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29-07-21 (22:36)   Snowpiercer TV show gets early renewal ahead of season three premiere (SlashGear)
29-07-21 (22:35)   Uncontrolled firing from Russian module causes brief 'tug of war' on International Space Station (TheVerge)
29-07-21 (22:32)   Over half the deer in Michigan seem to have been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 (Ars Technica)
29-07-21 (22:28)   Exclusive — Rep. Greg Murphy on Masking Children: 'There Is No Science Behind That' (Breitbart.com)
29-07-21 (21:49)   Make Space Engineers looks a little more Satisfactory with the Heavy Industry update (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
29-07-21 (21:46)   Kyra Sedgwick Movie 'Space Oddity' Adds Kevin Bacon, Simon Helberg & Carrie Preston (Deadline.com)
29-07-21 (21:33)   11 Top-Rated Youth Football Helmets and Accessories (Popular Mechanics)
29-07-21 (21:32)   In Skin Deep, cats have recruited you to fight space pirates (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
29-07-21 (21:03)   Starbase's early access space race has begun (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
29-07-21 (20:47)   A Particle Just Did Something That Changed the Nature of Reality (Popular Mechanics)
29-07-21 (20:34)   Russia's Nauka space module experiences problem after docking with ISS - RIA (OANN)
29-07-21 (19:32)   On Earth, things evolve into crabs—could the same be true in space? (Ars Technica)
29-07-21 (19:29)   Russia's new Nauka space module docks with ISS (New York Post)
29-07-21 (19:05)   Rocket Lab returns to flight after failed May mission with successful launch for US Space Force (TechCrunch)
29-07-21 (18:04)   This Water Hose Nozzle Sprayer Comes With 10 Different Spray Patterns and a No-Squeeze Design (Popular Mechanics)
29-07-21 (17:47)   A Guy Hid a Real WWII Panther Tank in His Basement. Now, There Are Consequences. (Popular Mechanics)
29-07-21 (17:16)   Russian lab module docks with space station after 8-day trip (Washington Times)
29-07-21 (17:04)   The Pungent History of America's Garbage Mountains (Popular Mechanics)
29-07-21 (16:47)   Best Wireless Mouse (Popular Mechanics)
29-07-21 (16:33)   8 Best Android Tablets (Popular Mechanics)
29-07-21 (16:33)   The 7 Best Baby Monitors (Popular Mechanics)
29-07-21 (16:18)   Welp, Lightning Just Struck Two F-35 Lightnings (Popular Mechanics)
29-07-21 (16:18)   The 10 Best Pillows for Neck Pain (Popular Mechanics)
29-07-21 (15:51)   The Surprising Space Fantasy Franchise Mark Ruffalo Would Love To Join (Looper)
29-07-21 (15:24)   This is the best time all year to see the ringed magnificence of Saturn (Syfy Wire)
29-07-21 (15:04)   How NBC Packed an Entire 1950s TV Studio Into a Cadillac (Popular Mechanics)
29-07-21 (14:40)   Watch Live: Russia's Nauka Module Docks at the International Space Station (Gizmodo)
29-07-21 (14:05)   ESA proves carbon fiber reinforced plastic rocket tanks are viable (SlashGear)
29-07-21 (13:34)   Northrop lifts outlook as countries ramp up space exploration (OANN)
29-07-21 (12:41)   Rocket Lab launches US Space Force satellite after its failed mission in May (Engadget)
29-07-21 (12:30)   Dead Space Remake - 5 Issues it Needs to Address (GamingBolt)
29-07-21 (12:25)   Tokyo Olympics 2020: This Is How the Japanese Capital Looks Like From Space While the Games Are Underway (Gadgets 360)
29-07-21 (11:59)   Space simulation game Space Engineers overhauls industry with over 100 new parts (PCGamesN.com)
29-07-21 (11:51)   Astrophysicists detect light coming from behind a black hole (SlashGear)
29-07-21 (07:12)   Watch Jeff Bezos cause audience chuckles in 2000 talk about going to space (Digital Trends)
29-07-21 (07:03)   Boeing Starliner Will Dock Next To SpaceX Crew Dragon At The Space Station -Watch It Live! (Tesmanian)
29-07-21 (06:34)   Mila Kunis Calls Herself Selfish for Making Ashton Kutcher Give Up on Space Ticket (AceShowbiz.com)
29-07-21 (06:22)   Tesla Will Hold AI Day 2021 On August 19 (CleanTechnica)
29-07-21 (05:22)   Lake Powell Water Levels Fall To Lowest On Record (CleanTechnica)
29-07-21 (04:05)   Life Always Wins. Follow Me - Issue 104: Harmony (Nautilus)
29-07-21 (04:05)   The Incredible Fig - Issue 104: Harmony (Nautilus)
29-07-21 (04:05)   The Fine Line Between Reality and Imaginary - Issue 104: Harmony (Nautilus)
29-07-21 (03:29)   I'm Obsessed With These Low-Rent CSGO No-Scope 'Hacks' (Kotaku)
29-07-21 (01:18)   Missouri AG wages war on masks as state blazes with delta cases (Ars Technica)
29-07-21 (00:23)   Ethereum Founder Donated $1 Billion to Fight Covid in India, but Only $20 Million Has Been Spent (Gizmodo)
29-07-21 (00:18)   Historian recreates Thomas Cromwell's London mansion in exquisite detail (Ars Technica)
29-07-21 (00:09)   New Lightweight Rocket Fuel Tank Ditches Metal for Carbon Fiber and Plastic (Gizmodo)
29-07-21 (00:04)   The Best Weed Eater String for Any Type of Yard (Popular Mechanics)
28-07-21 (23:51)   NASA Future of Flight Challenge cash prize winners revealed (SlashGear)
28-07-21 (23:47)   The 8 Best Bench Vises for Your Garage or Workshop (Popular Mechanics)
28-07-21 (23:47)   10 Best Memory Cards on the Market (Popular Mechanics)
28-07-21 (23:45)   Mila Kunis Admits She Regrets "Selfish" Decision to Prevent Ashton Kutcher From Going to Space (E! Online)
28-07-21 (23:24)   Now we know what the guts of Mars look like (Syfy Wire)
28-07-21 (22:47)   The Home Depot Is Selling Massive Spider Decoration With Glowing Red Eyes for Halloween (Popular Mechanics)
28-07-21 (22:16)   Inside the Ring: Austin calls for 'responsible' space operations (Washington Times)
28-07-21 (21:54)   Physicists See Light Echoing From Behind a Black Hole for the First Time (Gizmodo)
28-07-21 (21:28)   NASA is developing a way to 'sail' in space — Future Blink (Mashable)
28-07-21 (21:04)   Hmm, the Secretary of Defense Just Visited America's Secret 'Area 52' (Popular Mechanics)
28-07-21 (20:57)   Watch Jeff Bezos spark laughter in 2000 interview about going to space (C-Net News.com)
28-07-21 (20:53)   How did life spawn on Earth? This meteorite might know the answer (Syfy Wire)
28-07-21 (20:47)   A global index to track the health of tropical rainforests (Ars Technica)
28-07-21 (20:33)   8 Best Wireless Keyboards (Popular Mechanics)
28-07-21 (20:04)   Restore Your Car With the Best Car Scratch Removers and Polishes (Popular Mechanics)
28-07-21 (19:47)   The 10 Best Kitchen Islands to Make Food Prep a Breeze (Popular Mechanics)
28-07-21 (19:33)   9 Best Immersion Blenders (Popular Mechanics)
28-07-21 (19:04)   8 Best Wakeboards for Every Rider (Popular Mechanics)
28-07-21 (18:53)   Could apes build a society in 3,000 years? The science behind Planet of the Apes (Syfy Wire)
28-07-21 (18:33)   The Best Microsoft Surface Options of 2021 (Popular Mechanics)
28-07-21 (18:24)   This guy built a floating human hamster wheel and tried to walk across the ocean (Syfy Wire)
28-07-21 (17:41)   How to watch Rocket Lab's US Space Force satellite launch (Engadget)
28-07-21 (16:56)   Lil Baby, Kirk Franklin Drop Video for 'Space Jam' Song 'We Win' (RollingStone.com)
28-07-21 (16:50)   Proof Assistant Makes Jump to Big-League Math (Quanta Magazine)
28-07-21 (16:47)   The Bizarre History of Underwater USOs (Popular Mechanics)
28-07-21 (16:33)   This 2-in-1 Cooler Table Will Save Space While Keeping Your Drinks Cold on the Patio (Popular Mechanics)
28-07-21 (15:53)   Forecast for Jupiter's moon Ganymede: Extremely cold and... humid? (Syfy Wire)
28-07-21 (15:47)   Rocket Lab not yet close to profitability, proxy statement reveals (Ars Technica)
28-07-21 (15:06)   Dead By Daylight Leak Suggests A Second Saw Crossover Is Coming Soon (DualShockers)
28-07-21 (15:05)   A new realistic model shows how planets form in binary star systems (SlashGear)
28-07-21 (06:57)   Check out Pirs' fiery end after 20 years at the space station (Digital Trends)
28-07-21 (06:00)   I Will Talk About Whatever You Want To Talk About (Kotaku)
28-07-21 (05:26)   Why is NASA sending slime mold to the space station? (Digital Trends)
28-07-21 (02:47)   Mergers, twists, and pentagons: The architecture of honeycombs (Ars Technica)
28-07-21 (01:14)   Exclusive--GOP Lawmakers Blast Biden's Coronavirus Surrender: Americans 'Have Had Enough of Biden and Fauci's Fake Science' (Breitbart.com)
28-07-21 (01:05)   The Grim Reaper & The Republican Party Embracing Climate Action Are The Only Things That Will Eliminate US Climate Change Deniers (CleanTechnica)
28-07-21 (00:47)   The 11 Best Wearable Air Conditioners for 2021 (Popular Mechanics)
28-07-21 (00:36)   NASA says CubeSat with plasma thrusters may set new deep space record (SlashGear)
28-07-21 (00:33)   The 10 Best Shower Organizers (Popular Mechanics)
28-07-21 (00:04)   The 9 Best Duffel Bags for Your Next Trip (Popular Mechanics)
27-07-21 (23:55)   Here's An Xbox Series X|S Tip To Potentially Save Yourself Some Storage Space (GameSpot)
27-07-21 (23:53)   Supermassive black holes eat too much stardust for stars to actually form (Syfy Wire)
27-07-21 (23:18)   CDC mask reversal: Vaccinated should wear masks in many settings amid surge (Ars Technica)
27-07-21 (21:23)   Newly Launched 'Galileo Project' Will Hunt for Alien Technologies in Our Midst (Gizmodo)
27-07-21 (20:24)   Body of a sacrificial victim was amazingly preserved down to his last meal (Syfy Wire)
27-07-21 (20:05)   New Ghostbusters trailer is Mystery Box fan service to the max (SlashGear)
27-07-21 (20:04)   These Lawn Mower Batteries Will See You Through Seasons of Grass Cutting (Popular Mechanics)
27-07-21 (20:04)   The Best Folding Kayaks for Hitting the Water Anywhere (Popular Mechanics)
27-07-21 (19:33)   For Pool Laps and Ocean Swims, These are the Best Swim Goggles (Popular Mechanics)
27-07-21 (19:00)   Zero-gravity flight experience brings space travel to NYC (New York Post)
27-07-21 (18:50)   A Soil-Science Revolution Upends Plans to Fight Climate Change (Quanta Magazine)
27-07-21 (17:54)   Sony's Video-Focused ZV-E10 Lets Aspiring Streamers Choose Their Own Lens (Gizmodo)
27-07-21 (17:41)   Hitmaker of the Month: Nicolle Galyon on the Art and Science of Writing Smashes for Dierks Bentley, Blake Shelton, Dan + Shay (Variety)
27-07-21 (17:33)   Lumber Prices Are FINALLY Falling. Here's Why-and What It Means for You. (Popular Mechanics)
27-07-21 (16:57)   Upgrade your gaming space with this Panasonic sound bar for 51% off today (C-Net News.com)
27-07-21 (16:33)   When Is the Best Time To Buy a New Laptop? (Popular Mechanics)
27-07-21 (15:47)   Blue Origin has a secret project named "Jarvis" to compete with SpaceX (Ars Technica)
27-07-21 (15:25)   Why Dead Space Is Such A Beloved Horror Series | Screen Rant (Screen Rant)
27-07-21 (15:24)   An ancient remnant of a galactic collision encircles the Sombrero Galaxy (Syfy Wire)
27-07-21 (14:54)   Promoting science education at Gujarat Science City (Blooloop)
27-07-21 (13:22)   Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope discovers the shortest GRB ever seen (SlashGear)
27-07-21 (12:36)   Progress 77 cargo spacecraft and Pirs docking compartment depart the ISS (SlashGear)
27-07-21 (11:51)   Hubble telescope discovers evidence of water vapor on Jovian moon Ganymede (SlashGear)
27-07-21 (10:44)   Spiritualized announce 'Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space' reissue (NME.COM)
27-07-21 (06:35)   Space Station Sprint Is Now Available For Digital Pre-order And Pre-download On Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S (Major Nelson)
27-07-21 (03:40)   Avi Loeb has a few million bucks to use searching for aliens in the sky and space (C-Net News.com)
27-07-21 (02:43)   Olympics Commentator Tries His Best To Say 'Gundam' (Kotaku)
27-07-21 (02:01)   COVID surge in unvaccinated is pushing US to more mandates, masks, mitigation (Ars Technica)
27-07-21 (01:18)   Spiral shark intestines work like Nikola Tesla's water valve, study finds (Ars Technica)
27-07-21 (00:41)   The Director Of The Original Space Jam Isn't Happy With Space Jam: A New Legacy (GameSpot)
27-07-21 (00:22)   Merely trusting science can lead to falling for pseudoscience, study warns (SlashGear)
26-07-21 (23:53)   The aftermath of that dinosaur-obliterating asteroid is right under Louisiana (Syfy Wire)
26-07-21 (23:48)   iRocket to begin rocket engine testing at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center (TechCrunch)
26-07-21 (23:05)   Lucasfilm hires Star Wars fan behind Luke face fix (SlashGear)
26-07-21 (22:55)   Sophomore Slump: Why 'Black Widow' and 'Space Jam' Quickly Sank at the Box Office (Variety)
26-07-21 (22:47)   The Popular Mechanics 2021 Home Awards (Popular Mechanics)
26-07-21 (22:47)   Home Awards 2021: Entertainment and Smart Home Gadgets (Popular Mechanics)
26-07-21 (22:33)   Home Awards 2021: Home Office Accessories (Popular Mechanics)
26-07-21 (22:33)   Home Awards 2021: Home Appliances and Bedding (Popular Mechanics)
26-07-21 (22:33)   Home Awards 2021: Kitchen Appliances (Popular Mechanics)
26-07-21 (22:33)   Home Awards 2021: Garage and Yard Tools and Accessories (Popular Mechanics)
26-07-21 (22:26)   Everything we know about the Dead Space Remake (Digital Trends)
26-07-21 (21:36)   Jeff Bezos offers NASA $2bn cut to get Blue Origin back in Artemis (SlashGear)
26-07-21 (21:27)   Hubble finds evidence of water vapor on Jupiter's largest moon (Engadget)
26-07-21 (21:09)   Water Vapor Potentially Detected in the Atmosphere of Ganymede, Biggest Moon in the Solar System (Gizmodo)
26-07-21 (21:01)   Bezos says he is now willing to invest in a Moon lander—here's why (Ars Technica)
26-07-21 (20:47)   How Often Should You Really Change Your Car's Oil? (Popular Mechanics)
26-07-21 (19:51)   In 2020, the United States Produced the Least CO2 Emissions from Energy in Nearly 40 Years (CleanTechnica)
26-07-21 (19:24)   Scientists, who are also Lord of the Rings fans, have (sort of) found Mordor and the Eye of Sauron (Syfy Wire)
26-07-21 (19:04)   7 Best Wood Planers for Woodworkers and DIYers (Popular Mechanics)
26-07-21 (18:04)   The 10 Best Food Vacuum Sealers to Keep Your Meals Fresh (Popular Mechanics)
26-07-21 (18:01)   Dead Space Remake Will Include Accessibility Options, Says Creative Director (GamingBolt)
26-07-21 (17:47)   9 Best Bread Makers of 2021 (Popular Mechanics)
26-07-21 (17:40)   Russian Pirs Module Successfully Detaches From ISS to Make Room for Incoming Nauka (Gizmodo)
26-07-21 (17:35)   The 'Weirdest' Matter, Made of Partial Particles, Defies Description (Quanta Magazine)
26-07-21 (17:32)   The "cut off their limbs" bit of Dead Space is the best bit, so just remake that pls (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
26-07-21 (17:22)   Galileo Project takes hunt for alien life mainstream (SlashGear)
26-07-21 (16:10)   John Hutchinson, Early David Bowie Collaborator and Guitarist on Original 'Space Oddity,' Dies (Variety)
26-07-21 (15:24)   Dead Space Remake Will Come With Accessibility Features (PlayStation LifeStyle)
26-07-21 (15:24)   Magnificent Hubble image of a cluster warping space and stripping gas (Syfy Wire)
26-07-21 (15:22)   Nine Days Review: Science Fiction Gets Spiritual (Looper)
26-07-21 (14:05)   SuperBIT Will Send Telescopes to the Edge of Space With a Giant Balloon (ExtremeTech)
26-07-21 (13:48)   Lockheed second quarter profit misses even as space business boosts sales (OANN)
26-07-21 (13:22)   Astronomers have detected new areas of star formation in the Milky Way (SlashGear)
26-07-21 (12:54)   War of the Worlds Season 2 Episode 7 Review: An Adventure in Space and Time (Den of Geek)
26-07-21 (12:05)   Ingenuity Mars Helicopter has flown a total of one mile (SlashGear)
26-07-21 (12:01)   Top programming language for data science: Python still rules, followed by SQL (ZDNet News)
26-07-21 (11:51)   Boeing completes flight readiness tests for Orbital Flight Test-2 (SlashGear)
26-07-21 (11:25)   Amazon Prime Day Sale 2021: Great Discounts on Books About Science (Gadgets 360)
26-07-21 (10:58)   'Dead Space' remake involves key developer behind 'Dead Space 2' (NME.COM)
26-07-21 (08:43)   An 'arm made for walking' is about to arrive at the space station (Digital Trends)
26-07-21 (03:25)   Dead Space Remake Might Include Cut Level Design Content (Screen Rant)
26-07-21 (02:25)   Space Jam 2: Everything That Went Wrong With A New Legacy (Screen Rant)
26-07-21 (02:25)   Dead Space 2 Art Director Is Working On The First Game's Remake (Screen Rant)
26-07-21 (01:43)   Let's Go Back In Time And Visit A Japanese Arcade In 1979 (Kotaku)
26-07-21 (00:29)   Park Avenue just might have monopoly on spiffy new office space (New York Post)
26-07-21 (00:23)   With Successful 10th Flight, Ingenuity Has Now Flown More Than a Mile on Mars (Gizmodo)
25-07-21 (22:27)   NASA's Ingenuity helicopter has flown a total of one mile on Mars (Engadget)
25-07-21 (21:59)   Nolte: Woke Dies at the Box Office, Including LeBron James' 'Space Jam' Sequel (Breitbart.com)
25-07-21 (20:24)   Box office: M. Night Shyamalan's 'Old' beats out 'Space Jam' and 'Snake Eyes' with $16.5 million debut (Syfy Wire)
25-07-21 (19:44)   Dead Space Remake Development Team Consists of Former Ubisoft, BioWare Devs (GamingBolt)
25-07-21 (18:45)   One of Dead Space 2's key developers is working on the remake (PCGamesN.com)
25-07-21 (18:22)   Mars' massive dust storm in 2018 ended winter early (SlashGear)
25-07-21 (17:10)   Box Office Twist: M. Night Shyamalan's 'Old' Beats 'Space Jam' and 'Snake Eyes' (Variety)
25-07-21 (17:03)   Box Office Drops With 'Old', 'Snake Eyes', 'Black Widow' & 'Space Jam 2': But Is Delta Variant Or Dynamic Windows To Blame? - Update (Deadline.com)
25-07-21 (16:24)   Dead Space Remake Aims to Offer an Uninterrupted, Seamless Experience With No Loading (PlayStation LifeStyle)
25-07-21 (16:20)   Motive's Dead Space remake may use content cut from the original game (Eurogamer.net)
25-07-21 (15:36)   Pyramid-sized asteroid to pass by the Earth today (SlashGear)
25-07-21 (15:32)   Red planet has a big core, complex crust (Ars Technica)
25-07-21 (15:04)   The Science of the Summer Olympics (Popular Mechanics)
25-07-21 (14:44)   'Dead Space' remake could restore cut content from original game (NME.COM)
25-07-21 (03:22)   Do Electric Vehicles Pollute As Much As Gas-Powered Ones? (CleanTechnica)
24-07-21 (19:28)   Dead Space remake will include cut content from the original game (PCGamesN.com)
24-07-21 (18:51)   NASA taps SpaceX for yet another mission, this time to Europa (SlashGear)
24-07-21 (18:36)   The True War On Christmas (CleanTechnica)
24-07-21 (17:07)   Dead Space Remake Devs Won't Make the 'Mistake' of Including Microtransactions, Says Senior Producer (PlayStation LifeStyle)
24-07-21 (16:44)   Dead Space Remake - Everything We Know About It (GamingBolt)
24-07-21 (15:57)   A workout playlist trick that's backed by science: Find the right BPM (C-Net News.com)
24-07-21 (15:47)   Nuclear power's reliability is dropping as extreme weather increases (Ars Technica)
24-07-21 (15:04)   How To Build a Stone Wall That's Stylish and Functional (Popular Mechanics)
24-07-21 (14:18)   The Tokyo Olympics could be a COVID-19 "super evolutionary event" (Ars Technica)
24-07-21 (13:14)   Space Jam and the Fury of an Algorithm Scorned (WIRED)
24-07-21 (12:36)   Scientists' Heatwave Warning 20 Years Ago Was Tragically Prescient (CleanTechnica)
24-07-21 (08:39)   Blue Origin: Dutch Teen on Space Flight Told Jeff Bezos He Had Never Ordered From Amazon (Gadgets 360)
24-07-21 (07:10)   After Richard Branson, Former Virgin Galactic CEO George Whitesides Will Fly to Space: Report (Gadgets 360)
24-07-21 (04:40)   Dutch Teen Who Went to Space With Jeff Bezos Told Him He's Never Bought Anything on Amazon (Gizmodo)
24-07-21 (01:51)   This balloon telescope sails above Earth to capture Hubble-like images (SlashGear)
24-07-21 (01:22)   NRDC Sues to Challenge Seismic Testing in the Gulf of Mexico (CleanTechnica)
24-07-21 (00:46)   Dead Space Remake Features Volumetric Effects, "Believable Audio" and More (Sirus Gaming)
23-07-21 (23:51)   Star Wars Thrawn and Ezra actor casting leaked (SlashGear)
23-07-21 (23:47)   The 9 Best Rolling Suitcases for Your Next Vacation (Popular Mechanics)
23-07-21 (23:05)   Former Virgin Galactic CEO to fly to space - CNBC (OANN)
23-07-21 (23:01)   SpaceX to launch the Europa Clipper mission for a bargain price (Ars Technica)
23-07-21 (22:40)   Russian Module Headed for the ISS Is Still Having Problems (Gizmodo)
23-07-21 (22:36)   Dead Space 1, 2, 3, Ignition now on EA Play, Xbox Game Pass (SlashGear)
23-07-21 (22:36)   FAA opens Houston office to keep an eye on SpaceX and Blue Origin (SlashGear)
23-07-21 (22:18)   The 8 Best Graphing Calculators to Buy Now for Back-to-School (Popular Mechanics)
23-07-21 (22:14)   Teen on space flight told Bezos he had never ordered from Amazon (New York Post)
23-07-21 (22:04)   The 8 Best Trekking Pole Options, for Everything From Trail to Travel (Popular Mechanics)
23-07-21 (21:36)   Dazzled by the Sun, NASA taps AI to give its solar telescope an eye-test (SlashGear)
23-07-21 (21:18)   The Best 4K Gaming Monitors for Maximum Graphical Fidelity (Popular Mechanics)
23-07-21 (21:18)   15 Monster Planes That Dominate the Skies (Popular Mechanics)
23-07-21 (21:01)   Archaeologists find ancient Egyptian warship sunk near Alexandria (Ars Technica)
23-07-21 (20:33)   The Best Telescopes for Observing Our Solar System and Beyond (Popular Mechanics)
23-07-21 (20:33)   How to Get Rid of Gnats (Popular Mechanics)
23-07-21 (20:24)   Dead Space Remake Will Cut Some Elements That "Don't Work" (GameSpot)
23-07-21 (20:24)   Star Trek: Lower Decks beams Starfleet's animated underdogs toward S2 space mischief in SDCC trailer (Syfy Wire)
23-07-21 (20:07)   Capt. Janeway leads misfit space teens toward a better life in SDCC teaser trailer for Star Trek: Prodigy (Syfy Wire)
23-07-21 (19:54)   The FAA Changed Its Definition of 'Astronaut' on the Same Day Jeff Bezos Went to Space (Gizmodo)
23-07-21 (19:41)   Dead Space 1-3 And Ignition Are Available On Xbox Game Pass And EA Play (GameSpot)
23-07-21 (19:16)   Lawmakers position U.S. to become the galaxy's garbage man as space trash piles up (Washington Times)
23-07-21 (18:58)   'Dead Space' creator shares he's "excited" to see upcoming remake (NME.COM)
23-07-21 (18:33)   8 Great Samsung Tablets for Video Streaming, Doodling, and Checking Emails (Popular Mechanics)
23-07-21 (18:24)   Turns out human DNA isn't really that human after all (Syfy Wire)
23-07-21 (18:22)   Tougher FAA Astronaut Wings rules could leave Bezos & Branson in limbo (SlashGear)
23-07-21 (17:59)   Best garden tillers 2021: Top picks to help cultivate your outdoor space the easy way (Pocket-lint)
23-07-21 (17:49)   Vergecast: Jeff Bezos in space, RCS on Verizon, and Biden on Big Tech (TheVerge)
23-07-21 (17:40)   NASA Captures Spooky Photo of the Moon's Shadow on Earth During an Eclipse (Gizmodo)
23-07-21 (17:24)   The Week in Gaming: Dead Space remake; Netflix game plans; PlayStation's Apple TV+ deal & more (Syfy Wire)
23-07-21 (17:18)   You'll Never Have to Worry About Shutting Off Your Sprinkler Again With This Hose Watering Timer (Popular Mechanics)
23-07-21 (17:09)   How Are Rise of the Beasts' Animal Transformers Going to Work? (Gizmodo)
23-07-21 (17:04)   Watch a Tiny Nuke Throw a Tower of Water More Than a Half-Mile High (Popular Mechanics)
23-07-21 (16:33)   The Navy Built a Ship That Looks Like Noah's Ark (Popular Mechanics)
23-07-21 (16:24)   After Dead Space Remake News, Alice Designer Hopeful For Alice 3 (GameSpot)
23-07-21 (16:23)   Corning Made a New Type of Gorilla Glass Just for Smartphone Cameras (Gizmodo)
23-07-21 (16:09)   Terminator 2's Ending Is Emotional, Even in Claymation (Gizmodo)
23-07-21 (16:01)   Dead Space Co-Creator is Excited to See What EA Motive Does with the Remake (GamingBolt)
23-07-21 (15:48)   New Dead Space Remake Details Revealed, Including Zero Loading Screens And Learning From Past Mistakes (GameInformer.com)
23-07-21 (15:47)   Amazon's Taking $100 Off the MacBook Air Right Now (Popular Mechanics)
23-07-21 (15:41)   Kevin Hart Rejected An Offer To Go To Space And Here's Why (GameSpot)
23-07-21 (15:38)   The tallest mountain on a neutron star may be a fraction of a millimeter tall (Syfy Wire)
23-07-21 (15:05)   EA Announces Dead Space Remake (ExtremeTech)
23-07-21 (15:05)   Astronomers discover a moon-forming disk around an exoplanet (SlashGear)
23-07-21 (14:24)   Dead Space Creator Reacts To Remake News (GameSpot)
23-07-21 (13:18)   Rocket Report: Super Heavy lights up, China tries to recover a fairing (Ars Technica)
23-07-21 (12:59)   Everything you need to know about Dead Space: Release date, trailer and more (Pocket-lint)
23-07-21 (12:41)   Astronomers spot possible moon-forming region for the first time (Engadget)
23-07-21 (12:36)   NASA InSight check out what's inside Mars (SlashGear)
23-07-21 (11:45)   What happened during EA Play Live 2021? Dead Space remake trailer and more (Pocket-lint)
23-07-21 (10:45)   Space tourism, Ring, and OnePlus Nord 2 - Pocket-lint Podcast 113 (Pocket-lint)
23-07-21 (06:40)   Science Channel Goes Underwater and Underground in New Premieres of "Underground Marvels" and "Abandoned: Expedition Shipwreck" (The Futon Critic)
23-07-21 (03:24)   Something erased evidence of life on Mars, if there was life on Mars (Syfy Wire)
23-07-21 (01:49)   Kevin Hart Rejected Offer to Travel to Space Due to Security Concerns (AceShowbiz.com)
23-07-21 (01:26)   HBO Max: How to stream Space Jam 2, movies, shows and everything else on HBO's app (C-Net News.com)
23-07-21 (01:11)   Coldplay Drop 10-Minute Space Epic 'Coloratura' (RollingStone.com)
23-07-21 (01:05)   Want to Launch a Perovskite Solar Company? (CleanTechnica)
23-07-21 (00:33)   10 Best Picnic Tables for Kids (Popular Mechanics)
23-07-21 (00:32)   Dead Space won't have microtransactions, say devs (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
23-07-21 (00:18)   "Get vaccinated! Take delta seriously!" US experts plead as cases skyrocket (Ars Technica)
23-07-21 (00:09)   Could Dead Space Remake Be the Next Step in a New Era of AAA Survival Horror? (Den of Geek)
22-07-21 (23:51)   Bacteria Can Recover Precious Metals from Electric Vehicle Batteries — Here's How (CleanTechnica)
22-07-21 (23:51)   Dead Space Remake Release Date, Trailer, And Gameplay - What We Know So Far (Looper)
22-07-21 (23:04)   10 Best Bike Racks for Your Car or Truck (Popular Mechanics)
22-07-21 (22:44)   Dead Space Remake Won't Have Microtransactions (GamingBolt)
22-07-21 (22:36)   Dead Space remake confirmed for PS5, Xbox Series X, PC (SlashGear)
22-07-21 (22:30)   Dead Space Remake Won't Have Loading Screens on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, 3D Audio Confirmed (GamingBolt)
22-07-21 (22:26)   EA Play Live: Dead Space remake, Battlefield 2042 Portal mode and more (C-Net News.com)
22-07-21 (22:23)   Russia Averts Possible Disaster as New Space Station Module Finally Reaches Proper Orbit (Gizmodo)
22-07-21 (22:10)   Dead Space Remake Won't Have Any Microtransactions, Says EA Motive (GameSpot)
22-07-21 (22:04)   The True Story of 'The Miracle Pilot' and His 120 MPH Water Landing (Popular Mechanics)
22-07-21 (21:54)   Breaking Down the Sandworm Riding and Space-Folding in Dune's New Trailer (Gizmodo)
22-07-21 (21:41)   We ask Adam Pally: Why did Space Jam 2 make us feel space sad? (Polygon)
22-07-21 (21:13)   'Dead Space' is officially getting a remake (NME.COM)
22-07-21 (21:11)   Dead Space remake headed to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC, EA confirms (C-Net News.com)
22-07-21 (20:47)   China Launched a Little Baby Version of the X-37B Spaceplane (Popular Mechanics)
22-07-21 (20:44)   Jimmy Fallon mocks Jeff Bezos over his mission into space (NME.COM)
22-07-21 (20:41)   The original Dead Space is returning as a remake for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5 (Neowin.net)
22-07-21 (20:35)   EA makes rumoured Dead Space remake official and shares first teaser trailer (Eurogamer.net)
22-07-21 (20:33)   The 8 Best Photo Printers For Budding Photographers (Popular Mechanics)
22-07-21 (20:32)   It's official: Dead Space is getting a remake (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
22-07-21 (20:27)   'Dead Space' is being remade for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC (Engadget)
22-07-21 (20:26)   EA Play Live: Madden, Battlefield 2042, a rumored Dead Space game. How to watch the show (C-Net News.com)
22-07-21 (20:26)   New Dead Space game is a next-gen exclusive remake of the horror classic (Digital Trends)
22-07-21 (20:24)   Dead Space Remake Teaser Trailer | EA Play Live 2021 (GameSpot)
22-07-21 (20:24)   Next-Gen Exclusive Dead Space Remake Being Developed From the Ground Up by EA Motive, Catch the Teaser Trailer (PlayStation LifeStyle)
22-07-21 (20:17)   Dead Space finally announced for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Sirus Gaming)
22-07-21 (20:15)   Dead Space Remake Announced for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC (GamingBolt)
22-07-21 (20:14)   Dead Space is back, exclusively on PC and next-gen consoles (PCGamesN.com)
22-07-21 (20:14)   New Dead Space Remake Will Be Next-Gen Only (Kotaku)
22-07-21 (20:12)   Everything announced at EA Live: Dead Space, Battlefield Portal, and more (Digital Trends)
22-07-21 (20:10)   Dead Space Remake Announced, Developed By EA Motive (GameSpot)
22-07-21 (20:10)   Dead Space is getting a remake (Polygon)
22-07-21 (20:06)   Dead Space is getting a remake on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X (TheVerge)
22-07-21 (20:05)   Dead Space Remake Announced (GameInformer.com)
22-07-21 (19:54)   An Autonomous Drone Just Beat a Professional Racing Pilot for the First Time (Gizmodo)
22-07-21 (19:47)   We Reviewed All the Amazon Fire Tablets to Help You Find the Perfect One (Popular Mechanics)
22-07-21 (19:04)   9 Best Rice Cookers to Buy in 2021 (Popular Mechanics)
22-07-21 (19:04)   7 Best Tile Saws for Home Projects in 2021 (Popular Mechanics)
22-07-21 (18:36)   Dune 2021 release date revealed in full glory movie trailer (SlashGear)
22-07-21 (18:27)   CoinSwap Space Adds Staking Pools With ADA Rewards (Crypto-News.net)
22-07-21 (18:22)   EU Recommendation for the Collection & Recycling of Light-EV Batteries (CleanTechnica)
22-07-21 (17:51)   In this glowing exoplanet forge, a moon's birth caught for the first time (SlashGear)
22-07-21 (17:47)   Google turns AlphaFold loose on the entire human genome (Ars Technica)
22-07-21 (17:21)   How to Find Rational Points Like Your Job Depends on It (Quanta Magazine)
22-07-21 (17:07)   Where and When to Watch EA Play Live 2021: Battlefield 2042, Possible Dead Space, and More (PlayStation LifeStyle)
22-07-21 (17:04)   The British Army Might Kill the Armored Vehicle That Made Its Soldiers Sick (Popular Mechanics)
22-07-21 (16:18)   America's Newest Carrier Is a Fiasco. The Navy Just Admitted Why. (Popular Mechanics)
22-07-21 (16:18)   Get Your Laundry Cleaner With the Best Top-Load Washer (Popular Mechanics)
22-07-21 (15:57)   Dune trailer gives us another look at Timothée Chalamet's space adventure (C-Net News.com)
22-07-21 (15:47)   The 10 Best Projectors Under $500 (Popular Mechanics)
22-07-21 (15:05)   Ancient meteorite is a remnant from the birth of the solar system (SlashGear)
22-07-21 (15:04)   How to Get Started in Making Your Own Ice Cream (Popular Mechanics)
22-07-21 (14:24)   A disk of material around an alien planet may be forming moons as we watch (Syfy Wire)
22-07-21 (14:22)   James Webb Space Telescope will study Beta Pictoris (SlashGear)
22-07-21 (14:15)   Electronic Arts' "Project C" Listed for PS5 on Amazon UK (GamingBolt)
22-07-21 (14:13)   'Space Jam' director calls sequel 'A New Legacy' "an uninteresting mess" (NME.COM)
22-07-21 (13:51)   New data on nighttime weather on Venus gathered using infrared sensors (SlashGear)
22-07-21 (13:06)   Intel's new NUC comes with 11th gen CPUs and space for a full-size graphics card (TheVerge)
22-07-21 (12:51)   Russian Multipurpose Research Module finally heads to the ISS (SlashGear)
22-07-21 (10:49)   Original 'Space Jam' Director Rips 'New Legacy' for Replacing Michael Jordan With LeBron James (AceShowbiz.com)
22-07-21 (05:20)   SpaceX Crew Dragon Changes Docking Port At The Space Station Ahead Of Boeing Starliner Arrival (Tesmanian)
22-07-21 (04:19)   Plants Feel Pain and Might Even See - Issue 104: Harmony (Nautilus)
22-07-21 (04:19)   We're More of Ourselves When We're in Tune with Others - Issue 104: Harmony (Nautilus)
22-07-21 (04:19)   Reports of a Baleful Internet Are Greatly Exaggerated - Issue 104: Harmony (Nautilus)
22-07-21 (03:14)   'Snake Eyes' and 'Old' Will Duel 'Space Jam 2' at the Box Office This Weekend (TheWrap.com)
22-07-21 (02:51)   Extreme Heat Sets Records & Sets Stage For More Fires In U.S. West (CleanTechnica)
22-07-21 (02:40)   The problem with Jeff Bezos and other billionaires going to space (C-Net News.com)
22-07-21 (02:24)   New type of flame sparked in space isn't jut lit, but (literally) cool (Syfy Wire)
22-07-21 (02:14)   It's Not Every Day You Get To See New Footage From A Game Nintendo Cancelled Over 20 Years Ago (Kotaku)
22-07-21 (01:47)   CIA officer from bin Laden hunt to lead Havana Syndrome probe as cases rise (Ars Technica)
22-07-21 (00:28)   Original 'Space Jam' Director Blasts 'Boring' Sequel: 'LeBron James Ain't Michael Jordan' (Breitbart.com)
22-07-21 (00:18)   'Space Jam: A New Legacy' Under Attack By Original 'Space Jam' Director (SlashFilm)
21-07-21 (23:04)   These All-in-One Computers Deliver Powerful Processing in Streamlined Packages (Popular Mechanics)
21-07-21 (22:51)   The Original Space Jam Director Has Some Incredibly Harsh Words For The Sequel (Looper)
21-07-21 (22:47)   Event Horizon Telescope captures birth of black hole jet in Centaurus A (Ars Technica)
21-07-21 (22:33)   The Most Capable Chromebooks of 2021 (Popular Mechanics)
21-07-21 (22:18)   PlasticArm is a 32-bit bendable processor (Ars Technica)
21-07-21 (22:18)   The New 2,207-Piece LEGO Volkswagen T2 Camper Van Is Complete With a Pop-Up Tent and Surfboard (Popular Mechanics)
21-07-21 (21:47)   Despite Tuesday's flight, Jeff Bezos is running out of time to save Blue Origin (Ars Technica)
21-07-21 (21:31)   F-Sim Space Shuttle Sequel Releasing Soon (Sirus Gaming)
21-07-21 (21:28)   Jeff Bezos Goes to Space. Day Three: Reentry (WIRED)
21-07-21 (21:13)   'Space Jam: A New Legacy' star responds to axed Pepé Le Pew scene (NME.COM)
21-07-21 (20:53)   This Week in Genre History: It's no surprise people didn't see Sunshine's brilliance (Syfy Wire)
21-07-21 (20:35)   Jeff Bezos' brief trip to space was also a commercial for Rivian (TheVerge)
21-07-21 (20:33)   Stephen Hawking Was Right: Black Holes Simply Can't Shrink (Popular Mechanics)
21-07-21 (20:33)   Russia's Secret New Fighter Jet Is Officially Out in the Open (Popular Mechanics)
21-07-21 (20:33)   The 10 Best Water Guns for Kids (Popular Mechanics)
21-07-21 (20:33)   The 10 Best Backpacks for Students (Popular Mechanics)
21-07-21 (20:20)   Jeff Bezos eyes space as a new 'sacrifice zone' (TheVerge)
21-07-21 (19:36)   Deep Space Nine Project Update: Why MakeMKV-Derived Files Don't Work (ExtremeTech)
21-07-21 (19:24)   Could suspected alien abductions just be ... lucid dreaming? (Syfy Wire)
21-07-21 (19:11)   Orbits explained: Space is surprisingly close, but it's really hard to stay there (C-Net News.com)

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