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22-08-17 (16:32)   Star Wars Battlefront 2 shows off space battles (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
22-08-17 (16:27)   Researchers want astronauts to put their biological waste to work (Engadget)
22-08-17 (16:20)   Walking through space in NASA's Virtual Reality Lab (TheVerge)
22-08-17 (15:47)   The solar eclipse produced some fantastic photos?here are our favorites (Ars Technica)
22-08-17 (15:39)   Animated map of the solar system shows just how far humans have explored space (Business Insider)
22-08-17 (15:38)   Somebody Went Skydiving During the Eclipse for the View of a Lifetime (Nerdist)
22-08-17 (15:14)   Newborn babies already have a sense of how numbers work (Newscientist.com)
22-08-17 (15:14)   I watched the eclipse with scientists hunting the sun's secrets (Newscientist.com)
22-08-17 (14:59)   The ultimate photobomb: NASA spied the Space Station crossing the eclipsing sun (Mashable)
22-08-17 (14:36)   A long journey to reproducible results (Nature)
22-08-17 (14:00)   China's quantum submarine detector could seal South China Sea (Newscientist.com)
22-08-17 (14:00)   The push for UK fracking may be 55 million years too late (Newscientist.com)
22-08-17 (13:43)   Australia Zoo asks public to name white koala joey (BBC News)
22-08-17 (13:14)   Scanning your brain can predict what will happen in the future (Newscientist.com)
22-08-17 (13:03)   Coca-Cola, PespiCo and others agree to cap sugar in drinks in Singapore (Reuters)
22-08-17 (12:03)   Awesome Star Wars Battlefront II Space Battles Trailer & Screenshots (Cosmic Book News)
22-08-17 (12:00)   Atomic assembly lines are a small victory for chemists (Newscientist.com)
22-08-17 (12:00)   'Radical' new biography of Darwin is unreliable and inaccurate (Newscientist.com)
22-08-17 (11:36)   To reduce gender biases, acknowledge them (Nature)
22-08-17 (11:29)   'Cyborg' bacteria deliver green fuel source from sunlight (BBC News)
22-08-17 (11:13)   How the rise of UX has brought cognitive science to mainstream game development (Pocket Gamer.biz)
22-08-17 (09:00)   Gas-filled black balloons create eerie floating worlds (Newscientist.com)
22-08-17 (07:00)   The science of high-potency cannabis (BBC News)
22-08-17 (06:10)   Philip Morris International CEO cheers U.S. FDA tobacco proposal (Reuters)
22-08-17 (03:42)   This is what the solar eclipse looked like from space (Mashable)
22-08-17 (02:52)   New Star Wars Battlefront II Starfighter Assault Mode Screenshots Show Spectacular Space Battles (DualShockers)
22-08-17 (02:38)   Here's a Roundup of How the Internet Celebrated the Total Solar Eclipse (Nerdist)
22-08-17 (02:36)   High view (BBC News)
22-08-17 (02:09)   The New York Times Says Science Can Predict Climate Change As Accurately As Eclipses. Here Are 5 Problems With That. (Daily Wire)
22-08-17 (01:22)   Chile rejects iron mine to protect penguins (BBC News)
22-08-17 (00:41)   Swiftly-falling snowstorms may fall at night on Mars (Engadget)
22-08-17 (00:40)   Space station astronaut sees solar eclipse shadow on Earth - CNET (C-Net News.com)
22-08-17 (00:40)   International Space Station photobombs 2017 solar eclipse - CNET (C-Net News.com)
21-08-17 (23:59)   The most epic images from the 2017 total solar eclipse (Mashable)
21-08-17 (23:32)   Miss the totality? Google Maps will make you feel better (Ars Technica)
21-08-17 (23:29)   Science fiction great Brian Aldiss, 92, dies at his Oxford home (The Register)
21-08-17 (23:28)   Lucky travelers got to view the total eclipse from an airplane (Mashable)
21-08-17 (23:13)   Here's what people across the U.S. saw during the solar eclipse (Mashable)
21-08-17 (23:13)   Everyone's freaking out about the eclipse giving them headaches (Mashable)
21-08-17 (23:06)   Here's what the 2017 solar eclipse looked like from space (TheVerge)
21-08-17 (22:42)   Despite being a space reporter, this total solar eclipse completely freaked me out (Mashable)
21-08-17 (22:27)   High-powered microscope can scan cells without destroying them (Engadget)
21-08-17 (22:18)   I was one of the first humans to see a solar eclipse in virtual reality (Ars Technica)
21-08-17 (22:08)   NASA recorded the International Space Station flying in front of the solar eclipse (Business Insider)
21-08-17 (22:03)   Rare total solar eclipse spreads wonder across United States (Reuters)
21-08-17 (21:58)   Review: The Apocalyptic World of Brand New's Science Fiction Feels Realer Than Ever (Vulture)
21-08-17 (21:53)   Solar eclipse: See it in 60 seconds (BBC News)
21-08-17 (21:47)   Total eclipse of the Ars (Ars Technica)
21-08-17 (21:29)   Solar eclipse 2017: Americans gaze at sky spectacular (BBC News)
21-08-17 (21:25)   DIGITAL DISRUPTION OF CREDIT SCORING: How developments in the credit scoring space are opening up new opportunities for incumbent lenders (Business Insider)
21-08-17 (21:24)   See the Star Wars Battlefront 2 Starfighter Assault space combat gameplay in action (Gaming Age Online)
21-08-17 (21:10)   Watch Star Wars: Battlefront 2's Awesome Space Battle Gameplay Here (GameSpot)
21-08-17 (21:05)   Solar Eclipse 2017: The must-see photos (SlashGear)
21-08-17 (20:59)   The moon literally blocked the sun on Twitter (Mashable)
21-08-17 (20:28)   Blog: Using data science to understand your players (Gamasutra)
21-08-17 (20:14)   Low-calorie pizza and burgers won't fix our child obesity crisis (Newscientist.com)
21-08-17 (20:03)   J&J ordered to pay $417 million in trial over talc cancer risks (Reuters)
21-08-17 (20:00)   Solar eclipse: Watch it happen (BBC News)
21-08-17 (19:59)   Bonnie Tyler gives a sneak peek of her big eclipse performance of 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' (Mashable)
21-08-17 (19:27)   Watch Google's Android O event right here at 2:40PM ET (Engadget)
21-08-17 (19:27)   'Star Wars Battlefront II' space skirmishes put Yoda in the cockpit (Engadget)
21-08-17 (19:21)   Everywhere to Live Stream the 2017 Total Eclipse (Nerdist)
21-08-17 (19:19)   First Details For Star Wars Battlefront II's Space Combat (GameInformer.com)
21-08-17 (19:13)   This Solar Eclipse is bigger than all of us (Mashable)
21-08-17 (18:59)   Eclipse nails are the beauty trend of choice for space geeks (Mashable)
21-08-17 (18:19)   Mysteries of turbulence unravelled (Nature)
21-08-17 (18:00)   Antarctic mystery microbe could tell us where viruses came from (Newscientist.com)
21-08-17 (18:00)   Psychedelic medicine: the potential, the people, the politics (Newscientist.com)
21-08-17 (18:00)   It could be snowing on Mars right now (Newscientist.com)
21-08-17 (17:50)   Martian weather kicks into high gear at night (Nature)
21-08-17 (17:28)   This map corrects everything you thought you knew about the world (Mashable)
21-08-17 (17:28)   10 glasses that will protect absolutely no one during the solar eclipse (Mashable)
21-08-17 (17:27)   A live-action reboot of 'The Jetsons' is headed to ABC (Engadget)
21-08-17 (17:22)   It's Solar Eclipse Time: LIVE Streaming Video (SlashGear)
21-08-17 (17:15)   Beetroot and Coffee: Football's Nutritional Sports Science (Bleacher Report)
21-08-17 (17:14)   The porker paradox: A very human dilemma (Newscientist.com)
21-08-17 (17:12)   Scientists recreate Neptune's diamond rain using powerful lasers (Engadget)
21-08-17 (16:14)   Brian Aldiss, science-fiction writer, dies aged 92 (BBC News)
21-08-17 (16:13)   New Google doodle explains the science of a total solar eclipse, adorably (Mashable)
21-08-17 (16:12)   The solar eclipse hype is annoying, but the event is worth it (Engadget)
21-08-17 (15:50)   US government disbands climate-science advisory committee (Nature)
21-08-17 (15:41)   Kickstarter commemorates Voyager with projects celebrating humanity (Engadget)
21-08-17 (15:39)   The new 'Star Wars' game has gigantic, insane space battles ? see them in action right here (Business Insider)
21-08-17 (15:18)   So, you're not seeing the eclipse today ... (Ars Technica)
21-08-17 (15:05)   Theft of South African relics riles researchers (Nature)
21-08-17 (14:38)   All Your Solar Eclipse Questions Answered in this Video from National Geographic (Nerdist)
21-08-17 (14:32)   A gallery of Voyager's greatest hits?and they are truly great (Ars Technica)
21-08-17 (14:25)   AstraZeneca ups investment in messenger RNA drugs with Ethris deal (Reuters)
21-08-17 (14:14)   Solving how fish swim so well may help design underwater robots (Newscientist.com)
21-08-17 (14:03)   U.S. study revives argument over mammogram screening (Reuters)
21-08-17 (14:00)   Psychedelics pioneer keeps his inner hippy in check (Newscientist.com)
21-08-17 (14:00)   Inside the fighter jet of the future where AI is the pilot (Newscientist.com)
21-08-17 (13:12)   Solar eclipse gives NASA a rare opportunity to study Mercury (Engadget)
21-08-17 (12:22)   Do NOT shoot the eclipse without the right camera equipment (SlashGear)
21-08-17 (12:19)   Head injuries in sport must be taken more seriously (Nature)
21-08-17 (12:07)   RRS Sir David Attenborough's stern on the move (BBC News)
21-08-17 (12:00)   To tackle extremism, we need to know the enemy (Newscientist.com)
21-08-17 (09:44)   Sky and Space completes nano-satellite testing (ZDNet News)
21-08-17 (09:39)   New Novartis drug takes aim at tough-to-treat malaria (Reuters)
21-08-17 (08:52)   Solar Eclipse Science: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know (Heavy.com)
21-08-17 (00:28)   Elon Musk and 115 other experts ask the UN to ban killer robots in open letter (Mashable)
21-08-17 (00:07)   We Still Can't Make The Closest Thing to GAME OF THRONES' Valyrian Steel (Nerdist)
20-08-17 (23:13)   A space nerd's guide to the Great American Eclipse (Mashable)
20-08-17 (22:59)   We won't have total solar eclipses forever, so you'd better make this one count (Mashable)
20-08-17 (20:03)   Space opera strategy game Ancient Frontier out 21 Sept (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
20-08-17 (19:42)   The eclipse: From ancient paganism to American history, it's been a thing (Mashable)
20-08-17 (18:18)   Get out of the office, see the eclipse (Ars Technica)
20-08-17 (18:13)   6 of history's greatest minds that I could easily defeat in Mario Kart 64 (Mashable)
20-08-17 (18:04)   New 'Star Wars Battlefront 2' Trailer Makes Yoda a Pilot in a Massive Space Battle (SlashFilm)
20-08-17 (16:36)   How to watch a total solar eclipse: Tips from the Faroe Islands (BBC News)
20-08-17 (16:11)   Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Trailer Reveals Yoda in Space Battles [UPDATED] (Screen Rant)
20-08-17 (12:29)   The winners and losers of Mexico's wind power boom (BBC News)
20-08-17 (09:00)   Bringing the Royal Observatory at Greenwich back to life (Newscientist.com)
20-08-17 (02:11)   15 Worst Science Fiction Movies Ever (According To Rotten Tomatoes) (Screen Rant)
19-08-17 (22:10)   After Leaking, EA Officially Releases Star Wars: Battlefront 2's Epic Space Battle Trailer (GameSpot)
19-08-17 (21:32)   Four book series that are shaping the future of science fiction on television (Ars Technica)
19-08-17 (20:51)   Earth will see its largest asteroid fly-by in September (SlashGear)
19-08-17 (20:38)   STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT II Gamescom Trailer Sends the Action Into Space (Nerdist)
19-08-17 (19:51)   Students develop robotic arm that specializes in sign language (SlashGear)
19-08-17 (19:29)   NewStar Wars Battlefront 2Trailer Shows Off Dazzling Space Battles (Kotaku)
19-08-17 (18:42)   Space combat in 'Star Wars: Battlefront II' looks exhilarating (Mashable)
19-08-17 (18:37)   Star Wars Battlefront II Shows Spectacular Space Battles in New Starfighter Assault Trailer (DualShockers)
19-08-17 (18:06)   18 space suits from science fiction, from worst to best (TheVerge)
19-08-17 (16:13)   How do Flat Earth truthers explain the eclipse? These weird-as-hell videos explain it. (Mashable)
19-08-17 (16:13)   Eclipse FOMO got you down? Here are 8 more on their way (Mashable)
19-08-17 (15:59)   A brand new musical composition will help people who are blind experience the solar eclipse (Mashable)
19-08-17 (15:18)   In a great year for space music, Quindar's Hip Mobility most puts us in orbit (Ars Technica)
19-08-17 (14:18)   New surface is so slippery, shellfish can't get a grip (Ars Technica)
19-08-17 (14:10)   Solar eclipse presents first major test of power grid in renewable era (Reuters)
19-08-17 (13:14)   Space Photos of the Week: Neighboring Galaxies Got a Star Factory Going (WIRED)
19-08-17 (12:39)   Millions of Americans to gaze upon Monday's once-in-a-lifetime eclipse (Reuters)
19-08-17 (12:00)   Meet the turtles surviving an invasion of enormous tractors (Newscientist.com)
19-08-17 (12:00)   America's total eclipse: The best guides to how to prepare (Newscientist.com)
19-08-17 (10:49)   Japan launches satellite for advanced GPS operation (Reuters)
19-08-17 (04:10)   Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Trailer Leak Reveals Epic Space Battles (GameSpot)
19-08-17 (02:46)   Awesome Star Wars Battlefront II Space Battles trailer (Cosmic Book News)
19-08-17 (01:49)   Star Wars Battlefront 2 reveals first footage of space battles (Eurogamer.net)
19-08-17 (01:13)   Pro tips: How to get the best photos of the solar eclipse with a phone or a camera (Mashable)
19-08-17 (00:53)   Leaked Star Wars Battlefront II Ad Features Space Battles and Jedis (PlayStation LifeStyle)
18-08-17 (23:59)   Not excited about the eclipse yet? Check out this footage of a 1979 eclipse and try not to be awestruck (Mashable)
18-08-17 (23:49)   Bayer, J&J win third U.S. trial over Xarelto bleeding risk (Reuters)
18-08-17 (23:43)   Astronauts aboard the International Space Station launch 3D-printed satellite (Digital Trends)
18-08-17 (23:13)   'Marvel's Spider-Man' Review: "Science Is the New Currency" of This Excellent Series (Collider)
18-08-17 (22:59)   A new app is designed to help blind people enjoy the solar eclipse (Mashable)
18-08-17 (22:51)   Scientists just revolutionized coffee creamer (SlashGear)
18-08-17 (22:43)   Taylor Swift's social media pages and website are currently showing a Blank Space (BBC News)
18-08-17 (22:39)   The 8 best things I packed to save space during my 2-week backpacking trip through Europe (Business Insider)
18-08-17 (21:49)   Solar eclipse to be streamed live for first time, from balloons (Reuters)
18-08-17 (21:38)   New Jupiter Image Proves It's the Prettiest Planet (Nerdist)
18-08-17 (20:59)   How to watch the eclipse without eclipse glasses (Mashable)
18-08-17 (19:42)   An app paid me $10 to wait in line and then party at Samsung's NYC space (Mashable)
18-08-17 (19:27)   USA Today teams with Instagram to livestream the solar eclipse (Engadget)
18-08-17 (19:13)   How to watch the solar eclipse without burning your eyes out (Mashable)
18-08-17 (18:22)   The Solar Eclipse is suddenly an Android O countdown (SlashGear)
18-08-17 (17:59)   Forecasters put the total solar eclipse into a weather model and the result is amazing (Mashable)
18-08-17 (17:36)   Anglers' online boasts reveal illegal shark hunting (Nature)
18-08-17 (17:18)   Here's what happens to your retina if you view an eclipse without protection (Ars Technica)
18-08-17 (17:13)   'Marvel's Spider-Man' Showrunner Kevin Shinick Focuses on "Science and Relationships" (Collider)
18-08-17 (17:00)   Can a crowdsourced mega-forest offset Trump's climate chaos? (Newscientist.com)
18-08-17 (16:12)   How to watch the eclipse, regardless of where you live (Engadget)
18-08-17 (16:03)   The 100 Adds Peaky Blinders Actor as Cocky Space Explorer in Season 5 (TVLine)
18-08-17 (15:39)   India threatens Philip Morris with 'punitive action' over alleged violations (Reuters)
18-08-17 (15:28)   There are families of eclipses-and the science behind them is fascinating (Mashable)
18-08-17 (15:00)   Win lunch with an astronaut (Newscientist.com)
18-08-17 (15:00)   Great American Eclipse: Everything you need to know to get ready (Newscientist.com)
18-08-17 (14:21)   T3 Science Hit: cancer-zapping nanostars, space ice cream and ancient apes (T3.com)
18-08-17 (14:08)   Science suggests that 'once a cheater, always a cheater' could actually be true (Business Insider)
18-08-17 (14:00)   This self-healing robot can regenerate after being stabbed (Newscientist.com)
18-08-17 (13:29)   Shutting down neo-Nazi Daily Stormer sets a dangerous precedent (Newscientist.com)
18-08-17 (12:29)   A surveillance state is no fix for Brexit's Irish border issue (Newscientist.com)
18-08-17 (12:14)   Can't stop procrastinating? Try cognitive behaviour therapy (Newscientist.com)
18-08-17 (12:00)   Feedback: NASA seeks a planet-protecting superhero (Newscientist.com)
18-08-17 (12:00)   Grown-up chimps are less likely to help distressed friends (Newscientist.com)
18-08-17 (09:00)   Genetic test helps people avoid statins that may cause them pain (Newscientist.com)
18-08-17 (02:07)   Motorola is Working On a Phone Screen That Can Fix Itself (Nerdist)
18-08-17 (01:29)   Total solar eclipse: Meet Sharon and Billy Hahs (BBC News)
18-08-17 (00:41)   Lean back and watch the eclipse...from your Volvo (Engadget)
18-08-17 (00:13)   Stunning new view of Jupiter flips Great Red Spot on its side (Mashable)
18-08-17 (00:10)   Inhuman Nature: Space Odyssey (Marvel.com)
18-08-17 (00:07)   Giant Tortoise Escapes Japanese Zoo For Two Weeks, Guess How Far it Got (Nerdist)
17-08-17 (23:27)   Brand New's First Album in Eight Years, Science Fiction, Is Out Right Now (Yes, Right Now!) (Vulture)
17-08-17 (23:13)   How controversial science can make it harder to get an abortion (Mashable)
17-08-17 (23:13)   Why Everyone Is So Obsessed With the Solar Eclipse (Mashable)
17-08-17 (23:13)   Canada's forests are on fire, and the smoke is so thick it's breaking records (Mashable)
17-08-17 (23:00)   Solar eclipse will reveal the roiling fog of plasma we call home (Newscientist.com)
17-08-17 (22:11)   15 Facts Star Wars Gets Completely WRONG About Space (Screen Rant)
17-08-17 (22:05)   Supernova's messy birth casts doubt on reliability of astronomical yardstick (Nature)
17-08-17 (21:35)   This NASA satellite is ready to go to space after having its broken antenna replaced (TheVerge)
17-08-17 (21:18)   Rare pubic-grooming data reveals injuries, odd habits, and nicked bits (Ars Technica)
17-08-17 (21:05)   Peanut allergy treatment milestone eliminates condition for years (SlashGear)
17-08-17 (21:00)   Stem cell technique could reverse a major type of infertility (Newscientist.com)
17-08-17 (21:00)   Speedy white dwarf may have survived a rare type of supernova (Newscientist.com)
17-08-17 (21:00)   Monkeys can be tricked into thinking all objects are familiar (Newscientist.com)
17-08-17 (20:42)   You can damage your eyes in mere seconds during the solar eclipse (Mashable)
17-08-17 (20:25)   This CEO runs a startup that helps people design their dream home ? see the beautiful space where she lives (Business Insider)
17-08-17 (19:32)   Health benefits of wind and solar offset all subsidies (Ars Technica)
17-08-17 (19:29)   Culture not biology is behind many differences between the sexes (Newscientist.com)
17-08-17 (19:11)   Girl Scouts reach for stars with NASA space merit badges - CNET (C-Net News.com)
17-08-17 (19:00)   Vitamin C helps genes to kill off cells that would cause cancer (Newscientist.com)
17-08-17 (18:47)   Oldest Antarctic ice ever found shows climate of 2.7 million years ago (Ars Technica)
17-08-17 (18:43)   Web firms shunning neo-Nazi site isn't necessarily good news (Newscientist.com)
17-08-17 (18:26)   Part of a disembodied lung just arrived at the International Space Station (Digital Trends)
17-08-17 (18:07)   The Physics of Bruce Lee's Famous One-Inch Punch (Nerdist)
17-08-17 (17:19)   Teen bitcoin millionaire Erik Finman is launching Taylor Swift's '1989' into space (TechCrunch)
17-08-17 (16:47)   Yes, it really has taken NASA 11 years to develop a parachute (Ars Technica)
17-08-17 (16:45)   The Long Dark director explains why the right studio space is critical (Gamasutra)
17-08-17 (16:39)   Mylan, U.S. finalize $465 million EpiPen settlement (Reuters)
17-08-17 (16:18)   We may have caught supernova debris slamming into neighboring stars (Ars Technica)
17-08-17 (16:08)   This teenage Bitcoin millionaire high school dropout is sending a signed Taylor Swift CD into space (Business Insider)
17-08-17 (16:00)   Why adding a drop of water can make whisky taste even better (Newscientist.com)
17-08-17 (15:59)   How fire ants use their bodies to form mini Eiffel Tower-like structural marvels (Mashable)
17-08-17 (14:18)   FDA slams more homeopaths for playing fast and loose with toxic chemicals (Ars Technica)
17-08-17 (14:00)   Anatomy of terror: What makes normal people become extremists? (Newscientist.com)
17-08-17 (13:59)   New Girl Scout badges go where Girl Scouts have never been before: Space (Mashable)
17-08-17 (12:14)   The algae that terraformed Earth (BBC News)
17-08-17 (12:10)   Citizen scientists will take to the field for U.S. eclipse (Reuters)
17-08-17 (06:56)   Marvel's Spider-Man Makes Peter's 'Science Smarts' Another Set of Powers (Screen Rant)
17-08-17 (06:15)   Space boffins competing for $20m Moon robot X-Prize are told: Be there by March 31 ? or bust (The Register)
17-08-17 (03:37)   Scientists Find Smartphone Separation Anxiety Is A Growing Problem (Ubergizmo)
17-08-17 (01:27)   How to Set the Default OneDrive for Business Storage Space (Windows IT Pro)
17-08-17 (01:14)   Radioactive 'pooh sticks' trace carbon's ocean journey (BBC News)
17-08-17 (01:07)   Freeze-dried dung gives clue to Asian elephant stress (BBC News)
16-08-17 (23:13)   How a total solar eclipse happens, explained with augmented reality (Mashable)
16-08-17 (22:59)   White nationalists are flocking to genetic ancestry tests. Some don't like what they find. (Mashable)
16-08-17 (22:13)   You can still make last-minute plans to see the eclipse, but get on it now (Mashable)
16-08-17 (22:13)   Neil deGrasse Tyson on all things Great American Eclipse (Mashable)
16-08-17 (21:47)   The origin of complex life on Earth just got a little less mysterious (Ars Technica)
16-08-17 (21:42)   This is the best simulation you'll find of the upcoming total solar eclipse (Mashable)
16-08-17 (21:13)   There's a lot more to the San Andreas Fault than meets the eye (Mashable)
16-08-17 (21:00)   Self-healing jelly bot regenerates when stabbed ? just add heat (Newscientist.com)
16-08-17 (21:00)   Weird creatures are spreading polluting plastic through the sea (Newscientist.com)
16-08-17 (21:00)   Speedy test for Lyme disease could help us treat it in time (Newscientist.com)
16-08-17 (20:35)   Science doesn't explain tech's diversity problem ? history does (TheVerge)
16-08-17 (20:28)   The price of eclipse glasses have more than tripled on Amazon over the last 2 weeks (Mashable)
16-08-17 (20:00)   Banking a baby's cord blood may save their life. Is it worth it? (Newscientist.com)
16-08-17 (20:00)   I paid 2000 to bank my son's cord blood, but couldn't use it (Newscientist.com)
16-08-17 (20:00)   We can program robots not to get all up in our personal space (Newscientist.com)
16-08-17 (20:00)   Jellyfish galaxies may feed black holes with their long tendrils (Newscientist.com)
16-08-17 (19:59)   'Late Night with Seth Meyers': Amber Ruffin Takes on Charlottesville in Terrific "Safe Space" Video (Collider)
16-08-17 (19:43)   Can smart tech really solve Brexit's UK-Ireland border problem? (Newscientist.com)
16-08-17 (19:29)   Google-sponsored private moon race delayed for the fourth time (Newscientist.com)
16-08-17 (19:01)   Deadly drug-resistant fungus sparks outbreaks in UK?and it's stalking US (Ars Technica)
16-08-17 (18:43)   Netflix vegan hit What the Health serves up lots of bad science (Newscientist.com)
16-08-17 (17:50)   California scientists push to create massive climate-research programme (Nature)
16-08-17 (17:38)   What Kind of Ant is RICK AND MORTY's Million Ants Made Of? (Nerdist)
16-08-17 (17:20)   Five cool science experiments happening during the total solar eclipse (TheVerge)
16-08-17 (17:14)   Safe-Space History: Left-Wing Activists, Complacent Governments Destroy Confederate Monuments Across Nation (Breitbart.com)
16-08-17 (17:12)   Optical laser uses shockwaves to peer inside distant planets (Engadget)
16-08-17 (17:01)   Researchers use lasers to weld spider silk to kevlar (Ars Technica)
16-08-17 (16:50)   Opioid emergency, climate language and a frozen fruit cake (Nature)
16-08-17 (15:28)   How to watch the total solar eclipse from anywhere on Earth (Mashable)
16-08-17 (15:18)   The Google Lunar XPRIZE recognizes that some landers will fail (Ars Technica)
16-08-17 (15:12)   Google offers Lunar Xprize finalists an extra $4.75 million (Engadget)
16-08-17 (14:44)   Bitcoin launches into space to boost trading worldwide (ZDNet News)
16-08-17 (14:12)   Covenant at the gates, and not a super soldier in sight ? welcome to Halo 3: ODST's space-age Alamo (GamesRadar)
16-08-17 (14:06)   Scientists Create A New Way To Deliver Medicine Through Your Stomach (Ubergizmo)
16-08-17 (14:01)   "Alternative" medicine's toll on cancer patients: Death rate up to 5X higher (Ars Technica)
16-08-17 (14:00)   Atomic Legoland: How to build wonder stuff from the atom up (Newscientist.com)
16-08-17 (14:00)   Tiny robots crawl through mouse's stomach to heal ulcers (Newscientist.com)
16-08-17 (13:53)   Chimps can play rock-paper-scissors (BBC News)
16-08-17 (13:50)   Against discrimination (Nature)
16-08-17 (13:14)   How Solar Eclipses Illuminate the Marvel of Science (WIRED)
16-08-17 (12:19)   China's embrace of embryo selection raises thorny questions (Nature)
16-08-17 (12:00)   Tiny robots crawl through mouse's stomach to release antibiotics (Newscientist.com)
16-08-17 (11:43)   Scotland's largest solar farm gets green light (BBC News)
16-08-17 (11:43)   Scientists discover a new flower of Shetland (BBC News)
16-08-17 (11:05)   Revitalize the world's countryside (Nature)
16-08-17 (04:05)   Mark Ruffalo Shares Love For 'Science Bro' Robert Downey Jr. (Comicbook.com)
16-08-17 (03:42)   Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Honest Trailer: My Two Dads In Space (Screen Rant)
16-08-17 (03:01)   NASA may finally be getting a leader?Oklahoma pilot Jim Bridenstine (Ars Technica)
16-08-17 (02:36)   'Frankenstein dinosaur' mystery solved (BBC News)
16-08-17 (02:14)   Fish eat bits of plastic because they think they smell good (Newscientist.com)
16-08-17 (01:43)   England will need over 71,000 extra care home places by 2025 (Newscientist.com)
16-08-17 (01:36)   China launches brain-imaging factory (Nature)
15-08-17 (22:42)   Serious question: Does Donald Trump even know there's a total solar eclipse coming up? (Mashable)
15-08-17 (22:29)   NASA Could Send Your Message 13 Billion Miles Into Space (IGN.com)
15-08-17 (21:19)   Science-Fiction Weekly ? Observer, Phasma, Neuromancer, The Terminator, The Last Jedi (GameInformer.com)
15-08-17 (21:05)   Magic mushroom breakthrough opens door for psilocybin prescriptions (SlashGear)
15-08-17 (20:42)   As the big solar eclipse draws near, eclipse FOMO is on the rise (Mashable)
15-08-17 (20:25)   Science says how rich you feel has hardly anything to do with how much money you have (Business Insider)
15-08-17 (20:13)   July ties record for warmest month on Earth, but I'm sure we have nothing to worry about (Mashable)
15-08-17 (19:54)   For hundreds of years, sloppy science has been wrong about gender, race, and ethnicity (Business Insider)
15-08-17 (19:29)   Twitch gamers live-stream their vital signs to keep fans hooked (Newscientist.com)
15-08-17 (19:28)   This white moose is real and it was spotted in Sweden (Mashable)
15-08-17 (19:26)   "Mysteries of the Abandoned: Chernobyl's Deadly Secrets" Premieres Thursday, August 31 at 9 PM on Science Channel (The Futon Critic)
15-08-17 (18:47)   Health in a postindustrial age: The mystery of our creaky, painful knees (Ars Technica)
15-08-17 (18:28)   Well, now we know what blowing bubbles in space with tropical punch looks like (Mashable)
15-08-17 (18:22)   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Documentary Gets A Release Window (Comicbook.com)
15-08-17 (18:00)   Pen Hadow sets sail for North Pole as Arctic ice melts (BBC News)
15-08-17 (17:30)   Considering a career in data science? Start with this (?ZDNet Academy) (ZDNet News)
15-08-17 (17:07)   Elon Musk's AI Just Slaughtered One of the World's Best DOTA 2 Players (Nerdist)
15-08-17 (17:05)   Huddle is a mental health app that aims to be a safe space to share with peers (TechCrunch)
15-08-17 (16:49)   South Carolina sues OxyContin maker Purdue over opioid marketing (Reuters)
15-08-17 (16:36)   Why 14 ecology labs teamed up to watch grass grow (Nature)
15-08-17 (16:29)   Ice at Mars's equator hints the planet was once much more tilted (Newscientist.com)
15-08-17 (16:06)   These next-generation space suits could allow astronauts to explore Mars (TheVerge)
15-08-17 (16:05)   "Star Wars Art: Ralph McQuarrie" collects iconic art from space saga in deluxe keepsake display box (Inside the Magic)
15-08-17 (16:05)   HPE and NASA sending a supercomputer to space (BetaNews)
15-08-17 (16:02)   Peter Dinklage Solves a Murder With Magic Brain Science in 'Rememory' Trailer (ScreenCrush)
15-08-17 (15:52)   Cloudgine Aims to Prove the Power of the Cloud with They Came From Space's Trailer and Screenshots (DualShockers)
15-08-17 (15:14)   How US diplomats may have been attacked by sonic weapons in Cuba (Newscientist.com)
15-08-17 (15:01)   These launch photos of Monday's SpaceX flight are pretty amazing (Ars Technica)
15-08-17 (14:43)   There are almost 100 new volcanoes hiding under Antarctic ice (Newscientist.com)
15-08-17 (14:13)   The Transcendent Marjorie Prime Is a Reflective Work of Science Fiction (Vulture)
15-08-17 (13:43)   Record-sized data centre planned inside Arctic Circle (BBC News)
15-08-17 (13:36)   Brass band on train demonstrates Doppler effect (BBC News)
15-08-17 (13:29)   This year may be one of the worst ever for Atlantic hurricanes (Newscientist.com)
15-08-17 (13:22)   Majestic archipelago (BBC News)
15-08-17 (13:14)   Ancient warriors killed and ate their dogs as rite of passage (Newscientist.com)
15-08-17 (13:14)   James Damore's Google Memo Gets Science All Wrong (WIRED)
15-08-17 (13:07)   'Donald Trump forest' climate change project gains momentum (BBC News)
15-08-17 (10:50)   A little democracy could go a long way (Nature)
15-08-17 (10:43)   A very tasty treat is on its way to astronauts aboard the space station (Digital Trends)
15-08-17 (09:00)   Endangered animals ? and made-up beasts ? drawn with gonzo charm (Newscientist.com)
15-08-17 (08:32)   Can drinking a little bit help you live longer? (Reuters)
15-08-17 (02:14)   Even 'healthy' overweight people have a higher cardiac risk (Newscientist.com)
15-08-17 (01:18)   Researchers may have devised a sensitive test for new particles (Ars Technica)
15-08-17 (00:25)   12 ways to maximize space in a college dorm room (Business Insider)
15-08-17 (00:10)   Tougher than steel: Japan looks to wood pulp to make lighter auto parts (Reuters)
15-08-17 (00:05)   Solar Eclipse Glasses : the definitive SAFE list (SlashGear)
14-08-17 (23:47)   South Australia okays giant solar thermal plant from SolarReserve (Ars Technica)
14-08-17 (23:14)   The Action Scenes Aren't The Most Exciting Things On Game Of Thrones, According To Science (Cinemabled)
14-08-17 (22:29)   ShortList 2017: 'Close Ties' Finds Intimacy in a Small Space (Video) (TheWrap.com)
14-08-17 (21:26)   See fruit punch attack a NASA astronaut's face in space - CNET (C-Net News.com)
14-08-17 (21:12)   Softlab transforms 'empty' space with light and mirrors (Engadget)
14-08-17 (20:08)   THE PROGRAMMATIC TV AD EXPLAINER: Forecasts, top trends, and barriers to adoption in the programmatic TV ad-buying space - (Business Insider)
14-08-17 (20:00)   Childhood exercise may protect against memory loss in old age (Newscientist.com)
14-08-17 (19:42)   SpaceX just landed a rocket back on Earth after flying it to space. How's your Monday? (Mashable)
14-08-17 (19:39)   Watch SpaceX land a rocket after launching the last mission of its kind to space (Business Insider)
14-08-17 (19:36)   SpaceX CRS-12 launches: Mars supercomputer headed to ISS (SlashGear)
14-08-17 (19:28)   Scientists discover 91 volcanoes slumbering beneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (Mashable)
14-08-17 (19:25)   SpaceX landed another rocket on target after launching supplies to the Space Station ? watch live footage of the perfect landing (Business Insider)
14-08-17 (19:14)   Star Wars Battlefront 2 Is Teasing Some Space Battles (Cinemabled)
14-08-17 (19:01)   After a month off, SpaceX makes a triumphant return to flight [Updated] (Ars Technica)
14-08-17 (18:59)   Those solar eclipse glasses you bought on Amazon might not protect your eyes after all (Mashable)
14-08-17 (18:59)   Elon Musk's SpaceX starts off its week with an impressive rocket launch and landing (Mashable)
14-08-17 (18:29)   Choosing alternative cancer treatment doubles your risk of death (Newscientist.com)
14-08-17 (18:12)   CNN will livestream the solar eclipse in 360-degree 4K (Engadget)
14-08-17 (18:08)   Peter Dinklage is on the case in trailer for science fiction-mystery Rememory (EW.com)
14-08-17 (18:05)   Ecologists protest Australia's plans to cut funding for environment-monitoring network (Nature)
14-08-17 (17:59)   These vibrating wristbands claim to melt stress away in just 30 seconds (Mashable)
14-08-17 (17:47)   Parked electric cars are earning money balancing the grid in Denmark (Ars Technica)
14-08-17 (17:32)   Supplement maker on FDA blacklist after deadly bacteria found in water system (Ars Technica)
14-08-17 (16:59)   This snake-like robot can destroy radioactive objects with a laser (Mashable)
14-08-17 (16:42)   You can do some really cool science during the total solar eclipse (Mashable)
14-08-17 (16:00)   Activated charcoal drug can protect microbiome from antibiotics (Newscientist.com)
14-08-17 (15:35)   Watch SpaceX launch its Falcon 9 rocket to the space station after a month-long break (TheVerge)
14-08-17 (14:36)   Italy official defends killing rare bear after man mauled (BBC News)
14-08-17 (14:19)   Africa leaps into space race (CNN.com)
14-08-17 (14:00)   The playful inventor whose copper-whiskered mouse led us to AIs (Newscientist.com)

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