet Another Study Finds (Gizmodo)
18-10-18 (18:18)   Ars on your lunch break: Let's talk about religion, politics, guns, and privacy (Ars Technica)
18-10-18 (17:33)   How American Space Launch Left Europe in the Dust (Popular Mechanics)
18-10-18 (17:18)   Da Vinci's possible vision disorder may have influenced his art (Ars Technica)
18-10-18 (17:14)   Mantis shrimps punch with the force of a bullet - and now we know how (Newscientist.com)
18-10-18 (17:14)   Your brain is like 100 billion mini-computers all working together (Newscientist.com)
18-10-18 (17:14)   Stephen Hawking, my father: "Harry Potter has magic, we have science" (Newscientist.com)
18-10-18 (17:09)   Flesh-Eating, Piranha-Like Fish Terrorized Jurassic Seas Because of Course They Did (Gizmodo)
18-10-18 (17:07)   How Many Mosquitoes Would it Take to Drink All Your Blood? (Nerdist)
18-10-18 (17:01)   Gorillas that are great with kids are also luckier in love (Ars Technica)
18-10-18 (16:50)   Why the Many-Worlds Interpretation Has Many Problems (Quanta Magazine)
18-10-18 (16:43)   The Sun review - a shiny blockbuster for London's Science Museum (Newscientist.com)
18-10-18 (16:43)   Are e-cigarettes safe? Here's what the most recent science says (Digital Trends)
18-10-18 (16:15)   Surviving Mars is "Better Than Ever", New Trailer Teases Next Free Update (GamingBolt)
18-10-18 (15:38)   A gigantic galactic city - still under construction - seen clear across the Universe (Syfy Wire)
18-10-18 (15:29)   Your genes affect which university you go to but that's no surprise (Newscientist.com)
18-10-18 (15:29)   The BepiColombo spacecraft is about to blast off to Mercury (Newscientist.com)
18-10-18 (15:23)   Scientists Release Result from 'Astonishing' Feat of Creating and Testing Quantum Gas in Space (Gizmodo)
18-10-18 (14:42)   Universal is the latest contender in the mobile interactive fiction space with Series Your Story Universe (Pocket Gamer.biz)
18-10-18 (14:38)   Giant, 20-pound swamp rats somehow don't make Rodents of Unusual Size documentary a horror film (Syfy Wire)
18-10-18 (14:22)   3.7-billion-year-old rock might not hold evidence of life after all (SlashGear)
18-10-18 (14:09)   The Biggest Organism on Earth Is Dying, and It's Our Fault (Gizmodo)
18-10-18 (13:46)   SCISYS sidesteps Brexit: Proposes Irish listing to keep EU space work rolling in (The Register)
18-10-18 (11:40)   Space trash from SpaceX washes up on North Carolina - CNET (C-Net News.com)
18-10-18 (11:29)   Fasting power: Can going without food really make you healthier? (Newscientist.com)
18-10-18 (10:47)   This Day In Deals: A pet tracker to stop the French firing your cat into space (TNW)
18-10-18 (08:14)   Pregnancy changes how hundreds of genes work in a woman's body (Newscientist.com)
18-10-18 (04:22)   New method 3D prints lithium-ion batteries in nearly any shape (SlashGear)
17-10-18 (23:04)   Facebook Admits Its New Gadget Might Use Your Data for Ads After All (Popular Mechanics)
17-10-18 (22:55)   Sci-fi movies warped our idea of space travel (Polygon)
17-10-18 (22:54)   World's Oldest Fossils Aren't Actually Fossils, New Research Suggests (Gizmodo)
17-10-18 (22:47)   The Army's First Laser Weapons Will Kill Aircraft and Drones (Popular Mechanics)
17-10-18 (22:33)   Heated Workwear That Will Keep You Toasty Warm All Winter (Popular Mechanics)
17-10-18 (22:18)   A Man Contracted a Rare, Fatal Disease From Eating Squirrel Brains (Popular Mechanics)
17-10-18 (22:04)   The Best Oscillating Tools: We Put 7 to the Test (Popular Mechanics)
17-10-18 (21:47)   Antarctic Wind Creates a Dramatic Humming Noise On The Ross Ice Shelf (Popular Mechanics)
17-10-18 (21:47)   How to Wire a Light Switch (Popular Mechanics)
17-10-18 (21:47)   The Army's New Howitzer Barrel is Ridiculously Long (Popular Mechanics)
17-10-18 (21:40)   American Lifespans Won't Get Much Longer by 2040, Report Finds (Gizmodo)
17-10-18 (21:05)   That's no moon, it's a Chinese space light (SlashGear)
17-10-18 (20:47)   How did Easter Islanders survive without wells or streams? (Ars Technica)
17-10-18 (20:40)   Here's Where the Post-Apocalyptic Water Wars Will Be Fought (Gizmodo)
17-10-18 (20:33)   Here's Harrison Ford Starring in 'Solo' Thanks to Deepfakes (Popular Mechanics)
17-10-18 (19:40)   NASA Astronaut Shares Harrowing New Details About Failed Soyuz Launch (Gizmodo)
17-10-18 (19:38)   Science Behind the Fiction: The true cost of putting the First Man on the moon (Syfy Wire)
17-10-18 (19:29)   World's oldest fossils might turn out to just be ancient rocks (Newscientist.com)
17-10-18 (19:14)   Why plans to achieve zero suicides might actually be counterproductive (Newscientist.com)
17-10-18 (19:14)   Cosmic supercluster is largest object ever seen in the early universe (Newscientist.com)
17-10-18 (19:14)   2019 Breakthrough Prize winners set to receive share in $22 million (Newscientist.com)
17-10-18 (19:14)   Inside the prison experiment that claimed to show the roots of evil (Newscientist.com)
17-10-18 (19:04)   Rocket Lab Chooses Wallops Island, Virginia as American Launch Site (Popular Mechanics)
17-10-18 (19:03)   Skin Deep is Die Hard in space from the creator of Quadrilateral Cowboy (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
17-10-18 (18:47)   A Shim Made From a Soda Can Can Break Into Voting Machines (Popular Mechanics)
17-10-18 (18:47)   Mad scientists flip the Earth's spin in climate models, watch water go nuts (Ars Technica)
17-10-18 (18:43)   Human placenta stem cells help people recover from hip surgery (Newscientist.com)
17-10-18 (18:43)   Sneak peek at Hawking's last book, Brief Answers to the Big Questions (Newscientist.com)
17-10-18 (18:43)   Gravitational waves from black hole pairs could act like tractor beams (Newscientist.com)
17-10-18 (18:18)   Ars on your lunch break: Getting high and breaking faith (Ars Technica)
17-10-18 (17:47)   Don't Let This Mad Scratch Machine Anywhere Near Your Car (Popular Mechanics)
17-10-18 (17:38)   Debate Club: The best costumes in science fiction (Syfy Wire)
17-10-18 (17:32)   What do we actually know about the risks of screen time and digital media? (Ars Technica)
17-10-18 (17:09)   We Could Solve the Mysteries of Time and Space-If We Had a Particle Accelerator the Size of the Solar System (Gizmodo)
17-10-18 (16:35)   How Equality and Inequality Shape the Birds and the Bees (Quanta Magazine)
17-10-18 (16:32)   Rocket Lab reveals new factory and launch site, aims for 16 flights next year (Ars Technica)
17-10-18 (16:12)   Rocket Lab selects NASA's Virginia facility as its US spaceport (Engadget)
17-10-18 (16:07)   Could a future moon mission solve this lingering 'First Man' mystery? (Syfy Wire)
17-10-18 (16:06)   Space startup Rocket Lab will build a second launch site in Virginia (TheVerge)
17-10-18 (16:04)   The Robots Are Coming-To Clean Up Your Disgusting Room (Popular Mechanics)
17-10-18 (15:49)   Wot I Think - Space Hulk: Tactics (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
17-10-18 (15:47)   Some of this year's best microscopy images (Ars Technica)
17-10-18 (15:40)   A Visit to One of the Most Powerful Lasers on Earth (Gizmodo)
17-10-18 (15:24)   Hey, we were right! Planets found around the baby star HD 163296 (Syfy Wire)
17-10-18 (14:33)   Thank You For Your Service. Now What? (Popular Mechanics)
17-10-18 (14:22)   Researchers found a way to monitor Ross Ice Shelf from afar (SlashGear)
17-10-18 (07:23)   Hey, Did You Know Stephen Hawking Thought There Is No God? (Gizmodo)
17-10-18 (03:05)   NASA's new podcast series details space agency's 'invisible' tech (SlashGear)
17-10-18 (01:40)   A Man's Love of Squirrel Meat Might Have Given Him a Horrifying, Fatal Brain Disease (Gizmodo)
17-10-18 (01:29)   Male birds can be good singers or good looking, but not both (Newscientist.com)
17-10-18 (01:29)   Special coating gives condoms self-lubricating powers (Newscientist.com)
17-10-18 (01:14)   Wildlife photography prize goes to stunning picture of golden monkeys (Newscientist.com)
16-10-18 (23:51)   NASA tasks experts with finding the perfect Mars 2020 rover landing site (SlashGear)
16-10-18 (23:47)   Trump's coal rescue is getting more complicated (Ars Technica)
16-10-18 (23:18)   U.K. F-35s Will Use Strange Rolling Carrier Landings (Popular Mechanics)
16-10-18 (23:14)   Nicotine exposure in male mice may trigger ADHD in their offspring (Newscientist.com)
16-10-18 (23:14)   Let's embrace the joy of moonmoons and more playful scientific terms (Newscientist.com)
16-10-18 (23:14)   Making games like Red Dead Redemption 2 shouldn't be such hard work (Newscientist.com)
16-10-18 (23:14)   Lucy Hawking exclusive: My father was the gravity holding us in orbit (Newscientist.com)
16-10-18 (23:14)   The Overstory by Richard Powers - is eco epic set to win Booker prize? (Newscientist.com)
16-10-18 (23:05)   Stephen Hawking's final book tackles questions about god, AI, and aliens (SlashGear)
16-10-18 (23:04)   Scientists Discover Four Giant Planets Orbiting Newborn Star (Popular Mechanics)
16-10-18 (22:47)   5 Digital Distance Tools That'll Replace Your Tape Measure (Popular Mechanics)
16-10-18 (21:42)   'Starlink: Battle for Atlas' Review: A Fun If Repetitive Space Adventure (Collider)
16-10-18 (21:24)   Space the Nation: Donald Trump chased me into Temerant (Syfy Wire)
16-10-18 (21:09)   People Still Weird About the Flu Shot (Gizmodo)
16-10-18 (20:42)   Expo space at G-STAR sold out! (Pocket Gamer.biz)
16-10-18 (20:24)   'There were two Neil Armstrongs': The revelations uncovered in First Man (Syfy Wire)
16-10-18 (20:04)   It Will Take Millions of Years for Evolution to Replace What We Might Lose in the Next 50 (Popular Mechanics)
16-10-18 (19:47)   Japan Is Developing a Unique Supersonic Glide Weapon (Popular Mechanics)
16-10-18 (19:33)   Palm's Tiny Phone Is the Most Interesting-And Dumbest-Thing to Happen to Phones in Ages (Popular Mechanics)
16-10-18 (19:23)   Ancient Steroid Suggests Sea Sponges Were One of Earth's First Animals (Gizmodo)
16-10-18 (19:07)   Development: Tony Todd will scream for MTV; Tom and Jerry (and more) ramp up at Warners; October Faction fills out at Netflix (Syfy Wire)
16-10-18 (18:47)   Want to move something at nearly the speed of light? Here's how (Ars Technica)
16-10-18 (18:33)   Noiselab Teaches You Everything You Need To Know About Music Production (Popular Mechanics)
16-10-18 (18:18)   Taking Your Car To Redline Can Remove Harmful Carbon Deposits (Popular Mechanics)
16-10-18 (18:18)   The TSA Has Released a Plan to Bring Facial Scanning to Every Airport (Popular Mechanics)
16-10-18 (18:14)   Half-hearted cannabis legalisation move leaves patients in limbo (Newscientist.com)
16-10-18 (18:14)   Alien life could spread between solar systems on interstellar rocks (Newscientist.com)
16-10-18 (18:01)   Ars on your lunch break: Thinking in public and brawling with Batman (Ars Technica)
16-10-18 (17:35)   'Broadband' Networks of Viruses May Help Bacteria Evolve Faster (Quanta Magazine)
16-10-18 (17:33)   In Defense of Elon Musk (Popular Mechanics)
16-10-18 (17:28)   Toys-to-space: The making of Ubisoft's Starlink: Battle for Atlas (Pocket Gamer.biz)
16-10-18 (16:47)   Kickstart Your Tool Collection With 30% Off This Project Kit (Popular Mechanics)
16-10-18 (16:47)   10 Items That Have a Surprising Military Past (Popular Mechanics)
16-10-18 (16:24)   The Human Cube: The volume of humanity (Syfy Wire)
16-10-18 (15:58)   Why the cluck are chickens such cocks in video games? Discovering the science behind the age old question (GamesRadar)
16-10-18 (15:40)   Ancient Viking Ship Found Buried Next to Busy Norwegian Freeway (Gizmodo)
16-10-18 (15:33)   Here's What a Drone Collision Would Do to an Airplane Wing (Popular Mechanics)
16-10-18 (14:36)   NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory safe mode fault identified, normal operations to resume (SlashGear)
16-10-18 (14:29)   The Overstory by Richard Powers - is eco epic set to win Man Booker? (Newscientist.com)
16-10-18 (14:04)   Mountain Biker Shot and Killed by Hunter in France (Popular Mechanics)
16-10-18 (13:14)   Bill Gates leads global call to accept realities of a warming planet (Newscientist.com)
16-10-18 (13:14)   Electric chewing gum zaps your tongue to create a virtual flavour hit (Newscientist.com)
16-10-18 (09:32)   A woman won a Nobel Prize, but science is still sexist (TNW)
16-10-18 (08:00)   NASA gently nudges sleeping space 'scopes Chandra, Hubble out of gyro-induced stupor (The Register)
16-10-18 (04:40)   Hayabusa2's Mission to Touch Down on the Asteroid Ryugu Has Been Delayed Until 2019 (Gizmodo)
16-10-18 (04:32)   Paul Allen-Microsoft co-founder, Seahawks owner, and space pioneer-dies at 65 (Ars Technica)
16-10-18 (03:53)   Objects in Space 10/15/18: Get the whiskey (Syfy Wire)
16-10-18 (03:08)   The Sexiest Way To Prevent A Heart Attack Has Been Uncovered (D'Marge)
16-10-18 (02:21)   This Swimming Turtle Is Really a Model in Body Paint (Nerdist)

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