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23-06-18 (22:23)   SpaceX Wins $130 Million Falcon Heavy Contract to Launch Classified USAF Satellite in 2020 (Gizmodo)
23-06-18 (19:07)   In modern science fiction, religion plays a vital, secular role (Syfy Wire)
23-06-18 (17:36)   SpaceX wins $130M bid to launch military satellite on Falcon Heavy (SlashGear)
23-06-18 (13:14)   Space Photos of the Week: No, You're Not Barchan Mad. Those Dunes Are Blue. (WIRED)
23-06-18 (03:53)   Objects in Space 6/22/18: Out for coffee (Syfy Wire)
23-06-18 (03:32)   Buzz Aldrin returns to Twitter, sues his son and former manager (Ars Technica)
23-06-18 (02:46)   Great news, cask beer fans: UK shortage of CO2 menaces fizzy crap taking up tap space (The Register)
23-06-18 (02:29)   Physics of knitting shows why your sweater is so nice and comfy (Newscientist.com)
23-06-18 (02:29)   Cannabis oil: what is it and does it really work as medicine? (Newscientist.com)
23-06-18 (02:29)   Why is the UK running out of CO2 and what will it mean? (Newscientist.com)
23-06-18 (02:29)   Capitalism broke the planet. Here's how it's going to fix things (Newscientist.com)
23-06-18 (02:29)   Swarm of robot wildlife will check for life in an Italian lagoon (Newscientist.com)
23-06-18 (02:29)   US Army has made a plastic bandage that swells to patch wounds (Newscientist.com)
23-06-18 (02:29)   Japan's Hayabusa 2 spacecraft is gearing up to bomb an asteroid (Newscientist.com)
23-06-18 (02:29)   First evidence that gut bacteria help wire young brains (Newscientist.com)
23-06-18 (02:29)   These eerie rock towers may have been built by microorganisms (Newscientist.com)
23-06-18 (02:29)   Why memes are the latest casualty in EU's war on Silicon Valley (Newscientist.com)
23-06-18 (02:29)   Feedback: How a rare axolotl found salvation among Mexican nuns (Newscientist.com)
22-06-18 (23:57)   Tight on space? Here's how to transfer photos from an iPhone to a computer (Digital Trends)
22-06-18 (23:53)   Sower of the Future: Octavia E. Butler (Syfy Wire)
22-06-18 (23:32)   Selfies show worm slithered through woman's face for 2 weeks (Ars Technica)
22-06-18 (22:09)   Whoa, Check out Zebrafish Eyes (Gizmodo)
22-06-18 (21:53)   Terraforming Mars could happen with these microbes (Syfy Wire)
22-06-18 (21:52)   Want to Learn How to Run Really Fast on All Fours? (Nerdist)
22-06-18 (21:51)   NASA details government plan for dealing with asteroids near Earth (SlashGear)
22-06-18 (21:09)   Physicists Think the Weather Can Trigger Blackouts in an Unexpected Way (Gizmodo)
22-06-18 (20:53)   Jurassic World: What color were dinosaurs? A paleontologist weighs in! (Syfy Wire)
22-06-18 (20:52)   STAR WARS Ships Aren't Very Aerodynamic, Apparently (Nerdist)
22-06-18 (20:39)   Over a million space rocks could strike Earth with more energy than a nuclear bomb, and we don't know where most of them are (Business Insider)
22-06-18 (19:54)   Oh Joy, We Just Found Another Virus Spread By Mosquitoes That Might Make Us Sick (Gizmodo)
22-06-18 (19:47)   Extinct gibbon in ancient Chinese tomb hints at other lost primate species (Ars Technica)
22-06-18 (19:18)   Huge wave in Venus' clouds changes the length of a day (Ars Technica)
22-06-18 (19:09)   Massive Genetic Study Finds Many Links Between Various Psychiatric Illnesses (Gizmodo)
22-06-18 (18:53)   Space tourists rejoice: Blue Origin to sell spaceflight tickets in 2019 (Syfy Wire)
22-06-18 (18:49)   The formerly Wipeout-inspired Redout: Space Assault ditches racetracks for tactical space combat (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
22-06-18 (18:49)   Google Doodle honors legendary science fiction author Octavia Butler (TheVerge)
22-06-18 (18:40)   How to Stop the Sound of a Dripping Faucet Instantly, According to Science (Gizmodo)
22-06-18 (18:18)   After being pulled from a spaceflight in January, Jeanette Epps speaks up (Ars Technica)
22-06-18 (18:18)   Ars on your lunch break, part three: Those darn robot overlords (Ars Technica)
22-06-18 (18:18)   Study: US oil and gas methane emissions have been dramatically underestimated (Ars Technica)
22-06-18 (18:08)   Trump wants to send the military into space ? here's how a fight in space would go down (Business Insider)
22-06-18 (18:01)   Under "right-to-try" law, therapy may go for $300K?with no proof it will work (Ars Technica)
22-06-18 (17:54)   5 science facts that 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' totally ignored (Business Insider)
22-06-18 (17:47)   Ötzi the Iceman spent his last days trying to repair his tools (Ars Technica)
22-06-18 (16:54)   Blue Origin Says It Will Start Selling Tickets for Spaceflights in 2019 (Gizmodo)
22-06-18 (16:40)   AI and Carbon Nanotubes Are Now Being Used to Improve the World's... Keyboards? (Gizmodo)
22-06-18 (16:09)   What Happens When a Ghost Town Turns Into a Lab (Gizmodo)
22-06-18 (15:58)   SpaceX's Falcon Heavy to launch military satellites by 2020 (Engadget)
22-06-18 (15:54)   Einstein's Theory of Gravity Passes Enormous Test on a Galaxy (Gizmodo)
22-06-18 (15:53)   An ancient galaxy hides among the young (Syfy Wire)
22-06-18 (15:05)   MIT researchers control robots with brainwaves and gestures (SlashGear)
22-06-18 (14:40)   President Trump's new Space Force is a powerfully dumb idea - CNET (C-Net News.com)
22-06-18 (14:40)   Will Trump's Space Force really protect us all? video - CNET (C-Net News.com)
22-06-18 (13:18)   Rocket Report: Chinese tourism, launch by centrifuge, SLS the "right" rocket (Ars Technica)
22-06-18 (10:05)   Labstep wants to fix the way science experiments are recorded and reproduced (TechCrunch)
22-06-18 (03:24)   Objects in Space 6/21/18: A bit more flexible (Syfy Wire)
22-06-18 (03:24)   NASA testing a cosmic compass so no one ever gets lost in space (Syfy Wire)
22-06-18 (03:14)   Mystery gibbon found buried in tomb of ancient Chinese royalty (Newscientist.com)
22-06-18 (03:14)   Many psychiatric conditions have the same genes in common (Newscientist.com)
22-06-18 (03:14)   We've just seen a huge space explosion and don't know what it is (Newscientist.com)
22-06-18 (03:14)   More penalty shoot-outs needed to make future World Cups fairer (Newscientist.com)
22-06-18 (03:14)   Cambridge's Museum of Zoology: Bobby the whale and Attenborough (Newscientist.com)
22-06-18 (03:14)   Moths fly 1000 kilometres with Earth's magnetic field as a guide (Newscientist.com)
22-06-18 (03:14)   World's first sanctuary for beluga whales to open in Iceland (Newscientist.com)
22-06-18 (03:14)   Herpes viruses in the brain linked to Alzheimer's disease (Newscientist.com)
22-06-18 (03:14)   Colonists could use genetically modified bacteria to settle Mars (Newscientist.com)
22-06-18 (03:14)   Why the moral panic over Fortnite is nothing to worry about (Newscientist.com)
22-06-18 (03:14)   The space-time echoes that point to a new theory of reality (Newscientist.com)
22-06-18 (03:14)   Just four tweets can reveal the identity of an anonymous troll (Newscientist.com)
22-06-18 (03:14)   Team moon vs team Mars: the battle over the future of NASA (Newscientist.com)
22-06-18 (01:59)   Russia and China Alarmed by Trump's 'Space Force' Proposal (Breitbart.com)
22-06-18 (01:33)   '2001: A Space Odyssey', the Most Visually Stunning Film of All Time, is Finally Hitting 4K (SlashFilm)
22-06-18 (00:47)   Air Force certifies Falcon Heavy, orders satellite launch for 2020 (Ars Technica)
22-06-18 (00:24)   Everyone should know Peggy Whitson's name (Syfy Wire)
21-06-18 (23:40)   The Dust Storm on Mars Is So Huge It Now Encircles the Entire Planet (Gizmodo)
21-06-18 (23:25)   Russia threatens the US with a 'tough response' to Trump's 'space force' (Business Insider)
21-06-18 (23:24)   New study finds Earth is unprepared for an asteroid crash, but we have a plan (Syfy Wire)
21-06-18 (23:23)   Herpes Viruses Linked to Alzheimer's Disease in New Brain Research (Gizmodo)
21-06-18 (22:40)   Swamp Sparrows Display Evidence of Centuries-Old Tradition in Their Songs (Gizmodo)
21-06-18 (22:25)   2001: A Space Odyssey 50th Anniversary Blu-ray Details (ComingSoon.com)
21-06-18 (22:24)   Exclusive: First Look at 'In Search Of' TV reboot hosted by Zachary Quinto (Syfy Wire)
21-06-18 (21:54)   The Trailer for The Man Who Unlocked the Universe Is a Gorgeous Mixture of Science and Action (Gizmodo)
21-06-18 (20:09)   Extinct Gibbon Species Found in Tomb of Ancient Chinese Noblewoman (Gizmodo)
21-06-18 (19:30)   15 Terrible Things EA Has Ever Done (GamingBolt)
21-06-18 (19:09)   America Isn't Ready to Handle a Catastrophic Asteroid Impact, New Report Warns (Gizmodo)
21-06-18 (19:07)   Orange Bridge Wants End Space PSVR Version to Match PC Version (PlayStation LifeStyle)
21-06-18 (18:35)   Finally, a Problem That Only Quantum Computers Will Ever Be Able to Solve (Quanta Magazine)
21-06-18 (18:25)   4 reasons why people 'fall in love' at first sight, according to science (Business Insider)
21-06-18 (18:18)   Ars on your lunch break, part two: History, reality, and robots for the elderly (Ars Technica)
21-06-18 (18:03)   Stealthy stellar sandbox Objects in Space is hiding in early access (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
21-06-18 (17:40)   Bogong Moths Are First Insect Known to Use Earth's Magnetism to Navigate at Night (Gizmodo)
21-06-18 (17:07)   How to Fight a T. rex (and Win) (Nerdist)
21-06-18 (16:47)   Grim look at Civil War surgery unearthed by new pit of limbs, bodies (Ars Technica)
21-06-18 (16:23)   Koko the Gorilla, Famous for Learning Sign Language, Has Died (Gizmodo)
21-06-18 (16:07)   The atmosphere of Venus can literally move mountains (Syfy Wire)
21-06-18 (16:07)   A huge dust storm engulfs Mars (Syfy Wire)
21-06-18 (15:54)   Baby Giant Manta Rays Grow up Together in This Newly Discovered Nursery (Gizmodo)
21-06-18 (15:54)   Even Birds Struggle to Become Empty Nesters (Gizmodo)
21-06-18 (15:47)   With three words, President Trump fortifies a flawed perception about NASA (Ars Technica)
21-06-18 (15:14)   NASA's New Plan: Do More Science With Small Satellites (WIRED)
21-06-18 (14:22)   University of Tokyo creates flying DRAGON drone (SlashGear)
21-06-18 (14:14)   Inside the Science of Apeel, the Clever Coating That Saves Your Avocados (WIRED)
21-06-18 (14:04)   The Morning Watch: 'Jurassic World' Edition ? Every Dinosaur Explained, The Real Science & More (SlashFilm)
21-06-18 (12:11)   Buzz Aldrin reminds world that he took first space selfie - CNET (C-Net News.com)
21-06-18 (05:40)   Star Wars' Ships Have Terrible Aerodynamic Designs (Gizmodo)
21-06-18 (04:39)   Your Dog Understands You Better Than Anyone & Science Can Prove It (D'Marge)
21-06-18 (04:07)   Objects in Space 6/20/18: Dark objects (Syfy Wire)
21-06-18 (01:08)   The buyers of the record-shattering $760,000 parking space in Hong Kong have been identified (Business Insider)
21-06-18 (00:43)   Throw some shade at your office space with voice-controlled, self-tinting glass (Digital Trends)
21-06-18 (00:40)   Lawsuit: Detained Immigrant Children in Texas Forced to Take Antipsychotic Drugs (Gizmodo)
21-06-18 (00:22)   Growing Mars dust storm now circles entire planet says NASA (SlashGear)
20-06-18 (23:54)   Is There a Better Individual Season of Doctor Who Than Tom Baker's Debut?  (Gizmodo)
20-06-18 (23:25)   Chrissy Teigen's daughter refused to choose between a space suit and tutu ? and people are obsessed (Business Insider)
20-06-18 (23:24)   Remedy's Control Taps Into The Dark Side Of Science Fiction (GameSpot)
20-06-18 (22:54)   This Light-Up HAL 9000 USB Flash Drive Can't Sing, But Probably Won't Kill You Either (Gizmodo)
20-06-18 (22:00)   NASA outlines its plans to deal with a large asteroid impact (Newscientist.com)
20-06-18 (22:00)   Ötzi the Iceman ran out of rock to make his tools before he died (Newscientist.com)
20-06-18 (21:54)   'Electronic Skin' Allows User of Prosthetic Hand to Feel Pain (Gizmodo)
20-06-18 (21:07)   Science Behind the Fiction: How would scientists make Jurassic World's super-sized dino? (Syfy Wire)
20-06-18 (20:23)   T. Rex's Tongue Was Firmly Stuck in Its Mouth, Study Finds (Gizmodo)
20-06-18 (20:09)   Final Days of Ötzi the Iceman Revealed Through New Analysis of His Tools (Gizmodo)
20-06-18 (19:47)   Report: World trending to hit 50% renewables, 11% coal by 2050 (Ars Technica)
20-06-18 (19:09)   Did Scientists Just Find a Missing Piece of the Universe? (Gizmodo)
20-06-18 (18:25)   How to look and feel healthier in one month, according to science (Business Insider)
20-06-18 (18:18)   Ars on your lunch break, part one: Rodney Brooks and robot ethics (Ars Technica)
20-06-18 (18:18)   Scientists use caffeine to control genes?and treat diabetic mice with coffee (Ars Technica)
20-06-18 (18:04)   Theory Suggests That All Genes Affect Every Complex Trait (Quanta Magazine)
20-06-18 (18:00)   Eating less red meat protects against endometriosis (Newscientist.com)
20-06-18 (18:00)   Children seized at US border will face lasting health effects (Newscientist.com)
20-06-18 (18:00)   Cocaine in the water makes eels hyperactive and damages muscles (Newscientist.com)
20-06-18 (18:00)   Consciousness: How we're solving a mystery bigger than our minds (Newscientist.com)
20-06-18 (18:00)   The Milky Way has devoured 15 other galaxies since it formed (Newscientist.com)
20-06-18 (18:00)   Robo bomb squads compete to gather evidence after a drone attack (Newscientist.com)
20-06-18 (18:00)   The New York bird with a song that may be a thousand years old (Newscientist.com)
20-06-18 (18:00)   Stealth sheets can make you appear invisible to infrared cameras (Newscientist.com)
20-06-18 (18:00)   Black men are left out of cancer trials because of their biology (Newscientist.com)
20-06-18 (16:07)   Should Scientists Make a Real-World JURASSIC PARK? (Nerdist)
20-06-18 (16:07)   Asteroid Ryugu starts to come into focus (Syfy Wire)
20-06-18 (14:36)   Researchers work on making smaller chips for drone brains (SlashGear)
20-06-18 (14:07)   This Robotic Fish Can Swim Pretty Well With Its Two Wavy Fins (Nerdist)
20-06-18 (13:06)   Trump's Space Force may actually be more of a bureaucratic nightmare (TheVerge)
20-06-18 (12:06)   How science fiction is training us to ignore the real threats posed by AI (TheVerge)
20-06-18 (05:41)   Snapchat Lenses bring coral reefs to your neighborhood (Engadget)
20-06-18 (03:53)   Objects in Space 6/19/18: You have powers (Syfy Wire)
20-06-18 (03:18)   Air Force ready to work on Trump's Space Force idea, but... (Ars Technica)
20-06-18 (03:14)   Final Space, The Frontier (Kotaku)
20-06-18 (02:51)   Slow San Andreas Fault movements may trigger big California earthquakes (SlashGear)
20-06-18 (02:29)   A huge number of mystery microbes are living on your skin (Newscientist.com)
20-06-18 (02:29)   Special cells could let you control your diabetes with coffee (Newscientist.com)
20-06-18 (02:29)   IBM's debating robot argues it out with human for first time (Newscientist.com)
20-06-18 (02:29)   Alien preppers could hoard stars to survive in a doomed universe (Newscientist.com)
20-06-18 (02:29)   Time to end the cruel ban on using cannabis therapy for epilepsy (Newscientist.com)
20-06-18 (02:29)   Football's a mess: don't let technology spoil that (Newscientist.com)
20-06-18 (02:28)   China Mocks Trump's 'Space Force' Proposal (Breitbart.com)
20-06-18 (01:58)   Tiny MIT chip helps bee-sized drones navigate (Engadget)
20-06-18 (00:38)   Star Trek: 5 things we want to see in Alex Kurtzman's new Trek multiverse (Syfy Wire)
19-06-18 (23:54)   Scientists Find Stronger Evidence for New Kind of Black Hole (Gizmodo)
19-06-18 (23:38)   Testing the aerodynamics of Star Wars ships in a virtual wind tunnel (Syfy Wire)
19-06-18 (23:36)   Virtual reality headsets make it easier to give kids shots (SlashGear)
19-06-18 (23:21)   Watch Flamethrower Drones Fry Junk Off Power Lines (Nerdist)
19-06-18 (22:09)   Can Thousands of Smartphones Help Detect Cosmic Rays? (Gizmodo)
19-06-18 (22:04)   Testing Lede on Home Page (Quanta Magazine)
19-06-18 (22:04)   TEST LaTex and HP video (Quanta Magazine)
19-06-18 (22:04)   Testing Featured Video on homepage (Quanta Magazine)
19-06-18 (22:04)   Private Video Interstitial Test (Quanta Magazine)
19-06-18 (21:38)   Space the Nation: Is the Trump administration Resident Evil? (Syfy Wire)
19-06-18 (21:25)   Astronaut Mark Kelly says Trump's order to create a Space Force 'is a dumb idea' (Business Insider)
19-06-18 (20:52)   We've Gotten Our Best Look Yet at Spiders' Bizarre "Ballooning" Behavior (Nerdist)
19-06-18 (20:19)   UK's first Space Camp Accelerator unveils its first 6 startups (TechCrunch)
19-06-18 (19:54)   A Woman's New Tattoo Led to Three Years of Chronic Pain, Doctors Say (Gizmodo)
19-06-18 (19:40)   New Medical Analysis Shows What Really Happened on the Night Robert F. Kennedy Was Assassinated (Gizmodo)
19-06-18 (19:21)   Her Key to Modeling Brains: Ignore the Right Details (Quanta Magazine)
19-06-18 (19:08)   A startup raised $40 million to catapult rockets into space ? an idea Jeff Bezos once said had 'all sorts of practical problems' (Business Insider)
19-06-18 (18:09)   1,300 Professors Sign Letter Condemning Separation of Immigrant Families as Child Abuse (Gizmodo)
19-06-18 (18:04)   Now Scream This: Science Gone Wrong! (SlashFilm)
19-06-18 (17:52)   Will Elon Musk Become the Mole King of Chicago? (Nerdist)
19-06-18 (17:23)   The Diabetes Cure That Most Insurance Companies Won't Pay for (Gizmodo)
19-06-18 (16:38)   Russia's sci-fi laser cannon is going to obliterate space junk (Syfy Wire)
19-06-18 (16:38)   Astronomers watch the aftermath of a star ripped apart by a huge black hole (Syfy Wire)
19-06-18 (16:20)   Trump's space council orders a traffic control system for objects in space (TheVerge)
19-06-18 (16:12)   Speedy AI image analysis could help doctors during surgery (Engadget)
19-06-18 (15:08)   The top 30 companies where Ivy League graduates who studied computer science say they most want to work (Business Insider)
19-06-18 (14:05)   Scientists discover world's first known manta ray nursery (SlashGear)
19-06-18 (13:14)   Space Really Does Need Traffic Cops (WIRED)
19-06-18 (09:43)   These hyper-real androids are climbing out of the uncanny valley (Newscientist.com)
19-06-18 (05:39)   Dekant? Kikou Is The Latest Premium Japanese Whisky Made For Collectors (D'Marge)
19-06-18 (04:24)   Objects in Space 6/18/18: No capes! (Syfy Wire)
19-06-18 (03:58)   Synthetic 'blubber' could triple divers' survival time in icy water (Engadget)
19-06-18 (03:29)   Trump has directed the US military to establish a Space Force (Newscientist.com)
19-06-18 (03:14)   Trump Hasn't Signed a Space Force Into Being?Yet (WIRED)
19-06-18 (01:51)   Rare noctilucent clouds dazzled Seattle with starlight this morning (SlashGear)
19-06-18 (01:34)   US Armed Forces is getting a Space Force over the objections of the Secretary of Defense (TechCrunch)
19-06-18 (01:04)   'Jurassic Park' Science Consultant Says We're Really Close To Creating Real Dinosaurs (SlashFilm)
19-06-18 (00:22)   Aevum Ravn unmanned aircraft launches space payloads every 3 hours (SlashGear)
18-06-18 (23:40)   The US is getting a Space Force video - CNET (C-Net News.com)
18-06-18 (23:40)   Scientists Propose a New Kind of Matter Inside the Densest Stars (Gizmodo)
18-06-18 (23:36)   Study warns teen "alternative medicine" use is growing (SlashGear)
18-06-18 (23:23)   Trump Promises to Create Military Space Force (Gizmodo)
18-06-18 (23:18)   President Trump makes news at Space Council meeting by going off script (Ars Technica)
18-06-18 (22:57)   Trump's Space Force gets galaxy-size roasting on Twitter - CNET (C-Net News.com)
18-06-18 (22:39)   50% of people would give up sex for 'more closet space' (Business Insider)
18-06-18 (22:23)   Smartphones and Tablets Might Be Hurting Kids' Hearing, but No One Knows for Sure (Gizmodo)
18-06-18 (22:07)   Trump announces 'Space Force,' a new military branch to assert America's space 'dominance' (Syfy Wire)
18-06-18 (21:18)   New study adds evidence to debate over the only known Clovis burial (Ars Technica)
18-06-18 (21:11)   Trump announces Space Force, America's military presence in space - CNET (C-Net News.com)
18-06-18 (20:54)   This Video Made From Real Mars Data Will Make You Feel Like You're Flying Over the Red Planet (Gizmodo)
18-06-18 (20:28)   Donald Trump Orders Pentagon to Create a Space Force (Breitbart.com)
18-06-18 (19:58)   Trump directs Pentagon to form a Space Force military branch (Engadget)
18-06-18 (19:43)   HIV prevention drugs could delay diagnosis if you get infected (Newscientist.com)
18-06-18 (19:43)   A robot has performed eye surgery on humans for the first time (Newscientist.com)
18-06-18 (19:43)   Male peacocks can make females' heads vibrate at a distance (Newscientist.com)
18-06-18 (19:43)   Stars gravitate to Stephen Hawking's memorial service (Newscientist.com)
18-06-18 (19:43)   The first Americans had pet dogs 1000 years earlier than thought (Newscientist.com)
18-06-18 (19:43)   Colony ship to nearest star only needs crew of 100 to survive (Newscientist.com)
18-06-18 (19:22)   Trump "Space Force" wants American "dominance" in space (SlashGear)
18-06-18 (19:20)   Trump directs DOD to establish a Space Force in a surprise announcement today (TheVerge)
18-06-18 (19:09)   Self-Taught AI Masters Rubik's Cube in Just 44 Hours (Gizmodo)
18-06-18 (19:07)   11 Jurassic Park fan films, ranked (Syfy Wire)
18-06-18 (17:54)   Extreme Weather on Venus Might Change the Length of Its Days (Gizmodo)
18-06-18 (17:21)   Four Is Not Enough (Quanta Magazine)
18-06-18 (17:18)   Attention knitters: Researchers harvest uranium from the sea with a yarn "net" (Ars Technica)
18-06-18 (17:09)   Extinct Giant Panda Lineage Discovered Thanks to DNA From 22,000-Year-Old Skull (Gizmodo)
18-06-18 (16:32)   As mega-constellations loom, US seeks to manage space debris problem (Ars Technica)
18-06-18 (16:24)   Erosion... on the Moon? (Syfy Wire)
18-06-18 (15:18)   What happened last time it was as warm as it's going to get later this century? (Ars Technica)
18-06-18 (14:36)   MIT smart power outlet can identify dangerous electric spikes (SlashGear)
18-06-18 (13:14)   The Collapse of a $40 Million Nutrition Science Crusade (WIRED)
18-06-18 (12:43)   Following trends and easy answers isn't the way to a good life (Newscientist.com)
18-06-18 (12:43)   Changing our minds about psychedelics takes a great guide (Newscientist.com)
18-06-18 (04:07)   Objects in Space 6/17/18: We all float down here (Syfy Wire)
18-06-18 (02:14)   How Charles Dickens became a man of science (Newscientist.com)
18-06-18 (02:14)   Get food on the go with this roaming robot table (Newscientist.com)
18-06-18 (01:53)   Gallery: Look inside the Netflix 'Because You Watched' fan event (Syfy Wire)
17-06-18 (20:24)   Look of the Week: Sartorial delights while battling space bugs on BrainDead (Syfy Wire)
17-06-18 (14:05)   Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes steps down following fraud indictment (SlashGear)
17-06-18 (05:39)   Scientists Find A Way To Discover Delicious Food Without TripAdvisor (D'Marge)
17-06-18 (03:53)   Objects in Space 6/16/18: Are you still watching? (Syfy Wire)
17-06-18 (03:00)   Westworld: a complex tale of robot awakening has us riveted (Newscientist.com)
17-06-18 (01:40)   Coffee Sold in California Might Not Get Cancer Warning Labels After All (Gizmodo)
16-06-18 (20:49)   Blast-off in Space Invaders Extreme demo (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
16-06-18 (19:41)   A Stephen Hawking musical tribute was beamed directly at a black hole (Engadget)
16-06-18 (17:08)   NASA astronauts must sculpt freakishly strong arms to work in space ? here's how former space station commander Peggy Whitson trained (Business Insider)
16-06-18 (14:14)   Space Photos of the Week: Mars Attacks Opportunity (WIRED)
16-06-18 (04:38)   Objects in Space 6/15/18: This moveable feast (Syfy Wire)
16-06-18 (03:05)   Scientists discover new type of photosynthesis in breakthrough study (SlashGear)
16-06-18 (03:00)   Knowing your DNA can help you stick to a healthier lifestyle (Newscientist.com)
16-06-18 (03:00)   Nano-infused black goo is incredibly stretchy and self-repairs (Newscientist.com)
16-06-18 (03:00)   Mediterranean diet is still good for you but only if you're rich (Newscientist.com)
16-06-18 (03:00)   Bacteria may survive temperatures hot enough to melt lead (Newscientist.com)
16-06-18 (03:00)   We have hints of a theory beyond quantum physics (Newscientist.com)
16-06-18 (03:00)   Being a feminist may subconsciously protect you from stereotypes (Newscientist.com)
16-06-18 (03:00)   Underwater robot finds second world war bomber plane on seabed (Newscientist.com)
16-06-18 (03:00)   AI can detect early signs of Parkinson's from brain scans alone (Newscientist.com)
16-06-18 (03:00)   Feedback: Humming this Spanish pop song might save a life (Newscientist.com)
16-06-18 (03:00)   When a daddy longlegs is attacked by a flatworm things get messy (Newscientist.com)
16-06-18 (00:38)   Got $55 million? You can now take a space vacation (Syfy Wire)
16-06-18 (00:18)   Disgraced Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes indicted on criminal charges (Ars Technica)
15-06-18 (23:53)   WATCH: A paleontologist speaks about Jurassic Park's science and dinosaurs (Syfy Wire)
15-06-18 (23:51)   Star Wars: Natalie Portman Would Love to Meet Her Space-Son Mark Hamill (Comicbook.com)
15-06-18 (23:23)   Chinese Satellite Captures a Cool View of Earth from Lunar Orbit (Gizmodo)
15-06-18 (23:09)   NIH Pulls the Plug on Controversial Drinking Study Funded by Big Alcohol (Gizmodo)
15-06-18 (22:51)   World's oldest rain forest frogs stuck in amber (SlashGear)
15-06-18 (22:47)   NIH shuts down controversial $100M drinking study backed by Big Alcohol (Ars Technica)
15-06-18 (22:39)   The incredible career of NASA's Peggy Whitson, who applied to become an astronaut 10 times before she broke the American record for space travel (Business Insider)
15-06-18 (22:14)   Don't Miss: How Prey gives players space to tell their own stories (Gamasutra)
15-06-18 (22:09)   Black Holes Can Maybe Turn Into Dark Matter Lasers (Gizmodo)
15-06-18 (21:52)   'Star Trek: Discovery' and 'Lost in Space' Update Classic Scores by Embracing a Diverse Future (IndieWire)
15-06-18 (21:09)   Our Galaxy Might Be Teeming With Habitable Exomoons (Gizmodo)
15-06-18 (21:08)   10 things an Ikea designer would purchase for a small space (Business Insider)
15-06-18 (20:32)   Common drugs have depression as a possible side effect?a third of us take them (Ars Technica)
15-06-18 (20:23)   These Tests Will Tell You Just How Good Your Eyes Are at Seeing Color (Gizmodo)
15-06-18 (19:09)   The Large Hadron Collider Is Getting an Upgrade (Gizmodo)
15-06-18 (18:32)   Seafloor fiber optic cables can work like seismometers (Ars Technica)
15-06-18 (17:24)   The chained princess's drogue (Syfy Wire)
15-06-18 (17:24)   WATCH: Dinosaurs from Jurassic World times had feathers (Syfy Wire)
15-06-18 (17:23)   Kilauea Volcano Has Turned This Hawaiian Shore Into an Apocalyptic Wasteland (Gizmodo)
15-06-18 (16:54)   Stephen Hawking's voice has been blasted into a black hole from a space station in a touching final memorial (Business Insider)
15-06-18 (14:57)   Stephen Hawking's voice beamed into space as his ashes are interred - CNET (C-Net News.com)
15-06-18 (14:22)   Stephen Hawking's voice to be beamed towards black hole (SlashGear)
15-06-18 (14:18)   Supermassive black hole swallows star, lights up galaxy core (Ars Technica)
15-06-18 (13:18)   Rocket Report: Mysterious Washington "launch," Aerojet tests, BFR job posting (Ars Technica)
15-06-18 (05:27)   Quantum entanglement on demand could lead to a super-secure internet (Engadget)
15-06-18 (04:51)   Stan Lee and J.K. Rowling to Be Inducted into Science Fiction & Fantasy Hall of Fame (Comicbook.com)
15-06-18 (04:07)   Objects in Space 6/14/18: From beneath you it devours (Syfy Wire)
15-06-18 (02:51)   Sleep excess, deprivation may both effect body weight: study (SlashGear)
15-06-18 (02:29)   DeepMind's AI can 'imagine' a world based on a single picture (Newscientist.com)
15-06-18 (02:29)   Wild animals are turning nocturnal to keep away from humans (Newscientist.com)
15-06-18 (02:29)   Spiders can 'fly' because they make near-invisible paragliders (Newscientist.com)
15-06-18 (02:29)   We've seen a gigantic black hole tear a star in half and eat it (Newscientist.com)
15-06-18 (02:29)   Your brain absolutely cannot resist doughnuts - here's why (Newscientist.com)
15-06-18 (02:29)   EU will limit the use of palm oil as car fuel but won't stop it (Newscientist.com)
15-06-18 (02:29)   Your personal cloud of microbes can be used to identify you (Newscientist.com)
15-06-18 (02:22)   Pedestrian Lanes Reserved For 'Smartphone Zombies' Are Now A Reality (D'Marge)
15-06-18 (00:07)   Rewatch: M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening is a better B-movie 10 years later (Syfy Wire)
15-06-18 (00:05)   AI edges closer to understanding 3D space the way we do (TechCrunch)
14-06-18 (23:51)   Black hole spied ripping apart, then spewing, star that got too close (SlashGear)
14-06-18 (23:40)   Another DNA Testing Company Reportedly Gets Fooled by Dog DNA (Gizmodo)
14-06-18 (23:26)   'Beyond Good & Evil 2' is the space pirate opera of our dreams (Digital Trends)
14-06-18 (23:09)   Congressional Subcommittee Grills NASA on Skyrocketing Project Cost Overruns (Gizmodo)
14-06-18 (22:54)   10 Years of Data Appears to Show Black Hole Eating a Star (Gizmodo)
14-06-18 (22:52)   Someone in Idaho Has the Bubonic Plague Right Now (Nerdist)
14-06-18 (21:40)   Don't Be Fooled by the 'Forced a Bot' Meme (Gizmodo)
14-06-18 (21:05)   Melting Antarctic ice is a bigger problem than we thought (SlashGear)
14-06-18 (20:23)   We're Turning Wild Animals Into Night Owls by Scaring the Heck out of Them (Gizmodo)
14-06-18 (20:18)   The humans are coming! HIDE! (Ars Technica)
14-06-18 (20:09)   Watch Tiny Crab Spiders Take Flight With 10-Foot Silk Parachutes (Gizmodo)
14-06-18 (19:41)   The drama and fury of Kilauea's volcano from space (Engadget)
14-06-18 (19:23)   The Flavoring Chemicals in E-Cigarettes May Harm Blood Vessels (Gizmodo)
14-06-18 (19:04)   Brains May Teeter Near Their Tipping Point (Quanta Magazine)
14-06-18 (18:18)   Ars on your lunch break, part three: Woolly mammoths and synthetic meat (Ars Technica)
14-06-18 (18:08)   An New York artist uses science to create ceramic sculptures (Business Insider)
14-06-18 (18:07)   These watches are made from recycled Russian Soyuz rockets, connect to ISS (Syfy Wire)
14-06-18 (18:01)   "Tree of life" facing an outbreak of deaths (Ars Technica)
14-06-18 (17:07)   FX's Archer is headed to deep space for Alien-esque Season 10 (Syfy Wire)
14-06-18 (17:07)   Can You Actually Snap Your Fingers in the Infinity Gauntlet? (Nerdist)
14-06-18 (16:58)   UK won't be involved in Europe's Galileo satellite navigation program (Engadget)
14-06-18 (16:24)   A quintet of galaxies that's actually a quartet. Except it's a quintet. (Syfy Wire)
14-06-18 (15:09)   These Are the Most Ancient Frogs Ever Found Preserved in Amber (Gizmodo)
14-06-18 (14:00)   The truth about spices: Is it time to ditch the turmeric latte? (Newscientist.com)
14-06-18 (14:00)   Is research in jails the way to end wars over dietary guidance? (Newscientist.com)
14-06-18 (13:36)   New star has three infant planets growing around it (SlashGear)
14-06-18 (13:32)   New study rethinks pre-Columbian turquoise trade (Ars Technica)
14-06-18 (12:29)   How authors are gaming Amazon's algorithms with 3000-page books (Newscientist.com)
14-06-18 (12:18)   Chicago selects Elon Musk's Boring Company to build express line from O'Hare (Ars Technica)
14-06-18 (11:14)   Battle royale: mucus-squirting worms vs spike-wielding arachnids (Newscientist.com)
14-06-18 (07:39)   Scientists Believe Your 'Gut Instinct' Is Better At Finding Delicious Food Than TripAdvisor (D'Marge)
14-06-18 (05:41)   Opportunity rover stops responding during Mars dust storm (Engadget)
14-06-18 (05:40)   Massachusetts Sues Purdue Pharma, 16 Company Officials for Allegedly Lying About OxyContin (Gizmodo)
14-06-18 (04:36)   NASA flies UAV in public airspace sans safety chaser for first time (SlashGear)
14-06-18 (04:07)   Objects in Space 6/13/18: You must renounce this power (Syfy Wire)
14-06-18 (02:58)   NASA's unmanned drone had its first solo flight in public airspace (Engadget)
14-06-18 (00:57)   Vacation on the International Space Station, for the person who has everything - CNET (C-Net News.com)
14-06-18 (00:47)   Fed-up AMA doctors overwhelmingly support gun restrictions in sweeping votes (Ars Technica)
13-06-18 (23:40)   The Affordable Care Act Helped Medicaid Patients in California Avoid the Emergency Room, Study Suggests (Gizmodo)
13-06-18 (23:01)   Massive Martian dust storm has put Opportunity rover in a low-power sleep (Ars Technica)
13-06-18 (22:22)   NASA Opportunity rover's life in limbo as Mars dust storm rages on (SlashGear)
13-06-18 (21:32)   Latest estimate shows how much Antarctic ice has fallen into the sea (Ars Technica)
13-06-18 (21:32)   The Joy of Sleeping: Bob Ross recordings recast as bedtime audio series (Ars Technica)
13-06-18 (21:23)   New Technique Reveals Hidden Infant Planets Orbiting a Newborn Star (Gizmodo)
13-06-18 (21:07)   This dude built a fully-functional and definitively sassy 3D-printed L3-37 Alexa (Syfy Wire)
13-06-18 (21:07)   Science Behind the Fiction: The Incredible physics that power The Incredibles' superpowers (Syfy Wire)
13-06-18 (21:07)   NASA has been preemptively sued to protect Neil Armstrong-gifted moon dust (Syfy Wire)
13-06-18 (20:36)   Psychedelics may help heal brains marred by depression, anxiety, and PTSD (SlashGear)
13-06-18 (20:22)   TRON Legacy Light Cycle LEGO Review (SlashGear)
13-06-18 (20:14)   Vegan-friendly fashion is actually bad for the environment (Newscientist.com)
13-06-18 (20:14)   Watch a 3D-printed magnetic critter fold and move all by itself (Newscientist.com)
13-06-18 (20:14)   The brain has a special clock that tracks sleepiness (Newscientist.com)
13-06-18 (20:14)   Why tidal power won't solve the world's renewable energy needs (Newscientist.com)
13-06-18 (20:09)   Human Activity Has Been Chemically Changing the Earth Since Well Before the Industrial Revolution (Gizmodo)
13-06-18 (19:43)   Stop the reckless video-assisted refereeing experiment now (Newscientist.com)

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