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26-09-23 (09:09)   US Exploring Potential Space Force Hotline With China (Slashdot)
26-09-23 (08:39)   Surprising Discovery Could Explain How Coronaviruses Jump Species (SciTechDaily)
26-09-23 (08:39)   All Four RS-25 Engines Added to NASA's Artemis II Moon Rocket Core Stage (SciTechDaily)
26-09-23 (07:26)   NASA is seeking help to crash the space station at the end of its life (Digital Trends)
26-09-23 (06:39)   The Stellar Buffet: Astronomers Reveal Triple Baby Star Feeding Frenzy (SciTechDaily)
26-09-23 (06:39)   Houston, We Have an Asteroid: NASA's OSIRIS-REx Sample Capsule Arrives at Johnson Space Center (SciTechDaily)
26-09-23 (06:39)   Unraveling Africa's Fairy Circle Mystery - Researchers Identify True Source (SciTechDaily)
26-09-23 (05:08)   Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment: Scientists Discover How To Boost Artificial Immune "Super-Cells" (SciTechDaily)
26-09-23 (03:32)   Space Force chief says commercial satellites may need defending (Ars Technica)
26-09-23 (02:54)   The Brain-Boosting MIND Diet - New Study Uncovers "Exciting" Improvement (SciTechDaily)
26-09-23 (02:54)   Dark Earth Deciphered: Ancient Amazonians Intentionally Created Fertile "Dark Earth" (SciTechDaily)
26-09-23 (02:31)   Scientists reveal what fuels wildfires in Sierra Nevada Mountains (ScienceDaily)
26-09-23 (02:31)   New insights into the atmosphere and star of an exoplanet (ScienceDaily)
26-09-23 (02:15)   Starfield Trick Makes Flying in Space Better (Game Rant)
26-09-23 (02:15)   Star Wars: Ahsoka's White Lightsabers, Explained (Game Rant)
26-09-23 (02:04)   What You Need to Know About the Military Sleep Technique (Popular Mechanics)
26-09-23 (02:00)   New method can improve assessing genetic risks for non-white populations (ScienceDaily)
26-09-23 (02:00)   Wearable devices show who may need more help managing diabetes (ScienceDaily)
26-09-23 (02:00)   Light and sound waves reveal negative pressure (ScienceDaily)
26-09-23 (02:00)   New qubit circuit enables quantum operations with higher accuracy (ScienceDaily)
26-09-23 (02:00)   How a small strand of RNA is key to fighting cancer (ScienceDaily)
26-09-23 (02:00)   Glaciers becoming smaller and disappearing (ScienceDaily)
26-09-23 (02:00)   Researchers develop new way to target cancer cells (ScienceDaily)
26-09-23 (02:00)   Researchers tackle immune rejection of biomedical implants (ScienceDaily)
26-09-23 (02:00)   Could this new hydrogel make HIV therapy more convenient? (ScienceDaily)
26-09-23 (02:00)   Family planning and the fear of missing out (ScienceDaily)
26-09-23 (01:33)   Thacker Pass May Be the World's Largest Lithium Deposit-But Mining It Won't Be Easy (Popular Mechanics)
26-09-23 (01:31)   Theories about the natural world may need to change to reflect human impact (ScienceDaily)
26-09-23 (01:31)   Study finds immune cells in older adults resemble those in newborns and children, but fall short in virus detection (ScienceDaily)
26-09-23 (01:31)   Genetic code of rare kidney cancer cracked (ScienceDaily)
26-09-23 (01:18)   Jeff Bezos finally got rid of Bob Smith at Blue Origin (Ars Technica)
26-09-23 (00:39)   Eyes Don't Lie: Unlocking Long COVID Secrets Through Blood Vessels in the Eye (SciTechDaily)
26-09-23 (00:39)   Defying the "Impossible" - Reversing Paralysis Through Spinal Cord Regeneration (SciTechDaily)
26-09-23 (00:31)   Caribbean parrots thought to be endemic are actually relicts of millennial-scale extinction (ScienceDaily)
26-09-23 (00:31)   Crystallization as the driving force (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (23:45)   Brain signals for good memory performance revealed (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (23:45)   Machine learning unravels mysteries of atomic shapes (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (23:16)   We carry DNA from extinct cousins like Neanderthals. Science is now revealing their genetic legacy (Washington Times)
25-09-23 (23:04)   The 9 Best Leaf Bags for Hauling Away Your Yard Waste (Popular Mechanics)
25-09-23 (23:04)   The 10 Best Hunting Pants to Make Your Next Outing Warmer, Drier, and More Comfortable (Popular Mechanics)
25-09-23 (23:00)   For 'A Million Miles Away' Director, Making a Studio Film Seemed as 'Impossible' as Going to Space (TheWrap.com)
25-09-23 (22:49)   Dead Space co-creator leaves Callisto Protocol studio after survival-horror debut flops (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
25-09-23 (22:45)   Copper-based catalysts efficiently turn carbon dioxide into methane (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (22:45)   Study shows birds that have evolved greater complexity are less biodiverse (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (22:39)   Loud and Clear: The Neurological Secrets Behind Hearing in Noisy Surroundings (SciTechDaily)
25-09-23 (22:18)   Earth Is Doing Something Incredible: Helping the Moon Form Water (Popular Mechanics)
25-09-23 (22:18)   The 9 Best Garage Heaters of 2023 (Popular Mechanics)
25-09-23 (21:47)   The Best Tech Gifts for Gadget-Obsessed Smart Home Dwellers and Nerdy Gearheads (Popular Mechanics)
25-09-23 (21:27)   OSIRIS-REx used a Tesla-esque navigation system to capture 4.5 billion-year-old regolith (Engadget)
25-09-23 (21:14)   Rivers contain hidden sinks and sources of microplastics (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (21:14)   How weather patterns will change in the future (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (21:14)   Drug discovery on an unprecedented scale (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (21:14)   How can the use of plastics in agriculture become more sustainable? (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (21:07)   The Best Sci-Fi Movies Streaming on SYFY: From Ghostbusters to Hollow Man (Syfy Wire)
25-09-23 (21:04)   Humanity Has Overstepped Six of the Earth's Nine Planetary Boundaries (Popular Mechanics)
25-09-23 (20:54)   "Should Not Have Happened" - Titanic Galaxy Cluster Collision Defies Cosmology Theories (SciTechDaily)
25-09-23 (20:54)   Mastering Light: Enhancing Image Quality With Broadband Achromatic and Polarization-Insensitive Metalenses (SciTechDaily)
25-09-23 (20:45)   New research reveals extreme heat likely to wipe out humans and mammals in the distant future (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (20:45)   Waterfleas hold key to cleaner environment and better human health (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (20:45)   Marker for brain inflammation finally decoded (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (20:45)   Hidden supermassive black holes reveal their secrets through radio signals (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (20:45)   New study definitively confirms Gulf Stream weakening, understanding the changes could help predict future trends in extreme events (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (20:45)   Ocean acidification makes ecologically important seaweed species fragile (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (20:45)   Nanopore sequencing and DNA barcoding method gives hope of personalized medicine (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (20:45)   Efficient fuel-molecule sieving using graphene (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (20:45)   Re-wetting is key for boosting CO2 storage in southern US peatlands (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (20:45)   Greenwashing a threat to a 'nature positive' world (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (20:45)   New study reveals a long history of violence in ancient hunter-gatherer societies (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (20:37)   Where To Inject All 8 Wheezers In Dead Space Remake (DualShockers)
25-09-23 (20:22)   WD-40 Vs Superzilla: Which Is The Best? (SlashGear)
25-09-23 (19:54)   After Delivery to Earth, What's Next for NASA's Asteroid Sample? (Gizmodo)
25-09-23 (19:47)   The Tree of Life Is Losing Entire Limbs, Jeopardizing Evolution (Popular Mechanics)
25-09-23 (19:18)   Solution to Riddle of the Week #51: Knights and Knaves, Part 9 (Popular Mechanics)
25-09-23 (19:08)   Progressing Undetected for Years - Scientists Shed Surprising New Light on Parkinson's Disease (SciTechDaily)
25-09-23 (18:39)   World's Biggest White Hydrogen Deposit May Have Been Found Under France (IFLScience.com)
25-09-23 (18:39)   "Surfing Godzillas" And Puma Reunions Among Bertie Gregory's "Animals Up Close" Highlights (IFLScience.com)
25-09-23 (18:39)   India's Moon Lander May Have Died During The Long Lunar Night (IFLScience.com)
25-09-23 (18:39)   "Talking" To Plants Could Help Them Prepare For Attacks (IFLScience.com)
25-09-23 (18:15)   The Best Alien Abduction Movie Doesn't Get Enough Attention (Game Rant)
25-09-23 (18:10)   Ancient Man Who Died Of Constipation Had Been Eating Grasshoppers For Months (IFLScience.com)
25-09-23 (18:06)   Starfield developer suggests modders revert fun roomba bug that got fixed (Eurogamer.net)
25-09-23 (17:56)   Meet The Wholphin, The Unlikely Hybrid Of Intermingling Cetaceans (IFLScience.com)
25-09-23 (17:54)   Unintended Side Effect: Antiviral Drug Linked to Unusual COVID-19 Virus Mutations (SciTechDaily)
25-09-23 (17:39)   Blue Molecule's Bizarre Fluorescence Has Finally Been Explained (IFLScience.com)
25-09-23 (17:39)   In 250 Million Years, The Next Supercontinent Will Likely Drive Mass Extinction (IFLScience.com)
25-09-23 (17:18)   This Molecule Violates Chemistry. And It's Going to Help Us Harness Limitless Energy. (Popular Mechanics)
25-09-23 (17:18)   We Did It! OSIRIS-REx Successfully Returned Asteroid Samples This Sunday (Popular Mechanics)
25-09-23 (17:10)   The Science Of Monogamy: Is There A Biological Explanation? (IFLScience.com)
25-09-23 (17:10)   The Psychological Reason You Fancy Your Best Friend's Partner (IFLScience.com)
25-09-23 (16:56)   OSIRIS-REx Has Not Brought "Asteroid Germs" Back To Earth (IFLScience.com)
25-09-23 (16:56)   What Will Happen To All The Used Electric Car Batteries? (IFLScience.com)
25-09-23 (16:39)   Psyche Set To Soar: NASA's Date With a Metal-Rich Asteroid (SciTechDaily)
25-09-23 (16:21)   Mathematicians Cross the Line to Get to the Point (Quanta Magazine)
25-09-23 (16:18)   The Tasmanian Tiger Has Been Extinct for 87 Years. It's About to Return From the Dead. (Popular Mechanics)
25-09-23 (15:56)   The Stonehenge Altar Stone Didn't Come From Where We Thought It Did (IFLScience.com)
25-09-23 (15:56)   A Parasite That Can Cause Meningitis Is Spreading To More US States (IFLScience.com)
25-09-23 (15:54)   Breaching the Limit: Global Concerns Rise As Six Key Planetary Boundaries Are Exceeded (SciTechDaily)
25-09-23 (15:54)   Researchers Warn: Contaminated Water Discovered in Fast-Food Soda Fountains (SciTechDaily)
25-09-23 (15:18)   Earth's Hidden Eighth Continent Is No Longer Lost (Popular Mechanics)
25-09-23 (15:10)   What Lies Underneath The Sahara Desert? (IFLScience.com)
25-09-23 (14:25)   Against the Odds: Genetic Code of Rare Kidney Cancer Cracked (SciTechDaily)
25-09-23 (14:25)   Revolutionizing Plant Proteins: Scientists Unlock the Secret to Juicier Plant-Based Meat (SciTechDaily)
25-09-23 (14:17)   General: US Exploring Space Force Hotline With China (Newsmax)
25-09-23 (14:14)   Discovery in mosquitoes could lead to new strategy against dengue fever and other mosquito-borne vectors (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (14:14)   New research adds evidence to the benefits of ginger supplements for treating autoimmune diseases (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (14:14)   Pollen analysis suggests peopling of Siberia and Europe by modern humans occurred during a major Pleistocene warming spell (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (14:14)   Study shows millions of people live with co-occuring chronic pain and mental health symptoms (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (14:14)   New target to beat cancer drug resistance (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (14:14)   A dendritic cell vaccine was safe and induced immune responses in patients with multiple myeloma (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (14:14)   There is much to improve in identifying all the chemicals around us (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (14:14)   AI increases precision in plant observation (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (14:14)   Efficient training for artificial intelligence (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (14:14)   A promising drug candidate for ALS -- prolongs lifespan and eases symptoms in rats and mice (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (14:14)   Researchers connect Alzheimer's-associated genetic variants with brain cell function (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (14:14)   New development model for the world's third-longest river (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (14:14)   Improvements in human genome databases offer a promising future for cancer research (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (14:14)   New strategies reduce treatment failure in malaria by up to 81% (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (14:14)   Mutation-specific peptide vaccine against midline gliomas used in patients (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (14:14)   Split gene-editing tool offers greater precision (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (14:14)   Molecular mechanism of psychological loss (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (14:14)   Predicting the sustainability of a future hydrogen economy (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (14:14)   Compound derived from hops reduces abundance of gut microbe associated with metabolic syndrome (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (14:14)   Moms' ability to 'remember' prior pregnancies suggests new strategies for preventing complications (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (14:14)   Rewiring tumor mitochondria enhances the immune system's ability to recognize and fight cancer (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (14:14)   Extensive impact of metal mining contamination on rivers and floodplains (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (14:14)   Curiosity about religion is viewed as morally virtuous, new research finds (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (14:14)   New method for purifying drinking water could be used in disaster zones (ScienceDaily)
25-09-23 (14:05)   27 Year-Old Footballer Maddy Cusack Dies and Suddenly the Media Have No Curiosity to Find Out Why (The Daily Sceptic)
25-09-23 (13:39)   A New Language Has Been Unearthed From Ancient Ruins In Turkey (IFLScience.com)
25-09-23 (12:47)   Futurama Season 11 'Space Italy' Continues The Show's Greatest And Laziest Joke (SlashFilm)
25-09-23 (12:39)   Zealandia's Secrets Revealed: Scientists Retrieve Samples From The Lost Continent (IFLScience.com)
25-09-23 (12:39)   An Unprecedented Opportunity - Using Cosmic Weather To Study Which Worlds Could Support Alien Life (SciTechDaily)
25-09-23 (12:39)   Mutation Mix-Up: Why Some Immunotherapies for Cancer Don't Always Work As Predicted (SciTechDaily)
25-09-23 (12:30)   Dead Space co-creator departs studio after spiritual successor bombs (VG247)
25-09-23 (11:27)   NASA's OSIRIS-REx successfully delivers asteroid samples back to Earth (Engadget)
25-09-23 (11:08)   History Is Made: NASA's First Asteroid Sample Has Landed, Now Secure in Clean Room (SciTechDaily)
25-09-23 (11:08)   "Unprecedented" Surge - ADHD Diagnoses Skyrocket in UK (SciTechDaily)
25-09-23 (09:25)   Canceling Noise: MIT's Innovative Way To Boost Quantum Devices (SciTechDaily)
25-09-23 (09:25)   What's in a Name? Hubble Space Telescope Captures Galaxy SDSS J103512.07+461412.2 (SciTechDaily)
25-09-23 (08:04)   Futurama Season 11 Asks The Toughest Question In Science (SlashFilm)
25-09-23 (07:57)   Chocolate mousse in space is more important than you think (Digital Trends)
25-09-23 (07:25)   E-Cigarette Alert: New Report Uncovers Escalating Health Risks (SciTechDaily)
25-09-23 (06:08)   Stellar Concert: Astronomers Tune In to the Sounds of Twinkling Stars (SciTechDaily)
25-09-23 (05:25)   Revolutionary AI Set To Predict Your Future Health With a Single Click (SciTechDaily)
25-09-23 (02:39)   NASA's Cosmic Vision: Simulating Our Galaxy Through Gravitational Waves (SciTechDaily)
25-09-23 (02:15)   The Matrix Resurrections Ending, Explained (Game Rant)
25-09-23 (01:39)   Why Are Black Adults at Greater Risk of Death From Heart Disease? New Study Reveals Social Factors Are Responsible (SciTechDaily)
25-09-23 (00:25)   Leonardo da Vinci Was Wrong - Scientists Disprove "Rule of Trees" (SciTechDaily)
25-09-23 (00:22)   Why Kombucha Could Be The Key To Healthy Astronauts In Space (SlashGear)
24-09-23 (23:43)   Feds snag Manhattan office space to process migrant work permits as crisis rages (New York Post)
24-09-23 (23:36)   Mine On Treads: The History Behind The Goliath Tracked Mine (SlashGear)
24-09-23 (22:08)   Elevated Beauty: Peru's Tropical Glaciers and Majestic Rainbow Mountains (SciTechDaily)
24-09-23 (22:01)   NASA spacecraft returns to Earth with pieces of an asteroid (Ars Technica)
24-09-23 (21:25)   AutoNav's Triumph on Mars: Perseverance Rover's Record Speed on the Martian Terrain (SciTechDaily)
24-09-23 (21:14)   NASA spacecraft sends soil samples from deep space asteroid into Utah desert (New York Post)
24-09-23 (20:25)   Johns Hopkins Study: Early Treatment With Plasma May Reduce Long COVID Risk (SciTechDaily)
24-09-23 (20:25)   Bird's Eye Burn Scars: Scorched Devastation on the Greek Island of Rhodes (SciTechDaily)
24-09-23 (19:46)   Winston Scott to Newsmax: Discovery of Exoplanet Gases 'Exciting' (Newsmax)
24-09-23 (19:42)   NASA just flew home its first asteroid chunks from outer space (Mashable)
24-09-23 (19:06)   No, it's "not just you" - Destiny 2 is seemingly "broken" right now (Eurogamer.net)
24-09-23 (18:25)   Lethal Combo: This Pair of Stressors Doubles Men's Heart Disease Risk (SciTechDaily)
24-09-23 (18:15)   Star Trek: Who Is Xon? (Game Rant)
24-09-23 (17:39)   Historic Touchdown: NASA's OSIRIS-REx Capsule Containing Asteroid Bennu Sample Has Landed (SciTechDaily)
24-09-23 (17:39)   Landing Imminent After Billion-Mile Journey: The Race To Retrieve NASA's OSIRIS-REx Treasure (SciTechDaily)
24-09-23 (17:16)   Science paints a new picture of the ancient past, when we mixed and mated with other kinds of humans (Washington Times)
24-09-23 (17:10)   OSIRIS-REx Successfully Drops Precious Pieces Of Asteroid Bennu In Utah Desert (IFLScience.com)
24-09-23 (16:38)   Why Archeologists Are Furious Over Ancient Human Remains Being Sent to Space (Syfy Wire)
24-09-23 (16:25)   Neutrinos & Dark Matter: How Ultra-Pure Cables Can Unlock Secrets of Physics (SciTechDaily)
24-09-23 (16:25)   Destination Apophis: NASA's OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Departs for New Mission (SciTechDaily)
24-09-23 (15:22)   Solar Cells Boosted By This One Weird Trick (Spoiler Alert: Fish Oil) (CleanTechnica)
24-09-23 (14:54)   NASA's OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Releases Asteroid Sample Capsule for Landing on Earth (SciTechDaily)
24-09-23 (14:54)   New Study: Older Adults Who Participate in This Leisure Activity Have the Memory of a 20-Year-Old (SciTechDaily)
24-09-23 (14:54)   This Week @NASA: Historic Asteroid Sample Return, Frank Rubio's Year of Science in Space (SciTechDaily)
24-09-23 (14:15)   Xbox Game Pass New Games for October 2023 Wish List (Game Rant)
24-09-23 (13:47)   Inside the race to stop a deadly viral outbreak in India (Ars Technica)
24-09-23 (13:08)   Brainless Brilliance: Jellyfish Stun Scientists With Learning Skills (SciTechDaily)
24-09-23 (13:08)   Scientists Successfully Genetically Modify Individual Cells in Living Animals (SciTechDaily)
24-09-23 (11:08)   100x Efficiency: MIT's Machine-Learning System Based on Light Could Yield More Powerful Large Language Models (SciTechDaily)
24-09-23 (11:08)   Mapping Methane: The Trio of Sentinel Satellites Targeting Super-Emitters From Space (SciTechDaily)
24-09-23 (11:08)   Fly Fitness: How the Iditarod Protein Connects Exercise Endurance, Cold Resistance & Cell Repair (SciTechDaily)
24-09-23 (10:10)   How To Spot A Pseudoscience. Find Out More In Issue 15 Of CURIOUS - Out Now (IFLScience.com)
24-09-23 (09:25)   First Glimpse: OSIRIS-REx's Historic Return With Asteroid Bennu Sample (SciTechDaily)
24-09-23 (08:46)   Best Battlestar Galactica Ships And Technology (Game Rant)
24-09-23 (07:39)   VIR-1388: Clinical Trial of Preventive HIV Vaccine Begins (SciTechDaily)
24-09-23 (06:36)   Benefit Breakdown: 3D Printed vs. Wood Molds (CleanTechnica)
24-09-23 (05:41)   'Fingernails' Review: Jessie Buckley and Riz Ahmed Prove Chemistry Isn't a Science in a Wise, Tender Sci-Fi Romance (Variety)
24-09-23 (05:39)   Optimal Weather Forecast for NASA's OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return (SciTechDaily)
24-09-23 (04:25)   From the Abyss: New Virus Discovered in Earth's Deepest Ocean Trench (SciTechDaily)
24-09-23 (02:54)   Moonbound: Artemis II Astronauts Ace Launch Day Rehearsal (SciTechDaily)
24-09-23 (02:45)   Neil DeGrasse Tyson Does Not Hold Back, Roasts Armageddon And The Terminator For How They 'Violate' Science (Cinemabled)
24-09-23 (02:15)   Doctor Who: What Are The Toclafane? (Game Rant)
24-09-23 (01:25)   Methane Surprise: Ponds Release More Greenhouse Gas Than They Store (SciTechDaily)
23-09-23 (23:54)   6x Tougher Than Kevlar: Spider Silk Is Spun by Genetically Modified Silkworms for the First Time (SciTechDaily)
23-09-23 (22:39)   Full Steam Ahead: Extracting Over 65% More Heat From Geothermal Reservoirs (SciTechDaily)
23-09-23 (21:25)   Cracking the Nucleolar Code: MIT Unravels Evolutionary Secrets of the Nucleolus (SciTechDaily)
23-09-23 (19:25)   Unprecedented Temperatures: Scientists Expect 2023 To Be the Hottest Year Ever (SciTechDaily)
23-09-23 (18:39)   NASA's Grand Retirement Plan: Seeking Deorbit Craft for Space Station's Safe Descent (SciTechDaily)
23-09-23 (18:15)   Star Trek: Who Are The Yangs? (Game Rant)
23-09-23 (18:11)   Star Trek's New Vulcan Learned The Right Lesson From DS9 (Screen Rant)
23-09-23 (17:59)   Forget Starfield as 2023's best space game gets a huge free update (PCGamesN.com)
23-09-23 (17:46)   New Co-Op Cozy Game is Like Stardew Valley Meets Minecraft in Space (Game Rant)
23-09-23 (17:25)   Alarming Global Cancer Surge: 79% Rise in Cancer Cases Among Those Under 50 (SciTechDaily)
23-09-23 (16:39)   Thinner Than the Photon Itself - Scientists Invent Smallest Known Way To Guide Light (SciTechDaily)
23-09-23 (15:25)   Cambridge Researchers Discover New Way To Measure Dark Energy (SciTechDaily)
23-09-23 (15:11)   Star Trek: DS9 Revealed That Q Broke His TNG Promise To Picard (Screen Rant)
23-09-23 (14:51)   Lake Nyos Disaster: The Science Behind The Deadly Lake (SlashGear)
23-09-23 (14:14)   Researchers develop first method to study microRNA activity in single cells (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (14:14)   Nanoparticles made from plant viruses could be farmers' new ally in pest control (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (14:14)   Scaling up the power of nanotechnology (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (14:14)   Posttraumatic brain activity predicts resilience to PTSD (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (14:14)   Combination of cancer vaccine and T cell therapy benefits patients with advanced ovarian cancer (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (14:14)   Shh! Quiet cables set to help reveal rare physics events (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (14:14)   Chicago's West Side is air pollution hotspot (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (14:14)   Understanding the sex life of coral gives hope of clawing it back from the path to extinction (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (14:14)   Lower risk of haematological cancer after bariatric surgery (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (14:14)   Study shows morning and afternoon slightly better than evening physical activity for diabetes prevention (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (14:14)   Long-lasting La Nina events more common over past century (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (14:14)   Mussels able to adjust heart rate to cope with marine heatwaves (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (14:14)   Scientists find new evidence to explain how we pay attention (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (14:01)   The history of syphilis is being rewritten by a medieval skeleton (Ars Technica)
23-09-23 (13:54)   Muscling Through "Runner's Knee" Myths: New Research Sheds Light on Chronic Knee Pain (SciTechDaily)
23-09-23 (13:18)   Ancient Humans Created Super-Fertile "Dark Earth" (Popular Mechanics)
23-09-23 (13:06)   Dead Space Remake: You Are Not Authorized - Where To Find Every RIG (DualShockers)
23-09-23 (12:54)   The Resonance of Intelligence: Complex Vocal Learning Predicts Problem-Solving Abilities and Brain Size in Songbirds (SciTechDaily)
23-09-23 (12:10)   This Is Your Last Chance To See Green Comet Nishimura For Another 400 Years (IFLScience.com)
23-09-23 (12:10)   The Gulf Stream Is Weaker Now Than It Has Been For Over A Millennium (IFLScience.com)
23-09-23 (11:54)   Life on Jupiter's Moon? NASA's Webb Finds Carbon Source on Surface of Europa (SciTechDaily)
23-09-23 (11:54)   Amplifying RNA's Potential: MIT Engineers Design More Powerful Vaccines (SciTechDaily)
23-09-23 (11:39)   Why Does My Hair Turn Green From The Swimming Pool? (IFLScience.com)
23-09-23 (11:10)   The World Has Five Oceans, Not Four - Meet The Newest Addition (IFLScience.com)
23-09-23 (10:39)   Space Gardening, Prepping Spacesuits, and Descent Training on the International Space Station (SciTechDaily)
23-09-23 (09:15)   Great Games That Are Far Too Difficult for Kids (Game Rant)
23-09-23 (06:46)   Games That Blend Themes Of Science Fiction With Ethical Dilemmas (Game Rant)
23-09-23 (06:39)   Unlocking Battery Mysteries: X-Ray "Computer Vision" Reveals Unprecedented Physical and Chemical Details (SciTechDaily)
23-09-23 (05:54)   Groundbreaking Study Uncovers Origin of "Conscious Awareness" (SciTechDaily)
23-09-23 (05:03)   Texas Preparing for 1M Visitors During Annular Eclipse (Newsmax)
23-09-23 (04:45)   Researchers reveal the origins of zirconium nitride's superior performance (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (04:18)   NASA's asteroid sampling mission is on course for landing this weekend (Ars Technica)
23-09-23 (04:08)   Unique New Material Could Generate More Computing Power and Memory Storage While Using Significantly Less Energy (SciTechDaily)
23-09-23 (03:05)   Novel Liquid Filter for Enhanced Solar Energy Utilization (CleanTechnica)
23-09-23 (02:32)   RSV vaccine during pregnancy gets seasonal sign-off from CDC (Ars Technica)
23-09-23 (02:25)   Think Twice Before That Next Drink: Alcohol's Shocking Link to Alzheimer's (SciTechDaily)
23-09-23 (02:15)   Doctor Who: How Did Jack Harkness Become Immortal? (Game Rant)
23-09-23 (02:14)   Monkeys cause a stink in response to human noise (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (02:14)   Topological materials open a new pathway for exploring spin hall materials (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (02:14)   Socially vulnerable populations are disproportionately exposed to wildfires in the Western US (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (02:03)   CBP Secretly Releases Trove of UFO Docs, Videos (Newsmax)
23-09-23 (01:45)   Fruit flies offer clues to how brains make reward-based decisions (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (01:45)   Ritual use of human remains dating from the Neolithic (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (01:45)   One-atom-thick ribbons could improve batteries, solar cells and sensors (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (01:45)   Towards a better understanding of early human embryonic development (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (01:45)   Material would allow users to 'tune' windows to block targeted wavelengths of light (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (01:45)   College athletes experience worse post-injury outcomes for concussions suffered outside of sports (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (01:45)   Alarming results from world first study of two decades of global smoke pollution (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (01:45)   Novel photo-oxidation therapy for anticancer treatment (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (01:08)   Watch NASA's Perseverance Rover Use AutoNav To Avoid a Boulder on Mars (SciTechDaily)
23-09-23 (00:58)   NASA's James Webb Telescope may have found the source of Europa's carbon (Engadget)
23-09-23 (00:45)   Disrupting a core metabolic process in T cells may improve their therapeutic efficacy (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (00:45)   Exercise and muscle regulation: Implications for diabetes and obesity (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (00:45)   Young children do better at school if their dads read and play with them (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (00:45)   Sometimes beneficial, sometimes damaging: The double role of the enzyme chameau (ScienceDaily)
23-09-23 (00:09)   California Considers New Rules to Stop Insurers From Fleeing the State (Gizmodo)
23-09-23 (00:08)   "Amazing" - Scientists Identify Unique New Species of Pterosaur (SciTechDaily)
23-09-23 (00:00)   Starfield Mod Makes Huge Upgrade to Space Travel (Game Rant)
22-09-23 (23:25)   Neurons, Astrocytes, and Transformers: Are AI Models Biologically Plausible? (SciTechDaily)
22-09-23 (23:18)   Worm that jumps from rats to slugs to human brains has invaded Southeast US (Ars Technica)
22-09-23 (23:18)   The Best Trash Cans for Keeping Clean Living Spaces (Popular Mechanics)
22-09-23 (23:09)   An Experimental Drug May Help Prevent Bone Loss in Space (Gizmodo)
22-09-23 (22:43)   Seamless Space Travel in Starfield Is Now Available, Thanks to New Mod (IGN.com)
22-09-23 (22:36)   James Webb Space Telescope Finds Clues to Europa's Hidden Ocean (ExtremeTech)
22-09-23 (22:25)   Unmasking Long COVID: The Unexpected Common Cold Connection (SciTechDaily)
22-09-23 (21:47)   A Famous Japanese Aircraft Carrier Sunk During WWII Has Finally Been Captured on Film (Popular Mechanics)
22-09-23 (21:14)   Probing the deep genetic structure of Africa (ScienceDaily)
22-09-23 (21:14)   Same genes behind heart muscle disorders in humans and Dobermanns (ScienceDaily)
22-09-23 (21:14)   A network that spreads light and the role of thalamus in our brain (ScienceDaily)
22-09-23 (21:14)   Why are the brain's nerve cells organized into modules? (ScienceDaily)
22-09-23 (21:14)   Plant and forest researchers do not 'anthropomorphize' plants (ScienceDaily)
22-09-23 (21:14)   Cloud services without servers: What's behind it (ScienceDaily)
22-09-23 (21:14)   Effective visual communication of climate change (ScienceDaily)
22-09-23 (21:14)   New Si-based photocatalyst enables efficient solar-driven hydrogen production and biomass refinery (ScienceDaily)
22-09-23 (21:04)   These Deadly Jellyfish Could Help Us Understand Our Own Brains (Popular Mechanics)
22-09-23 (21:04)   The Best Hunting Blinds Give You Comfortable Cover (Popular Mechanics)
22-09-23 (21:04)   The Best Tower Speakers to Play Everything Loud and Clear (Popular Mechanics)
22-09-23 (21:00)   No One Will Save You Review (Game Rant)
22-09-23 (20:54)   Playing Football Linked to 61% Increased Risk of Parkinson's Disease (SciTechDaily)
22-09-23 (20:54)   50-Year-Old Polymer Puzzle: Chemists Solve Long-Standing Science Mystery (SciTechDaily)
22-09-23 (20:09)   NASA's Plan to Return Samples From Mars Is Pure Science Fiction, Report Finds (Gizmodo)
22-09-23 (20:00)   EVE Online's Next Expansion, Havoc, Is All About the Space Pirate Fantasy (IGN.com)
22-09-23 (19:24)   NASA Wants Humanoid Robots on Future NASA Missions (Syfy Wire)
22-09-23 (19:22)   The Science Behind Uncanny Valley: What Makes Robots Seem So Eerie? (SlashGear)
22-09-23 (19:14)   Colorful primates don't have better color vision, study finds (ScienceDaily)
22-09-23 (19:11)   Troian Bellisario On Stepping Into The Podcast Space With Ad Lucem & Her Next Steps (Screen Rant)
22-09-23 (18:56)   China's Old Tea Forests, Gaya Tumuli Burial Mounds Among Newest UNESCO Heritage Sites (IFLScience.com)
22-09-23 (18:56)   What Are Charm Quarks And Why Are They So Bizarre? (IFLScience.com)
22-09-23 (18:54)   "Shocking" - Rate of Climate-Driven Extinction Is Drastically Accelerating (SciTechDaily)
22-09-23 (18:39)   How Much Of Cleopatra's Handwriting Has Survived The Centuries? (IFLScience.com)
22-09-23 (18:39)   Could Reddit Reports Of DMT Use Help Explain Mysterious And Bizarre Experience? (IFLScience.com)
22-09-23 (18:39)   Mysterious Flashes On Venus May Not Be Lightning After All (IFLScience.com)
22-09-23 (18:14)   Jellyfish, with no central brain, shown to learn from past experience (ScienceDaily)
22-09-23 (18:14)   Trigonelline derived from coffee improves cognitive functions in mice (ScienceDaily)
22-09-23 (18:14)   Astronomers discover newborn galaxies with the James Webb Space Telescope (ScienceDaily)
22-09-23 (18:14)   Migratory birds can be taught to adjust to climate change (ScienceDaily)
22-09-23 (18:14)   Astronomers find abundance of Milky Way-like Galaxies in early Universe, rewriting cosmic evolution theories (ScienceDaily)
22-09-23 (18:10)   The Fall Equinox Is Coming - Here's What It Means (And What It Doesn't) (IFLScience.com)
22-09-23 (18:09)   Webb Telescope Spots Carbon on Jupiter's Moon Europa, Boosting Prospects for Alien Life (Gizmodo)
22-09-23 (17:56)   Bright Blue Lobster With One In 2 Million Discovery Chance Adds To Colorful Genetic Lobster Lottery (IFLScience.com)
22-09-23 (17:45)   Carbon source found on surface of Jupiter's moon Europa (ScienceDaily)
22-09-23 (17:45)   Why are you better at recognizing upright faces? Clues from a person who sees the world differently (ScienceDaily)
22-09-23 (17:42)   DS9's Bashir & O'Brien Just Got Replaced As Star Trek's Best Holodeck Duo (Screen Rant)
22-09-23 (17:40)   It's Been a Rough Week for Rockets (Gizmodo)
22-09-23 (17:39)   Headless Roman Statues Are Headless For A Reason - And It's Not What You Think (IFLScience.com)
22-09-23 (17:39)   Jellyfish Are Capable Of Something Scientists Never Dreamed They Could Do (IFLScience.com)
22-09-23 (17:39)   No Brain, No Problem: The Surprising Intellect of Jellyfish Changes Our Fundamental Understanding of the Brain (SciTechDaily)
22-09-23 (17:28)   Starfield seamless space travel is finally here (PCGamesN.com)
22-09-23 (17:24)   The Best Movies on Peacock: Fast X, Super Mario, Ghostbusters, The Matrix & More (Syfy Wire)
22-09-23 (17:10)   Astonishing 15-Million-Year-Old Spider Fossil Is The Second Largest Ever Found (IFLScience.com)
22-09-23 (17:04)   A Fully Autonomous Ship's Perilous Journey at Sea (Popular Mechanics)
22-09-23 (16:54)   Within the Margin: NASA's Perseverance Rover Kicks Off New Campaign on Mars (SciTechDaily)
22-09-23 (16:47)   To Spy on Chinese Submarines, the U.S. Is Resurrecting a Cold War-Era Surveillance System (Popular Mechanics)
22-09-23 (16:39)   The Reason We See Jesus In Toast May Explain Ancient Humans' Cave Art (IFLScience.com)
22-09-23 (16:08)   Gobbling Galaxies: Black Holes' Speedy Feast Shocks Scientists (SciTechDaily)
22-09-23 (16:04)   The 11 Best Headlamps for Running, Workshops, and Setting Up Camp in the Dark (Popular Mechanics)
22-09-23 (15:56)   Strange Deep Sea "Hoofprints" In New Zealand May Finally Have An Explanation (IFLScience.com)
22-09-23 (15:39)   World's Oldest Aquarium Fish May Be Even Older Than We Thought (IFLScience.com)
22-09-23 (15:05)   This Week in Space: Solar Storms, Optics, and 'Chaos Terrain' (ExtremeTech)
22-09-23 (14:56)   How Is Star Trek's Deep Space Nine Able To Move In Space? (Screen Rant)
22-09-23 (14:25)   Riding the Deadly Tide: Fentanyl and Stimulants Lead the Fourth Wave in U.S. Overdose Crisis (SciTechDaily)
22-09-23 (14:10)   Ghostly Deep Sea Dumbo Octopus Delights Researchers In Wholesome Video (IFLScience.com)
22-09-23 (14:10)   That Bump Above Your Belly Button Might Be An Epigastric Hernia (IFLScience.com)
22-09-23 (14:01)   Rocket Report: Two small launchers fail in flight; Soyuz crew flies to ISS (Ars Technica)
22-09-23 (13:39)   The Alien Mummies Were Apparently Alive And Filled With Eggs, Frank Rubio Marks A Whole Year In Space, And Much More This Week (IFLScience.com)
22-09-23 (13:25)   Zentropy - A New Theory That Could Transform Material Science (SciTechDaily)
22-09-23 (12:56)   Carbon Dioxide, Necessary For Life, Seen Escaping Europa's Buried Ocean (IFLScience.com)
22-09-23 (12:39)   Early Humans Crafted Skeletal Remains Into A Drinking Cup And Other Tools (IFLScience.com)
22-09-23 (12:25)   Why Is Juice Taking Sooo Long? Straight Lines in Space Are a Massive Waste of Energy (SciTechDaily)
22-09-23 (12:10)   How Can I Get Better Sleep On Long-Haul Flights? (IFLScience.com)
22-09-23 (11:56)   Patterns That Lead To Affairs In Committed Relationships Identified (IFLScience.com)
22-09-23 (11:25)   Tiny Unique Sea Creatures Reveal the Ancient Origins of Neurons (SciTechDaily)
22-09-23 (11:25)   Settlement and Innovation 476,000 Years Ago: Archaeologists Discover World's Oldest Wooden Structure (SciTechDaily)
22-09-23 (10:39)   Sand That Flows Uphill Created By Researchers (IFLScience.com)
22-09-23 (10:39)   Laser-Powered Leap: MXene and the Future of Rechargeable Battery Technology (SciTechDaily)
22-09-23 (10:10)   Will E-Fuels Change The Way We Fly? (IFLScience.com)
22-09-23 (09:25)   Glacier Loss Day Alert: Unprecedented Melt Rates Shatter Records (SciTechDaily)
22-09-23 (07:54)   Record-Setting NASA Astronaut Frank Rubio Has Reached One Full Year in Space (SciTechDaily)
22-09-23 (05:39)   Scientists Discover 16 Strange New Species of of Parasitoid Wasp in Vietnam (SciTechDaily)
22-09-23 (05:39)   New Research Reveals That Insect Protein Can Slow Weight Gain and Boosts Health Status (SciTechDaily)
22-09-23 (04:25)   Solar Orbiter Closes in on Sun's Biggest Secret: Solving a 65-Year-Old Cosmic Mystery (SciTechDaily)
22-09-23 (03:12)   NASA's Frank Rubio has just done something very unusual in space (Digital Trends)
22-09-23 (02:25)   New Power Generator Produces Continuous Electricity From Natural Atmospheric Humidity (SciTechDaily)
22-09-23 (02:25)   New Cheap and Efficient Catalyst Could Transform Renewable Energy Storage (SciTechDaily)

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