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20-06-19 (10:39)   Sailing Among the Stars: How Photons Could Revolutionise Space Flight (Gadgets 360)
20-06-19 (06:24)   Space Jam 2 Features All These NBA And WNBA Stars - Report (GameSpot)
20-06-19 (04:54)   Sega Ages Space Harrier "Coming Soon" To The Switch eShop In Japan (Nintendo Life)
20-06-19 (02:41)   Decades of spy satellite images help track melting Himalayan glaciers (Engadget)
20-06-19 (02:40)   Spider-Man gets a little science fair help from Audi in a new short - Roadshow (C-Net News.com)
20-06-19 (00:18)   Trump administration finalizes replacement for Obama's Clean Power Plan (Ars Technica)
19-06-19 (23:47)   In the New Monopoly, an AI Prevents You from Cheating (Popular Mechanics)
19-06-19 (23:47)   The Navy's Next Warship Will Look a Lot Like the USS Zumwalt (Popular Mechanics)
19-06-19 (23:37)   Citizens of Space Launch Trailer Shows Off the Diversity Among Your Constituents And Much More (DualShockers)
19-06-19 (23:36)   Two Earth-like planets found in small, warm star's habitable zone (SlashGear)
19-06-19 (23:21)   E-Cigarette Explodes in Teen's Mouth, Breaks Jaw, Blows Out Teeth (Live Science)
19-06-19 (23:18)   Why NASA Is Experimenting with Deep Space Atomic Clocks (Popular Mechanics)
19-06-19 (23:04)   Meet the Scottish Sea Worm with Eyes on Its Butt (Live Science)
19-06-19 (22:54)   An Ambitious Search for Aliens Came Up Short-so Astrobiologists Are Thinking Bigger (Gizmodo)
19-06-19 (22:33)   Stock Up On All Your Outdoor Essentials At REI's Outlet Sale (Popular Mechanics)
19-06-19 (22:18)   Save 25% Off on Everything You'll Need for Your Next Camping Trip (Popular Mechanics)
19-06-19 (21:21)   Greenland's Summer Melts Have Started Early, and They're Very Bad This Year (Live Science)
19-06-19 (21:18)   How many people did it take to colonize Australia? (Ars Technica)
19-06-19 (21:01)   Declassified satellite images show how Himalayan glaciers have shrunk (Ars Technica)
19-06-19 (20:58)   European astronauts plan to take pics of a comet from the dawn of time (Engadget)
19-06-19 (20:33)   Turkey Has Its Own High-Tech Fighter Jet in the Works (Popular Mechanics)
19-06-19 (20:23)   This Could Be the Most Earth-Like Exoplanet Discovered Yet (Gizmodo)
19-06-19 (20:21)   Alzheimer's Disease: Brain Changes, Symptoms and Treatment (Live Science)
19-06-19 (20:04)   The Soviets Used Magnifying Glasses to Watch TV (Popular Mechanics)
19-06-19 (19:36)   NASA targets Saturn's seasonal secrets with new space telescope (SlashGear)
19-06-19 (19:27)   Your smart speaker could tell if you're experiencing cardiac arrest (Engadget)
19-06-19 (19:24)   Science Behind the Fiction: Would the Star Fox crew make good pilots? (Syfy Wire)
19-06-19 (19:21)   Huntsman Spider Devours Possum in Viral (and Terrifying) Photos (Live Science)
19-06-19 (19:18)   Researchers make a robotic fish with a battery for blood (Ars Technica)
19-06-19 (19:09)   This Freaky Robotic Fish Is Powered by 'Blood' (Gizmodo)
19-06-19 (19:04)   No Signs of Aliens in the Closest 1,300 Stars, Hunt Funded by Russian Billionaire Reveals (Live Science)
19-06-19 (18:40)   Narrative-Driven Space Puzzler Professor Lupo And His Horrible Pets Hits Switch Next Month (Nintendo Life)
19-06-19 (18:18)   Ars on your lunch break: engineering superbugs, accidentally or otherwise (Ars Technica)
19-06-19 (18:18)   We should create a global DNA threat-detection network to fight future pathogens (Ars Technica)
19-06-19 (17:50)   Meet the Cat-Fox, an Oddball Feline Roaming Around a French Island (Live Science)
19-06-19 (17:18)   New report finds NASA awarded Boeing large fees despite SLS launch slips (Ars Technica)
19-06-19 (17:07)   Monster hyenas from the last ice age make Game of Thrones' direwolves look like puppies (Syfy Wire)
19-06-19 (16:50)   How to Turn a Quantum Computer Into the Ultimate Randomness Generator (Quanta Magazine)
19-06-19 (16:36)   Teegarden's Star has two potentially habitable planets orbiting (SlashGear)
19-06-19 (16:24)   Two Earth-sized planets found in a nearby star's habitable zone! (Syfy Wire)
19-06-19 (16:21)   This Weird Animal Eats Rocks for Breakfast (Live Science)
19-06-19 (16:18)   How to pick the best approach to data science (fyi, there are three) (TNW)
19-06-19 (16:18)   And Now, the World's First Homemade Tesla Truck (Popular Mechanics)
19-06-19 (16:18)   Meet 'The Natter,' Nazi Germany's Wooden Rocket Plane (Popular Mechanics)
19-06-19 (16:09)   New AI Searches Google Street View For Street Signs That Need Repairs (Gizmodo)
19-06-19 (16:04)   This Is the Strongest Superconducting Magnet Ever (Popular Mechanics)
19-06-19 (15:35)   Voracious Black Holes Could Feed Alien Life on Rogue Worlds (Live Science)
19-06-19 (14:39)   Greensboro Science Center reveals expansions and renovations (Blooloop)
19-06-19 (14:30)   Python vs R and biggest salaries: Top data science job trends (ZDNet News)
19-06-19 (13:41)   NASA's Deep Space Atomic Clock leaves Earth on June 24th (Engadget)
19-06-19 (13:06)   Increase your PS4 hard drive space with this 4TB WD Elements HDD for only Ł80 (Eurogamer.net)
19-06-19 (13:04)   Samurai Text Tells Secrets of Sword-Fighters' 'Supernatural Powers' (Live Science)
19-06-19 (13:01)   Two new papers explore the complicated physics behind bubbles and foams (Ars Technica)
19-06-19 (12:50)   Alcohol Boosts the Risk of Breast Cancer. Many Women Have No Idea. (Live Science)
19-06-19 (12:35)   Oldest Known Galactic Get-Together Occurred Shortly After Big Bang (Live Science)
19-06-19 (09:58)   PBS celebrates the lunar landing's anniversary with a space miniseries (Engadget)
19-06-19 (09:06)   An identity crisis in Observation: Exploring dissociation with science fiction (Eurogamer.net)
19-06-19 (05:07)   This mind-blowing Martian crater almost doesn't look real (Syfy Wire)
19-06-19 (04:23)   San Francisco Set to Approve First-of-Its-Kind Ban on E-Cigarette Sales (Gizmodo)
19-06-19 (02:24)   Microsoft's new AI grades your speeches and tells you to stop swearing (Syfy Wire)
19-06-19 (02:23)   Spider Eating a Pygmy Possum Is Obviously Australian (Gizmodo)
19-06-19 (02:14)   Elite Player Took Some Beautiful Screenshots Of His 18-Week Journey Across Space (Kotaku)
19-06-19 (00:51)   NASA shares stunning asteroid image from record-breaking orbit (SlashGear)
19-06-19 (00:33)   Here Are All the F-35's New Upgrades (Popular Mechanics)
19-06-19 (00:27)   Citizens of Space Blasts Off-Today (Hardcore Gamer)
18-06-19 (23:36)   Smoky Mars clouds are made from pulverized meteors (SlashGear)
18-06-19 (23:18)   Horrified researchers want out of "infomercial" for shady stem-cell clinics (Ars Technica)
18-06-19 (23:04)   Dogs Evolved Sad Eyes to Manipulate Their Human Companions, Study Suggests (Live Science)
18-06-19 (23:04)   NASA Just Took a Breathtakingly Close Photo of This Asteroid (Popular Mechanics)
18-06-19 (22:54)   One of the World's Most Ancient Cities Experienced Surprisingly Modern Problems (Gizmodo)
18-06-19 (22:24)   WIRE Buzz: Game of Thrones prequel rolls cameras, Nickelodeon orders space series (Syfy Wire)
18-06-19 (21:54)   Astronomers Peer Back 13 Billion Years and See Two Galaxies Colliding (Gizmodo)
18-06-19 (20:54)   Citizens of Space makes first contact with Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC (TheXboxHub)
18-06-19 (20:50)   The Same Exact Foods Affect Each Person's Gut Bacteria Differently (Live Science)
18-06-19 (20:35)   The Tree That Might Have Inspired Dr. Seuss' 'The Lorax' Has Died (Live Science)
18-06-19 (20:33)   How to Watch Saturn Cozy Up to the Moon Tonight (Popular Mechanics)
18-06-19 (19:40)   Nickelodeon and Imagine Kids+Family Developing Original Live-Action Space Series (The Futon Critic)
18-06-19 (19:35)   Citizens of Space Is Now Available For Xbox One (Major Nelson)
18-06-19 (19:35)   Commercial space companies have received $7.2 billion in government investment since 2000 (TheVerge)
18-06-19 (19:23)   This Snail-Inspired, Reusable Adhesive Is Far Stronger Than Velcro (Gizmodo)
18-06-19 (19:18)   Ars on your lunch break: The fate we might be making for ourselves (Ars Technica)
18-06-19 (19:04)   Boaty McBoatface Is Now Studying Global Warming (Popular Mechanics)
18-06-19 (18:54)   During the Ice Age, Long-Legged Hyenas Prowled the Arctic (Gizmodo)
18-06-19 (18:41)   Imagine Kids & Family to Develop Scripted Space Series at Nickelodeon (EXCLUSIVE) (Variety)
18-06-19 (18:35)   Ruins of a Lost Colonial Tavern (and Maybe Brothel) Were Just Uncovered in North Carolina (Live Science)
18-06-19 (18:18)   In the not-so-distant future, "synbio" could lead to global catastrophe-maybe (Ars Technica)
18-06-19 (18:04)   'Captain Ginger' Artist on the Origins of Her Space Cat Comic (Hollywood Reporter)
18-06-19 (18:04)   Everything You Need to Know About the Summer Solstice (Popular Mechanics)
18-06-19 (17:18)   Obliterate Grime With Amazon's Pressure Washer Sale (Popular Mechanics)
18-06-19 (17:06)   The science behind those viral videos of freezing soap bubbles (TheVerge)
18-06-19 (17:04)   How To Build Your Own Home Bar This Summer (Popular Mechanics)
18-06-19 (16:50)   A New Law to Describe Quantum Computing's Rise? (Quanta Magazine)
18-06-19 (16:47)   Are Russian space satellites failing? It's now harder to find out (Ars Technica)
18-06-19 (16:22)   MRO spies a fresh Mars meteorite impact crater (SlashGear)
18-06-19 (15:54)   Meet the New King of Trilobites, R. rex (Gizmodo)
18-06-19 (15:53)   Another brain-frying optical illusion: What color are these spheres? (Syfy Wire)
18-06-19 (15:41)   Best Buy will dedicate store space to 'smart' gym equipment (Engadget)
18-06-19 (15:18)   Report: The U.S. Has Hacked Russia's Electrical Grid (Popular Mechanics)
18-06-19 (15:04)   This New Hypersonic Missile Would Travel Faster Than Mach 5 (Popular Mechanics)
18-06-19 (13:04)   NASA Wants to Build a 'Starshade' to Hunt Alien Planets (Live Science)
18-06-19 (13:04)   Bone-Crushing Hyenas Lived in Canada's Arctic During the Last Ice Age (Live Science)
18-06-19 (13:04)   Why Global Population Growth Will Grind to a Halt by 2100 (Live Science)
18-06-19 (13:01)   We may have inadvertently selected for muscles on dogs' faces (Ars Technica)
18-06-19 (06:40)   NASA's OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Takes Stunning Photo of Asteroid Bennu From Just 0.4 Miles Away (Gizmodo)
18-06-19 (06:33)   Popular Mechanics & Knob Creek Contest (Popular Mechanics)
18-06-19 (06:33)   Popular Mechanics & Knob Creek Sweepstakes (Popular Mechanics)
18-06-19 (04:38)   Could upgraded DNA be in our future? (Syfy Wire)
18-06-19 (00:09)   Shampoos, Perfumes, and Other Cosmetics Send Thousands of Kids to the ER Every Year (Gizmodo)
18-06-19 (00:04)   'Flesh-Eating' Bacteria May Be Spreading to Beaches Once Thought Off-Limits. Here's Why. (Live Science)
17-06-19 (23:04)   Cyborg Botany Turns Plants Into Security Devices (Popular Mechanics)
17-06-19 (22:53)   California tree that allegedly inspired Dr. Seuss's The Lorax collapses (Syfy Wire)
17-06-19 (22:33)   This Video of a Robot Beating Up Humans Is Extremely Satisfying (Popular Mechanics)
17-06-19 (22:21)   How to Use Negative Space to Improve Your Composition and Take Better Photos (Fstoppers)
17-06-19 (22:04)   The Plastic We 'Recycle' Is Actually Horrible for the Environment (Live Science)
17-06-19 (21:57)   Boaty McBoatface is back with new science - CNET (C-Net News.com)
17-06-19 (21:33)   The 5 Best Sleeping Bags for the Whole Family (Popular Mechanics)
17-06-19 (21:23)   Harvard Scientists Make 'Landmark' Discovery in Synthesizing Anti-Cancer Molecules Found in Sea Sponges (Gizmodo)
17-06-19 (21:04)   France Unveils Next-Generation Fighter Jet (Popular Mechanics)
17-06-19 (20:53)   NASA is going to perform an 'autopsy' on a dead planet (Syfy Wire)
17-06-19 (20:33)   The Best Roller Coaster and Thrill Ride in Every State (Popular Mechanics)
17-06-19 (20:21)   Terrifying 'Fly-Pocalypse' Descends Upon Russian Village (Live Science)
17-06-19 (19:53)   Watch: Adam Savage just made a bulletproof 'Iron Man' suit that can fly (Syfy Wire)
17-06-19 (19:33)   MIT Teaching Robots to Combine Sight and Touch (Popular Mechanics)
17-06-19 (18:40)   Spectacular New Crater Discovered on Mars (Gizmodo)
17-06-19 (18:33)   This Nintendo Watch Is the Only Way We Want to Tell Time (Popular Mechanics)
17-06-19 (18:23)   Researchers Follow Bats' Example, Use Cheap Speakers and Mics to See Objects Hidden Around Corners (Gizmodo)
17-06-19 (18:18)   Ars on your lunch break: Let's talk about the extinction of humanity (Ars Technica)
17-06-19 (17:38)   Paging Tyrell Corp: AI research aims to give robots their own sense of touch (Syfy Wire)
17-06-19 (17:35)   Neolithic People Made Fake Islands More Than 5,600 Years Ago (Live Science)
17-06-19 (17:21)   Most of the World to Face Record-High Temperatures Every Year Without Serious Climate Action (Live Science)
17-06-19 (17:21)   Icy Martian Clouds Are Formed from the 'Smoke' of Dead Meteors, Study Claims (Live Science)
17-06-19 (17:04)   A 53-Year-Old Network Coloring Conjecture Is Disproved (Quanta Magazine)
17-06-19 (17:04)   The Invisible Battle for America's Airwaves (Popular Mechanics)
17-06-19 (15:51)   Deep space atomic clock will help autonomous spacecraft make it to Mars (SlashGear)
17-06-19 (15:47)   Here's How You Move a 25,000-Pound Ancient Sphinx (Popular Mechanics)
17-06-19 (15:38)   Ahuna Mons: A muddy, icy volcano on Ceres (Syfy Wire)
17-06-19 (15:35)   Woman Who Requested Mariah Carey Cake Got Marie Curie Instead (Live Science)
17-06-19 (15:18)   Firefly opens first Alpha rocket launch to academic and educational payloads (Ars Technica)
17-06-19 (13:35)   Pea Burgers Taste Fantastic. They Can Also Help Save the Planet. (Op-Ed) (Live Science)
17-06-19 (13:21)   Did Van Gogh Shoot Himself? Auction of Pistol Reignites Debate. (Live Science)
17-06-19 (13:04)   Baby Pterosaurs Could Fly. So, Did They Need Their Parents? (Live Science)
17-06-19 (04:27)   India plans to launch space station by 2030 (Engadget)
16-06-19 (19:18)   After June fires, energy group says hydrogen is future's fuel (Ars Technica)
16-06-19 (15:35)   Why Do Skulls Have So Many Bones? (It's Loads More Than You Think) (Live Science)
16-06-19 (05:41)   Your sleep tracker might make insomnia worse (Engadget)
16-06-19 (04:12)   VR and microscopy help scientists see 'inside' diseases (Engadget)
15-06-19 (23:07)   Mars Orbiter discovers Star Trek logo on the Martian surface (Syfy Wire)
15-06-19 (18:25)   Our 'Space Force' President Does Not Believe in UFOs? (RollingStone.com)
15-06-19 (17:12)   Hitting the Books: We won't colonize space without a Weyland-Yutani (Engadget)
15-06-19 (17:04)   The 10 Best Games of E3 2019 (Popular Mechanics)
15-06-19 (16:41)   What every anthology series can learn from the wild anime, Space Dandy (Polygon)
15-06-19 (16:14)   Space Photos of the Week: Salt of the Jupiter Moon (WIRED)
15-06-19 (16:06)   11 new science fiction and fantasy books to check out in late June (TheVerge)
15-06-19 (13:50)   Scientists Develop New Laser That Can Find and Destroy Cancer Cells in the Blood (Live Science)
15-06-19 (13:50)   What Happens If You Don't Take Out a Splinter? (Live Science)
15-06-19 (00:01)   Anti-vaxxers defeated: NY bans exemptions as doctors vote to step up fight (Ars Technica)
14-06-19 (23:33)   The 11 Best Impact Drivers for Any Job (Popular Mechanics)
14-06-19 (23:09)   Oh No, a Bad Salmonella Has Reached the U.S. (Gizmodo)
14-06-19 (23:09)   A Norwegian City Wants to Abolish Time (Gizmodo)
14-06-19 (22:47)   NASA Wants to Block Out Distant Stars with the Craziest Flying Formation Ever (Popular Mechanics)
14-06-19 (22:40)   NOAA Investigates Surge in Dead Dolphins Along the Gulf Coast (Gizmodo)
14-06-19 (22:33)   Here's How to Turn Old Rice Krispies, Cocoa Krispies, and Corn Flakes Into Beer (Popular Mechanics)
14-06-19 (21:57)   The Arc Vector is equal parts design study, science experiment and motorcycle - Roadshow (C-Net News.com)
14-06-19 (21:33)   5 Best Electric Lawn Mowers (Popular Mechanics)
14-06-19 (21:23)   Fecal Transplant Patient Killed by Superbug Traced to Donor Stool (Gizmodo)
14-06-19 (21:22)   NASA says Saturn's rings are far more complex than we thought (SlashGear)
14-06-19 (21:04)   The Star Trek Logo Was Found on Mars. Really. (Popular Mechanics)
14-06-19 (20:35)   Volcano's Shadow Forms an Eerie, Perfect Triangle (Live Science)
14-06-19 (20:04)   Study Shows There Are Surprising Benefits to Having an Extra Finger (Popular Mechanics)
14-06-19 (20:04)   Multiple Sclerosis: Symptoms, Management & New Research (Live Science)
14-06-19 (19:47)   Ebola spreads in Uganda, but not an international emergency, WHO says [Updated] (Ars Technica)
14-06-19 (19:40)   NASA Mars 2020 rover workers snap the sweetest science selfie - CNET (C-Net News.com)
14-06-19 (19:35)   'Poop Transplants' Can Transmit Deadly Superbugs, FDA Warns (Live Science)
14-06-19 (19:35)   Biden Promises to 'Cure Cancer' If Elected. Here's Why That's Laughable. (Live Science)
14-06-19 (19:33)   Study: If You Played Pokémon As a Kid, You Have Pokémon Brain As an Adult (Popular Mechanics)
14-06-19 (19:32)   One dead after poop transplant gone wrong, FDA warns (Ars Technica)
14-06-19 (18:54)   Next Month's Total Solar Eclipse Will Pass Right Over a Space Observatory (Gizmodo)
14-06-19 (18:47)   Study finds that a GPS outage would cost $1 billion per day (Ars Technica)
14-06-19 (18:34)   No Man's Sky Fans Thank Hello Games By Purchasing Ad Space On Billboard Visible From Its Offices (GameInformer.com)
14-06-19 (17:40)   Adobe Shows Off First Research for Tools to Detect Manipulated Photos (Gizmodo)
14-06-19 (17:35)   The Carnivorous Plant Named 'Turtle Socks' Has Been Eating Baby Salamanders for Lunch (Live Science)
14-06-19 (17:22)   NASA chief justifies potential $30bn Moon 2024 cost (SlashGear)
14-06-19 (17:18)   How 'Shaft' Brought the 1971 Chevy Chevelle SS Into 2019 (Popular Mechanics)
14-06-19 (17:18)   The 2019 Popular Mechanics Tool Awards (Popular Mechanics)
14-06-19 (16:44)   Pure 80s Synthwave Arcade Interstellar Dogfights with Space Mercs Trailer (Hardcore Gamer)
14-06-19 (16:35)   Is This Invisible Magnetic Field Smothering Our Nearest Supermassive Black Hole? (Live Science)
14-06-19 (16:24)   NASA's bizarre space sunflower will use shadow to shed light on exoplanets (Syfy Wire)
14-06-19 (16:23)   New York Will No Longer Allow Vaccine Exemptions for Religious Reasons Amid Ongoing Measles Outbreaks (Gizmodo)
14-06-19 (16:05)   NASA's OSIRIX-REx probe sets a space record with a close orbit of weird asteroid Bennu (TechCrunch)
14-06-19 (15:47)   On E3's Final Day, What's Old Is New Again (Popular Mechanics)
14-06-19 (15:33)   A Space Force by Any Other Name: House Committee Approves "Space Corps" (Popular Mechanics)
14-06-19 (15:26)   Everything we know about NASA's Space Launch System video - CNET (C-Net News.com)
14-06-19 (15:24)   Westerlund-1: A star cluster full of monsters (Syfy Wire)
14-06-19 (15:22)   The next decade looks good for space exploration says NASA (SlashGear)
14-06-19 (15:04)   Watch 43 Marine Corps Aircraft Take Off Together in an Elephant Walk (Popular Mechanics)
14-06-19 (15:04)   Let There Be Light: A Smart Buyer's Guide to Light Bulbs (Popular Mechanics)
14-06-19 (13:35)   'Star Trek' Logo Spotted on Mars (Live Science)
14-06-19 (13:21)   The Search for Habitable Alien Worlds in Earth's Backyard Heats Up (Live Science)
14-06-19 (13:21)   Breaks in the Perfect Symmetry of the Universe Could Be a Window Into Completely New Physics (Live Science)
14-06-19 (13:04)   Humans Are Growing Weird, Bone Spikes on Their Skulls. Smartphones May Be the Culprit. (Live Science)
14-06-19 (11:10)   NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope to Retire in 2020 (Gadgets 360)
14-06-19 (10:10)   Indian Space Station Can Double Up as Eye in the Sky, Former ISRO Chiefs Say (Gadgets 360)
14-06-19 (09:18)   India will build its own space station in the next decade (TNW)
14-06-19 (08:15)   Gonna be so cool when we finally get into space, float among the stars, work out every day, inject testosterone... (The Register)
14-06-19 (01:58)   Elon Musk: 'The Simulation, The Simulation, The Simulation' (Engadget)
14-06-19 (00:23)   We're Only Catching Half of All Ebola Outbreaks, Study Suggests (Gizmodo)
14-06-19 (00:12)   Starfield space travel is "like flight in the '40s, it's dangerous" says Todd Howard (GamesRadar)
13-06-19 (23:33)   The Yellow Part of Jupiter's Watery Moon? That's Table Salt, NASA Says (Popular Mechanics)
13-06-19 (23:23)   The Sun Can Spawn Dangerous 'Superflares,' New Research Suggests (Gizmodo)
13-06-19 (23:09)   Scientists in Florida Make the World's Strongest Magnet (Gizmodo)
13-06-19 (22:40)   Scientists Just Installed the World's Highest Weather Station in Mount Everest's 'Death Zone' (Gizmodo)
13-06-19 (22:29)   How Tubi Appeals to Multiple Generations in a Crowded Streaming Space - Without Original Content (TheWrap.com)
13-06-19 (22:25)   Space travel in Starfield is as dangerous as 'flight in the '40s' (PC Gamer)
13-06-19 (22:24)   You could own this monster dino skeleton if you have millions to burn (Syfy Wire)
13-06-19 (22:05)   Pioneering private space explorer Anousheh Ansari welcomes ISS commercialization (TechCrunch)
13-06-19 (22:04)   Two Oil Tankers Attacked in the Middle East, U.S. Destroyer Rescues Crew (Popular Mechanics)
13-06-19 (22:04)   The Best Tablets You Can Buy in 2019 (Popular Mechanics)
13-06-19 (22:04)   Arctic Permafrost Is Going Through a Rapid Meltdown - 70 Years Early (Live Science)
13-06-19 (21:24)   Retro consoles incoming! New TurboGrafx brings back R-Type; Atari VCS invades our space; more (Syfy Wire)
13-06-19 (21:21)   Man Had a Nearly 5-Foot Wire Left in His Body After Heart Procedure, Lawsuit Claims (Live Science)
13-06-19 (20:04)   India Is Going to the Moon in July (Popular Mechanics)
13-06-19 (19:40)   Stunning but Deadly, China's Bioluminescent Algal Blooms Are Getting Bigger (Gizmodo)
13-06-19 (19:21)   Ancient 'Loch Ness Monster' from Antarctica Breaks a Record for Body Size (Live Science)
13-06-19 (19:04)   This PlayStation Alarm Clock Is the Motivation You Need in the Morning (Popular Mechanics)
13-06-19 (18:47)   Light-based computer may parallelize 10-megabit computations (Ars Technica)
13-06-19 (18:05)   India plans to have its own space station (TechCrunch)
13-06-19 (18:04)   I'm Not Sure We Need a Ford Ranger Raptor (Popular Mechanics)
13-06-19 (17:50)   A Mathematician Whose Only Constant Is Change (Quanta Magazine)
13-06-19 (17:47)   This Eye-Rolling Robot Understands Irony and Will Sass You Hard (Popular Mechanics)
13-06-19 (17:47)   Medical marijuana vs. opioid abuse: New study questions the connection (Ars Technica)
13-06-19 (17:44)   E3 2019: The Outer Worlds is a Detailed Space Western (Hardcore Gamer)
13-06-19 (17:24)   Get a sneak peek at the MiB's snazzy jet with out-of-this-world alien tech (Syfy Wire)
13-06-19 (17:18)   Fortnite Fortbyte locations - Fortbyte 89 Snobby Shore rings location, Fortbyte 19 space ship building location (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
13-06-19 (17:09)   Blood Feasts and Roach Vacuums: The Life of an Urban Pest Scientist (Gizmodo)
13-06-19 (16:18)   E3 2019 Day 2's Best Games: Borderlands 3, Catherine, and Empire of Sin (Popular Mechanics)
13-06-19 (15:24)   The salty ocean of Europa: Table salt found on Jupiter's moon (Syfy Wire)
13-06-19 (15:18)   The One Time a German U-Boat Wound Up in New York City's Central Park (Popular Mechanics)
13-06-19 (15:18)   How to Remove a Tick (Popular Mechanics)
13-06-19 (14:22)   Researchers say yellow substance on Europa's surface is likely table salt (SlashGear)
13-06-19 (14:04)   Why the Big Boy 4014 is Such a Badass Train (Popular Mechanics)
13-06-19 (13:41)   There's table salt on one of Jupiter's moons (Engadget)
13-06-19 (13:39)   India Plans to Launch Its Own Space Station: ISRO Chief (Gadgets 360)
13-06-19 (13:35)   This Strange Rock Formed on Mars Billions of Years Ago, Possibly from an Explosive Eruption (Live Science)
13-06-19 (13:21)   An X-Ray Showing 100 Bubble Tea Pearls in a Teen's Abdomen Has Doctors Very Confused (Live Science)
13-06-19 (12:22)   First Ever NASA 'Space Hotel' Will Set You Back $35,000 A Night...& There's No Room Service (D'Marge)
13-06-19 (05:41)   MIT algorithm helps robots guess where humans are going next (Engadget)
13-06-19 (04:04)   Evinrude's New E-TEC 150 Is the Most Efficient Boat Engine We've Ever Seen (Popular Mechanics)
13-06-19 (01:27)   US weather forecast model gets a much-needed upgrade (Engadget)
13-06-19 (00:18)   Group to fund and operate first hydrogen fuel ferry fleet in the US (Ars Technica)
12-06-19 (23:54)   We're Eating a Whole Lot of Plastic... Uh, Is That Bad? (Gizmodo)
12-06-19 (23:35)   Glowing 'Blue Tears' in China's Seas Are Incredibly Toxic - And They're Growing (Live Science)
12-06-19 (23:33)   Russian Scientist Wants to Use CRISPR to Genetically Edit Infants (Popular Mechanics)
12-06-19 (22:50)   NASA's Getting Ready to Explore the Corpse of an Ancient Planet in the Asteroid Belt (Live Science)
12-06-19 (22:21)   Massive Sphinx of Ramses II Sees Daylight for First Time in Nearly 100 Years (Live Science)
12-06-19 (22:18)   Oldest evidence of cannabis smoking found in ancient Chinese cemetery (Ars Technica)
12-06-19 (22:04)   iRobot's Roomba Vacuum Is $180 Off on Amazon Today (Popular Mechanics)
12-06-19 (21:47)   What It Was Like To Fly the SR-71 Blackbird (Popular Mechanics)
12-06-19 (21:33)   Tesla Has a Submarine Car Design and Won't Share It (Popular Mechanics)
12-06-19 (21:18)   An R-Rating Is the Last Thing Star Trek Needs Right Now (Popular Mechanics)
12-06-19 (21:18)   The long-awaited upgrade to the US weather forecast model is here (Ars Technica)
12-06-19 (21:05)   This ethereal Starshade could revolutionize NASA's hunt for exoplanets (SlashGear)
12-06-19 (20:54)   Pterosaurs Could Somehow Fly Right After Hatching, New Fossils Suggest (Gizmodo)
12-06-19 (20:35)   People Smoked Pot to Get High at Least 2,500 Years Ago (Live Science)
12-06-19 (20:33)   This LG OLED TV Is Actually Affordable Today Only (Popular Mechanics)
12-06-19 (20:09)   The Hidden Ocean Beneath Europa's Frozen Crust May Contain Basic Table Salt (Gizmodo)
12-06-19 (20:09)   People Inhaled Cannabis to Get High at Funerals 2,500 Years Ago, New Evidence Suggests (Gizmodo)
12-06-19 (19:53)   Science Behind the Fiction: How many chili dogs would Sonic have to eat to maintain his metabolism? (Syfy Wire)
12-06-19 (19:53)   Quentin Tarantino wants to go where no Star Trek movie has gone before: a hard R rating (Syfy Wire)
12-06-19 (19:34)   Free up over 17GB of storage space by cleaning up after the Windows 10 May 2019 Update (BetaNews)
12-06-19 (19:22)   SpaceX aces Falcon 9 used rocket launch and landing: Watch the video (SlashGear)
12-06-19 (19:04)   The Big Bang Theory: How the Universe Began (Live Science)
12-06-19 (19:04)   The World's Plants Are Going Extinct About 500 Times Faster Than They Should, Study Finds (Live Science)
12-06-19 (18:35)   Sun Could Unleash a 'Superflare' Hundreds of Thousands of Times More Powerful Than Any Known Flare (Live Science)
12-06-19 (18:10)   The Outer Worlds: Taking The New Vegas Formula To Space | E3 2019 (GameSpot)
12-06-19 (17:50)   Bacterial Complexity Revises Ideas About 'Which Came First?' (Quanta Magazine)
12-06-19 (17:50)   The Pentagon Emits More Greenhouse Gases Than Any Other Part of the US Gov't. (Live Science)
12-06-19 (17:47)   Scientists found these old photographs contain metallic nanoparticles (Ars Technica)
12-06-19 (17:18)   Turns Out Buying a Chinese Knock-Off Predator Drone Is a Bad Idea (Popular Mechanics)
12-06-19 (17:10)   'Elder Scrolls: Blades' Reaffirms Bethesda's Commitment to the Mobile Space (Variety)
12-06-19 (16:54)   A 'Catastrophic' Fire Destroyed This Incredible Bronze Age Settlement a Year After It Was Built (Gizmodo)
12-06-19 (16:40)   Your Synthetic Clothes May Be Polluting the Ocean (Gizmodo)
12-06-19 (16:33)   E3 2019 Is an Assault on Gamers' Senses (Popular Mechanics)
12-06-19 (16:13)   Win FREE space at the Big Indie Zone at Pocket Gamer Connects Hong Kong (Pocket Gamer.biz)
12-06-19 (16:04)   This Tiny Island Is Trying to Save the World. But Why? (Popular Mechanics)
12-06-19 (15:58)   Watch SpaceX launch Earth observation satellites at 10:17AM ET (Engadget)
12-06-19 (15:58)   NASA makes final plans for its 2022 mission to visit an all-metal asteroid (Engadget)
12-06-19 (15:53)   Battle of the bulges: Have astronomers been wrong about spiral galaxies all this time? (Syfy Wire)
12-06-19 (15:50)   'God Plays Dice with the Universe,' Einstein Writes in Letter About His Qualms with Quantum Theory (Live Science)
12-06-19 (15:49)   Fortnite Fortbyte locations - Fortbyte 19 space ship building location, Fortbyte 78 ranger tower location (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
12-06-19 (15:36)   Scientists say that "superflares" could threaten Earth one day (SlashGear)
12-06-19 (14:36)   NASA invests in first Phase III NIAC program studies (SlashGear)
12-06-19 (13:27)   The Morning After: Tesla's electric trucks (Engadget)
12-06-19 (13:14)   The Cold War Project That Pulled Climate Science From the Ice (WIRED)
12-06-19 (13:14)   These Sumptuous Images Give Deep Space Data an Old-World Look (WIRED)
12-06-19 (12:50)   For Sale: 'Haunted' Medieval Prison That Held Accused Witches (Live Science)
12-06-19 (12:50)   Rare 'Ectopic Breast Tissue' Caused a Woman to Lactate from Her Vulva (Live Science)
12-06-19 (12:09)   Lineup For Space Invaders: Invincible Collection On Switch Is Revealed (Nintendo Life)
12-06-19 (07:15)   WA launches new automation courses and Defence Science Centre (ZDNet News)
12-06-19 (05:54)   The Ultimate Warhammer 40K Funko Pop Is One You Can Paint Yourself (Gizmodo)
12-06-19 (03:57)   SpaceX launch: Watch live as SpaceX delivers trio of satellites to space - CNET (C-Net News.com)
12-06-19 (01:53)   What is that thing in the moon that's 5 times the size of Hawaii? (Syfy Wire)
12-06-19 (00:23)   What's Causing the Huge Mass Anomaly Beneath the Moon? (Gizmodo)
11-06-19 (23:47)   The 10 Best Super-Portable Camp Chairs (Popular Mechanics)
11-06-19 (23:33)   Whoa, Look at This 40,000-Year-Old Wolf Head (Popular Mechanics)
11-06-19 (23:33)   Sikorsky Will Build the President's New Marine One Helicopter (Popular Mechanics)
11-06-19 (23:32)   Massive Ebola outbreak spreads across DRC border, infected 5-year-old in Uganda (Ars Technica)
11-06-19 (23:09)   Astronomers Think They've Finally Found the Lost Lunar Module From Apollo 10 (Gizmodo)
11-06-19 (22:40)   Huge, Shaggy Head of 30,000-Year-Old Wolf Unearthed in Siberia (Gizmodo)
11-06-19 (22:21)   Mysterious, Gaping Holes in Antarctic Ice Explained (Live Science)
11-06-19 (22:18)   Lap-dances, kick-backs, and debt: Infamous opioid maker files for bankruptcy (Ars Technica)
11-06-19 (21:51)   NASA has big plans for this green rocket fuel (SlashGear)
11-06-19 (21:47)   Lunar Module That's Been Floating Through Space for 50 Years May Have Been Found (Popular Mechanics)
11-06-19 (21:23)   Legal Cannabis May Not Lower Opioid Overdose Deaths After All (Gizmodo)
11-06-19 (20:47)   A Visual Evolution of the American Flag (Popular Mechanics)
11-06-19 (20:32)   US report finds sky is the limit for geothermal energy beneath us (Ars Technica)
11-06-19 (20:09)   When Will Quantum Computers Outperform Regular Computers? (Gizmodo)
11-06-19 (20:04)   'Dune' Director Is Making a TV Show About the Bene Gesserit (aka the Original Jedi) (Popular Mechanics)
11-06-19 (19:18)   UTA Appoints Arthur Lewis as Creative Director of UTA Fine Arts and Artist Space (Hollywood Reporter)
11-06-19 (19:10)   Arthur Lewis Named UTA Fine Arts, Artist Space Creative Director (Variety)
11-06-19 (19:04)   Save Big on Saw and Drill Kits With This Amazon Daily Deal (Popular Mechanics)
11-06-19 (18:40)   Which Eccentric Millionaire Will Buy This Nearly Complete Diplodocus Skeleton That's Going Up for Auction? (Gizmodo)
11-06-19 (18:35)   Samsung's Space Monitor solves the big monitor problem (TheVerge)
11-06-19 (17:35)   12,000-Year-Old 'Headless' Horse Engraving Discovered in France (Live Science)
11-06-19 (17:33)   Meet the Machines That Could Unlock the Ocean's Deepest Secrets (Popular Mechanics)
11-06-19 (16:50)   A Close Look at Newborn Planets Reveals Hints of Infant Moons (Quanta Magazine)
11-06-19 (16:47)   The Next Xbox Is Coming?-and So Are These 5 Long-Awaited Games from Microsoft (Popular Mechanics)
11-06-19 (16:39)   NASA Twin Satellites to Study Signal Disruption From Space (Gadgets 360)
11-06-19 (16:38)   Little Shop of Horrors comes to life with this salamander-eating plant (Syfy Wire)
11-06-19 (16:04)   An F-35 Pilot Gives a Play-by-Play of His Own Aerial Stunts (Popular Mechanics)
11-06-19 (15:47)   Why do bats have such bizarrely long lifespans? (Ars Technica)
11-06-19 (15:36)   LightSail 2 launch expected no earlier than June 24 (SlashGear)
11-06-19 (15:29)   Inflatables, solids, strap-ons and riders - oh my, it's the week in space (The Register)
11-06-19 (15:24)   Where did this tiny ghostly galaxy Segue-1 come from? (Syfy Wire)
11-06-19 (15:18)   Where will the world's first autonomous rocket factory be built? Mississippi (Ars Technica)
11-06-19 (14:09)   Space Invaders: Invincible Collection Is Firing Onto Nintendo Switch (Nintendo Life)
11-06-19 (13:35)   Lightning Strikes and Kills Motorcyclist. Why Rubber Tires Didn't Protect Him. (Live Science)
11-06-19 (13:14)   New Space Telescopes Could Look Like Giant Beach Balls (WIRED)
11-06-19 (13:04)   Night Owls and Morning Larks, Make Room for 'Afternoon People' and 'Nappers' (Live Science)
11-06-19 (13:04)   Why Trump's Tweet About (Not) Going to the Moon Is a Problem for Space Exploration (Live Science)
11-06-19 (12:50)   AI Listened to People's Voices. Then It Generated Their Faces. (Live Science)
11-06-19 (02:18)   Facebook bans health and conspiracy site Natural News [Updated] (Ars Technica)
11-06-19 (01:52)   Chucklefish Releases New Trailer for Starmancer - The Dwarf Fortress-Inspired Space Station Sim (DualShockers)
11-06-19 (00:47)   As summer heats up, Calif. utility starts cutting power to prevent wildfires (Ars Technica)
11-06-19 (00:09)   Satellite Constellations Like SpaceX's Starlink Could Cause Major Problems, Astronomy Group Warns (Gizmodo)
11-06-19 (00:04)   Watch Live as NASA Builds the Mars 2020 Rover (Popular Mechanics)
10-06-19 (23:47)   Jupiter Will Be in Opposition Tonight. Here's What That Means-and How to See It (Popular Mechanics)
10-06-19 (23:33)   Explore Mars in VR with This Rover Simulator (Popular Mechanics)
10-06-19 (23:21)   Rare Tick-Borne Disease Tied to New Jersey Man's Death (Live Science)
10-06-19 (23:18)   Pangea Gave Us Modern Oceans (Popular Mechanics)
10-06-19 (22:35)   What Are Rock Cairns? (Live Science)

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