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30-09-22 (14:01)   Qubits surf sound waves between quantum nodes (Ars Technica)
30-09-22 (14:01)   Rocket Report: BE-4 engine breathes fire; Delta IV Heavy puts on a show (Ars Technica)
30-09-22 (12:39)   Webb and Hubble Space Telescopes Capture Detailed Views of DART Asteroid Impact (SciTechDaily)
30-09-22 (11:41)   Satellites must be deorbited within five years of completing missions, FCC rules (Engadget)
30-09-22 (11:25)   Majority of Reindeer Grazing Land Is Threatened by Expansion of Human Activities (SciTechDaily)
30-09-22 (10:20)   NASA & SpaceX will study the possibility of boosting the Hubble Space Telescope's altitude to extend its lifespan (Tesmanian)
30-09-22 (10:05)   Norwegian Social Scientists Prefer Left-Wing Conclusions (The Daily Sceptic)
30-09-22 (09:54)   A New Source of a Key Cancer Drug in Low Supply: Genetically Modified Yeast (SciTechDaily)
30-09-22 (08:43)   SpaceX eyes mission to extend life of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope (Digital Trends)
30-09-22 (08:05)   Richard Tice v Bob Ward: Great Interview Puts 'Settled' Science Activist Claims On The Spot (The Daily Sceptic)
30-09-22 (06:12)   DART asteroid impact imaged by Webb and Hubble space telescopes (Digital Trends)
30-09-22 (06:08)   Scientists Identify the Source of the Planet Ceres' Unexpected Geological Activity (SciTechDaily)
30-09-22 (06:07)   Dead Space Remake Expands Narrative and Includes Lore from Rest of Franchise (PlayStation LifeStyle)
30-09-22 (04:14)   Kid gender guidelines not driven by science (New York Post)
30-09-22 (03:18)   FDA's rotten definition of "healthy" food is finally getting tossed (Ars Technica)
30-09-22 (03:04)   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Star Nana Visitor Says Kira Nerys Is Neither Good Nor Bad — She's Both [Exclusive] (SlashFilm)
30-09-22 (01:46)   NASA, SpaceX Study Boosting Hubble to Extend Its Lifespan (Newsmax)
30-09-22 (01:14)   Potential first traces of the universe's earliest stars (ScienceDaily)
30-09-22 (01:14)   Machine learning helps scientists peer (a second) into the future (ScienceDaily)
30-09-22 (01:14)   Seeing antibiotics in action inside a pathogenic bacterium (ScienceDaily)
30-09-22 (01:14)   Active matter, curved spaces: Mini robots learn to 'swim' on stretchy surfaces (ScienceDaily)
30-09-22 (01:14)   Lunar glass shows Moon asteroid impacts mirrored on Earth (ScienceDaily)
30-09-22 (01:14)   Capsule delivery of fecal microbiota transplant has similar effectiveness to transplant by colonoscopy (ScienceDaily)
30-09-22 (01:14)   Researchers capture images of carbon dioxide emissions from commercial aircraft engine (ScienceDaily)
30-09-22 (01:04)   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Star Nana Visitor Chats About Her Lower Decks Appearance [Exclusive Interview] (SlashFilm)
30-09-22 (01:01)   NASA and SpaceX are studying a Hubble telescope boost, adding 15 to 20 years of life (Ars Technica)
30-09-22 (01:01)   This underwater camera operates wirelessly without batteries (Ars Technica)
30-09-22 (01:01)   FCC approves new "5-year rule" for space junk (ZDNet News)
30-09-22 (00:49)   NASA is studying whether SpaceX can visit the Hubble Space Telescope (TheVerge)
30-09-22 (00:46)   'Grendel' Star Abubakr Ali Responds To Netflix Series Cancellation & What It Means For Muslim Representation: "There Is A Space & Need For Stories Like This" (Deadline.com)
30-09-22 (00:45)   Robotic drug capsule can deliver drugs to gut (ScienceDaily)
30-09-22 (00:45)   Stress has an odor and dogs can smell it (ScienceDaily)
30-09-22 (00:45)   System to create bioplastics (ScienceDaily)
29-09-22 (23:45)   The Science of Why Electric Vehicle Batteries Are So Dangerous (Breitbart.com)
29-09-22 (23:39)   Super-Earth Found Near the Habitable Zone of Red Dwarf (SciTechDaily)
29-09-22 (23:32)   Room-temperature superconducting claim is retracted (Ars Technica)
29-09-22 (23:30)   Space telescopes capture asteroid slam with striking clarity (Washington Times)
29-09-22 (23:14)   Fluidic circuits add analog options for controlling soft robots (ScienceDaily)
29-09-22 (23:04)   Firestone's New Firehawk All-Season Tires are Built From IndyCar DNA (Popular Mechanics)
29-09-22 (23:04)   This Probability Problem Seems So Simple-But Can You Actually Solve It? (Popular Mechanics)
29-09-22 (23:04)   Solution to the Globe Probability Problem (Popular Mechanics)
29-09-22 (23:04)   3 Brain Hacks to Boost Your Memory and Problem-Solving as You Age (Popular Mechanics)
29-09-22 (23:04)   Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist: The Cleaners, Tools, and Know-How You Need (Popular Mechanics)
29-09-22 (22:45)   Detailing a disastrous autumn day in ancient Italy (ScienceDaily)
29-09-22 (22:32)   Juno swoops past Europa, revealing the mysterious, icy world [Updated] (Ars Technica)
29-09-22 (22:22)   This Graveyard Of Suns Bigger Than The Milky Way Challenges What We Know About Our Galaxy (SlashGear)
29-09-22 (22:04)   Star Trek: Lower Decks Creates An Incredible Connection With A Beloved Deep Space Nine Character (SlashFilm)
29-09-22 (21:47)   Sustainable Home Improvements for Any Budget (Popular Mechanics)
29-09-22 (21:40)   Inside Star Trek: Lower Decks' Deep Space Nine Revival (Den of Geek)
29-09-22 (21:36)   Carmakers' Lifetime Emissions 50% Higher Than Reported (CleanTechnica)
29-09-22 (21:18)   Racing Tech Makes This All-Electric Passenger Ferry 'Fly Above the Water' (Popular Mechanics)
29-09-22 (21:18)   The Best 2022 October Prime Day Tool Deals (Popular Mechanics)
29-09-22 (21:14)   New evidence for liquid water beneath the south polar ice cap of Mars (ScienceDaily)
29-09-22 (21:14)   Ozone pollution threatens plant health and makes it harder for pollinators to find flowers (ScienceDaily)
29-09-22 (21:14)   3D printing can now manufacture customized sensors for robots, pacemakers, and more (ScienceDaily)
29-09-22 (21:14)   Physicists take self-assembly to new level by mimicking biology (ScienceDaily)
29-09-22 (21:14)   Dead fish breathes new life into the evolutionary origin of fins and limbs (ScienceDaily)
29-09-22 (21:14)   Water fleas as 'canaries in a coal mine' offer key to managing chemical pollution (ScienceDaily)
29-09-22 (21:14)   Breaks in 'junk' DNA give scientists new insight into neurological disorders (ScienceDaily)
29-09-22 (21:14)   How fish survive the extreme pressures of life in the oceans (ScienceDaily)
29-09-22 (21:08)   Taking a Dip in Cold Water May Cut "Bad" Body Fat (SciTechDaily)
29-09-22 (21:08)   Newly Developed Molecule Could Increase Life Expectancy and Wellness (SciTechDaily)
29-09-22 (20:47)   A glaring error in methane flaring (Ars Technica)
29-09-22 (19:17)   NASA Spacecraft Buzzes Jupiter Moon Europa, Closest in Years (Newsmax)
29-09-22 (18:39)   Bitcoin Is As Costly to Environment As Beef Production (SciTechDaily)
29-09-22 (18:32)   Dead Space remake devs say the entire game is "one sequential shot" with no loading (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
29-09-22 (18:23)   Lower Decks' Tribute to Deep Space Nine Is Perfect Beyond Pastiche (Gizmodo)
29-09-22 (18:22)   Webb Telescope Takes A Peek At The Oldest Stars In The Universe (SlashGear)
29-09-22 (18:12)   James Webb and Hubble telescope images capture DART asteroid collision (Engadget)
29-09-22 (18:05)   U.S. agency adopts new space junk rules to reduce exploration risks (OANN)
29-09-22 (18:04)   Secrets of the Concorde Disaster, America's Tank Dilemma, and More: Read the New Pop Mech Issue NOW (Popular Mechanics)
29-09-22 (17:55)   God of War's impressive camera trick inspired the Dead Space remake (Polygon)
29-09-22 (17:47)   This Mini Space Shuttle Will Deliver Military Cargo Anywhere on Earth in Less Than 3 Hours (Popular Mechanics)
29-09-22 (17:18)   The Funniest Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Easter Egg On Star Trek: Lower Decks Is A Hilarious Deep Cut (SlashFilm)
29-09-22 (17:18)   Let's Pay Tribute To The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Characters Who Couldn't Return For Lower Decks (SlashFilm)
29-09-22 (17:08)   Getting a Flu Shot May Reduce Your Risk of Stroke (SciTechDaily)
29-09-22 (17:05)   5 Common Household Items Invented By NASA (SlashGear)
29-09-22 (16:21)   What We Know About Monkeypox (Quanta Magazine)
29-09-22 (15:54)   Roto creates digital exhibition gallery for COX Science Center (Blooloop)
29-09-22 (15:38)   Dead Space Remake Won't Have Camera Cuts or Loading Screens (PlayStation LifeStyle)
29-09-22 (15:32)   Solar + batteries at home can provide backup power during disasters (Ars Technica)
29-09-22 (14:54)   New Research Links Red Meat Consumption to a 22% Higher Risk of Heart Disease (SciTechDaily)
29-09-22 (14:48)   Lost in Space (RedState)
29-09-22 (14:47)   What You Need To Remember From Star Trek: Deep Space Nine To Enjoy This Week's Star Trek: Lower Decks (SlashFilm)
29-09-22 (14:32)   3 Russian Cosmonauts Return Safely From Intl Space Station (Newsmax)
29-09-22 (13:01)   Dead Space Remake Xbox Store Page Goes Live, Bringing New Screenshots (GamingBolt)
29-09-22 (12:54)   New Technology Could Reduce the Side Effects of Common Medicines (SciTechDaily)
29-09-22 (11:53)   New Dead Space Remake Screenshots and Box Art Appears on Xbox Store (PlayStation LifeStyle)
29-09-22 (11:39)   "Liquid Biopsy" - Cost-Effective Early-Cancer Detection From Cell-Free DNA in Blood Samples (SciTechDaily)
29-09-22 (10:54)   Earth Asteroid Impacts Mirrored on Moon - Including the Dinosaur Killer (SciTechDaily)
29-09-22 (10:54)   NASA Delays SpaceX Crew-5 Launch Due to Hurricane Ian (SciTechDaily)
29-09-22 (07:41)   Dead Space Remake Promises No Loading Screens Or Cuts (GameSpot)
29-09-22 (04:17)   Ian Pounds Florida as Monster Cat. 4 Hurricane; Close to 2M in the Dark (Newsmax)
29-09-22 (03:25)   Unlocking the Mysteries of Brain Regeneration - Groundbreaking Study Offers New Insight (SciTechDaily)
29-09-22 (01:25)   North America's Rarest Snake Found Dead (SciTechDaily)
29-09-22 (01:20)   SpaceX sets new launch date for NASA Astronaut flight to the Space Station due to Hurricane Ian (Tesmanian)
29-09-22 (01:18)   Grand Canyon's explosive gastroenteritis was a 3-month, multisource outbreak (Ars Technica)
28-09-22 (23:39)   LICIACube Satellite's First Images From After DART's Collision With Target Asteroid (SciTechDaily)
28-09-22 (23:34)   Florida's Space Coast braces for Hurricane Ian (TechCrunch)
28-09-22 (23:18)   The Best Car Surfboard Racks for Hitting the Waves (Popular Mechanics)
28-09-22 (23:11)   Dead Space Remake Promises No Camera Cuts Or Loading Screens (Screen Rant)
28-09-22 (22:18)   The First Cloned Arctic Wolf Has Been Born Via a Beagle in China (Popular Mechanics)
28-09-22 (22:15)   Dead Space Remake is Created as "One Sequential Shot" With No Camera Cuts (GamingBolt)
28-09-22 (22:04)   The 10 Best Garage Heaters for Winter Warmth (Popular Mechanics)
28-09-22 (21:46)   Record Methane Leak Flows From Damaged Baltic Sea Pipelines (Newsmax)
28-09-22 (21:44)   Dead Space Remake Features a "Whole Layer" of Narrative Side-Quests for Nicole and Other Characters (GamingBolt)
28-09-22 (20:54)   NASA Prepares for Hurricane Ian Arrival - Assesses Artemis I Forward Plan (SciTechDaily)
28-09-22 (20:54)   Fuel for Hurricane Ian: Fearsome Power Comes From the Ocean (SciTechDaily)
28-09-22 (20:51)   The Reason NASA Needed To Reinvent The Wheel For The Mars Rover (SlashGear)
28-09-22 (20:33)   Neil deGrasse Tyson: If You Think We Live in Special Times, You're Wrong (Popular Mechanics)
28-09-22 (20:15)   Dead Space Remake Will Get New Gameplay and Details Next Month - Rumour (GamingBolt)
28-09-22 (20:04)   The 25 Best Travel Gifts for Anyone With Wanderlust (Popular Mechanics)
28-09-22 (20:01)   Ship that warned Titanic of icebergs has been found at bottom of Irish Sea (Ars Technica)
28-09-22 (20:00)   Michael Jackson's chimpanzee Bubbles in secure space at Florida sanctuary as Ian approaches (New York Post)
28-09-22 (19:51)   Top Climate Scientist Slams "Goebellian" Climate Alarm and "Ridiculous" Attempts to Demonise "Fertiliser" Carbon Dioxide (The Daily Sceptic)
28-09-22 (19:17)   Amazon Device Tracks How You Breathe While Sleeping (Newsmax)
28-09-22 (19:14)   Dead Space Remake Team Showed Diehard Fans the Game Every Six Weeks in Early Development (IGN.com)
28-09-22 (19:04)   For the First Time, Astronauts Can Pop a Bottle of Bubbly in Space (Popular Mechanics)
28-09-22 (18:59)   American cities mull turning unused office space into new housing (Washington Times)
28-09-22 (18:39)   Fire Alarm Triggered After Artemis I Rocket Rolled Back in Advance of Hurricane Ian (SciTechDaily)
28-09-22 (18:39)   Breakthrough: Physicists Take Particle Self-Assembly to New Level by Mimicking Biology (SciTechDaily)
28-09-22 (18:23)   Dead Space Remake Will Be "One Sequential Shot" With No Load Screens (DualShockers)
28-09-22 (17:31)   'Triple eyes' on a catalytic reaction (ScienceDaily)
28-09-22 (17:31)   More reasons to go solar when gearing up for a greener drive (ScienceDaily)
28-09-22 (17:14)   Teachers' turnover intentions, burnout and poor work climate are interlinked (ScienceDaily)
28-09-22 (17:14)   Land use: Greater differentiation in evaluating climate protection measures (ScienceDaily)
28-09-22 (17:14)   Revealing the genome of the common ancestor of all mammals (ScienceDaily)
28-09-22 (17:04)   The World's First Hypersonic Cruise Missile Will Fly 20 Times Faster Than the Competition (Popular Mechanics)
28-09-22 (17:04)   9 Best Hot Glue Guns for Your Next Project (Popular Mechanics)
28-09-22 (16:47)   Andor Episode 4 Name Drops A Planet That May Hint At A Certain Space Station's Construction (SlashFilm)
28-09-22 (16:39)   Uncovering Hidden Patterns: AI Reduces a 100,000-Equation Quantum Physics Problem to Only Four Equations (SciTechDaily)
28-09-22 (16:39)   Hurricane Ian Enters the Gulf of Mexico - Headed Toward the West Coast of Florida (SciTechDaily)
28-09-22 (16:32)   As a meteorologist, Hurricane Ian is the nightmare storm I worry about most (Ars Technica)
28-09-22 (16:32)   Western forests, snowpack, and wildfires appear trapped in vicious climate cycle (Ars Technica)
28-09-22 (16:31)   Scalable and fully coupled quantum-inspired processor solves optimization problems (ScienceDaily)
28-09-22 (16:31)   No environmental justice, no positive peace -- and vice versa (ScienceDaily)
28-09-22 (16:31)   New zika vaccine shows promise in animal models (ScienceDaily)
28-09-22 (16:14)   Study demonstrates that ticks weaken skin's immune response (ScienceDaily)
28-09-22 (16:04)   Biologists Use Genetic Circuits to Program Plant Roots (Quanta Magazine)
28-09-22 (15:14)   Engineers discover new process for synthetic material growth, enabling soft robots that grow like plants (ScienceDaily)
28-09-22 (15:14)   Omega-3 fatty acids, and in particular DHA, are associated with increased attention scores in adolescents (ScienceDaily)
28-09-22 (14:54)   Long-Lasting Effects: Spaceflight Linked to an Increased Risk of Cancer and Heart Disease (SciTechDaily)
28-09-22 (13:32)   Alzheimer's Drug Succeeds in Slowing Cognitive Decline (Newsmax)
28-09-22 (13:25)   Physicists Discover Unexpected Mirror Nuclei Pairings (SciTechDaily)
28-09-22 (13:25)   Life-Changing - Online Forums Can Help People in Remission From Opioid Use Disorder (SciTechDaily)
28-09-22 (12:08)   Drinking Two to Three Cups of Coffee Daily Is Linked With a Longer Lifespan (SciTechDaily)
28-09-22 (10:54)   Space Station Swaps Command Today Before Three Russian Cosmonauts Depart (SciTechDaily)
28-09-22 (07:39)   5 Ways To Improve Your Brain Health  (SciTechDaily)
28-09-22 (05:54)   Researchers Discover a "Diamond Factory" Deep Inside Earth (SciTechDaily)
28-09-22 (04:17)   Cuba Without Electricity After Hurricane Hammers Power Grid (Newsmax)
28-09-22 (03:45)   NJIT researchers unlock a new method for testing protein-based drugs (ScienceDaily)
28-09-22 (03:17)   Hurricane Ian Gets Nasty Quickly, Turbocharged by Warm Water (Newsmax)
28-09-22 (01:47)   Unusual Ebola strain kills 23 in Uganda; no vaccines, treatments available (Ars Technica)
28-09-22 (00:54)   A "Previously Unrecognized Link" - Land Plants Caused a Sudden Shift in Earth's Composition (SciTechDaily)
28-09-22 (00:46)   Hurricane Ian Strikes Cuba, Florida Braces for Winds, Floods (Newsmax)
28-09-22 (00:14)   Astronaut captures spectral 'space angel' image while orbiting Earth (New York Post)
27-09-22 (23:54)   Scientists Detect a Neighboring Galaxy Filled With Dark Matter (SciTechDaily)
27-09-22 (23:47)   Russia's Army 2022 Expo Was Overshadowed by Its Poor Showing in Ukraine (Popular Mechanics)
27-09-22 (23:32)   NASA Moon Rocket Back in Hangar, Launch Unlikely Until Nov. (Newsmax)
27-09-22 (22:54)   Over 200 Million Years Old - Scientists Discover Africa's Oldest Known Dinosaur (SciTechDaily)
27-09-22 (22:47)   The Best Bike Toolkits for Adjustments and Repairs on the Go (Popular Mechanics)
27-09-22 (22:33)   The Best Amazon Prime Early Access Sale Deals on Everything From Tools to Tech (Popular Mechanics)
27-09-22 (22:33)   The 10 Best Immersion Blenders for Soups, Sauces, Smoothies, and More (Popular Mechanics)
27-09-22 (21:56)   Rick & Morty: Summer's Future as a Space Hero has a Hilarious Origin (Screen Rant)
27-09-22 (21:25)   Mediterranean Sea Blasted by Intense Marine Heatwave (SciTechDaily)
27-09-22 (21:18)   What You Need to Know About Laser Tattoo Removal Before Going Under the Beam (Popular Mechanics)
27-09-22 (21:14)   Fasting-mimicking diet reduces signs of dementia in mice (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (21:14)   The neighbors of the caliph: Archaeologists uncover ancient mosaics on the shore of the Sea of Galilee (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (21:14)   New report offers blueprint for regulation of facial recognition technology (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (21:04)   The Best Le Creuset Sales For Prime Early Access 2022 (Popular Mechanics)
27-09-22 (20:45)   Trees get overheated in a warmer rainforest (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (20:25)   Scientists Solve a 1,300-Year-Old Mystery (SciTechDaily)
27-09-22 (20:18)   Before Webb Returned Mesmerizing Images of Our Universe, It Helped Enhance Human Vision (Popular Mechanics)
27-09-22 (20:18)   10 Astonishing Facts About the Moon That People Totally Got Wrong (Popular Mechanics)
27-09-22 (20:17)   Prototype Electric Airplane Takes 1st Flight (Newsmax)
27-09-22 (20:15)   NASA DART mission: The last images the space probe took before getting smashed (ZDNet News)
27-09-22 (20:14)   Edge waves, continental shelf fueled the 2021 Acapulco Bay tsunami (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (20:14)   New research can help electric utilities account for climate change (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (20:14)   Armored worm reveals the ancestry of three major animal groups (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (20:14)   Powerful Bragg reflector with ultrahigh refractive index metamaterial (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (20:14)   Powerful hurricanes get second wind in Europe (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (20:14)   Actile impressions add product value, study finds (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (19:45)   Catalytic process with lignin could enable 100% sustainable aviation fuel (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (19:45)   New model of Alzheimer's as an autoimmune disease (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (19:45)   Ending a 50-year mystery, scientists reveal how bacteria can move (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (19:45)   Cattle grazing with virtual fencing shows potential to create wildfire fuel breaks, study finds (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (19:45)   Study shows how turtles fared decade after oil spill (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (19:45)   Diagnosis of a genetic cause in hundreds of people with motor neuron disease could be missed due to 'arbitrary age limits and rules' on genetic testing (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (19:45)   Study finds all African carnivores at risk for range loss (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (19:45)   An ocean inside Earth? Water hundreds of kilometers down (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (19:45)   Living donor transplantation offers a safe alternative for liver transplant patients (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (19:45)   Disarming the immune system's lethal lung response (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (19:45)   Researchers create single-crystal organometallic perovskite optical fibers (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (19:45)   DNA nets capture COVID-19 virus in low-cost rapid-testing platform (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (19:14)   Casting shadows on solar cells connected in series (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (19:14)   Quantum technology reaches unprecedented control over captured light (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (18:58)   London's Oval Space licence under review after alleged shooting (NME.COM)
27-09-22 (18:47)   The Carpenter Pencil Just Might Be the Most Versatile Woodworking Tool (Popular Mechanics)
27-09-22 (18:42)   Asteroid hunters capture footage of NASA smashing into space rock (Mashable)
27-09-22 (18:14)   Often overlooked, molecules called glycans regulate COVID-19 spike protein function, study finds (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (18:14)   Smartphones promise satisfaction and meaning, deliver only more searching, study finds (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (18:14)   Structure of wheat immune protein resolved -- important tool in the battle for food security (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (18:14)   Artificial intelligence reduces a 100,000-equation quantum physics problem to only four equations (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (18:14)   Remdesivir-resistant version of COVID-19 detected in organ transplant recipients (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (18:14)   COVID-19 associated with increase in new diagnoses of type 1 diabetes in youth, by as much as 72 percent, study finds (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (17:54)   500-Million-Year-Old Fossil Reveals 'Anatomical Space Cadet:' A Worm Covered in Bristles (Gizmodo)
27-09-22 (17:50)   How Big Is Infinity? (Quanta Magazine)
27-09-22 (17:45)   Democrat Mandela Barnes Likens Critical Race Theory to Science (Breitbart.com)
27-09-22 (17:45)   Study confirms that mRNA vaccines protect against serious COVID-19 during pregnancy (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (17:45)   New tool assesses which countries need COVID-19 vaccines the most (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (17:25)   Batman's Space Age Costume Is His Best New Look In Years (Screen Rant)
27-09-22 (17:14)   New findings on the effects of COVID-19 on the colon (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (17:11)   Microsoft Leads $20M Strategic Round in Web3 Data Warehouse Space and Time (Decrypt.co)
27-09-22 (17:05)   Microsoft's M12 led $20M investment in web3 platform Space and Time (TechCrunch)
27-09-22 (16:46)   Bam! NASA Spacecraft Crashes Into Asteroid in Defense Test (Newsmax)
27-09-22 (16:33)   Say 'Duck Off' to Typos for Good with Apple's iOS 16 Update (Popular Mechanics)
27-09-22 (16:14)   NASA's DART mission hits asteroid in first-ever planetary defense test (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (15:54)   Successful Impact! NASA's DART Mission Hits Asteroid in Historic Planetary Defense Test (SciTechDaily)
27-09-22 (15:54)   NASA's Artemis I Moon Rocket Departs Launch Pad Ahead of Hurricane Ian (SciTechDaily)
27-09-22 (15:51)   How AI Could Give Us The Ability To Talk To Animals (SlashGear)
27-09-22 (15:18)   Ian reaches major hurricane status, will be a historic storm for Florida (Ars Technica)
27-09-22 (15:08)   Insomnia Increases the Risk of Dementia in Older Adults (SciTechDaily)
27-09-22 (14:19)   NASA's DART anti-asteroid satellite successfully smashes into space rock (TechCrunch)
27-09-22 (14:14)   New understanding of the inner world of lysosomes (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (14:14)   Researchers identify potential therapeutic targets to prevent hearing loss caused by antibiotics (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (14:14)   The neural cartography of smell (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (14:14)   A different kind of chaos (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (14:14)   Long-term memories a matter of order--not just repetition (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (14:14)   What keeps plant roots growing toward gravity? Study identifies four genes (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (13:54)   Potentially Disastrous: 12 Key Ocean Species Are in Danger (SciTechDaily)
27-09-22 (12:54)   Deadly Super Typhoon Noru Strikes the Philippines (SciTechDaily)
27-09-22 (12:25)   Endemic Area of Deadly Lassa Virus May Expand Dramatically in Coming Decades (SciTechDaily)
27-09-22 (12:25)   Frozen Embryo Transfers Linked With 74% Greater Risk of Dangerous Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy (SciTechDaily)
27-09-22 (11:25)   Blast off: the latest space tourism and extraterrestrial experiences (Blooloop)
27-09-22 (08:25)   "Erasure" - New Discovery Could Be the Key to Practical Quantum Computing (SciTechDaily)
27-09-22 (07:43)   Hurricane Ian as seen from the International Space Station (Digital Trends)
27-09-22 (06:08)   See DART's Final Images Before Asteroid Impact (SciTechDaily)
27-09-22 (05:03)   Quantum Leap Recap: Ben's Big Space Adventure Brings Back a Familiar Face (TVLine)
27-09-22 (04:45)   Heat-related mortality risk is widespread across Washington state, study shows (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (04:45)   Game-changing new theory upends what we know about how charged macromolecules self-assemble (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (04:45)   Among ancient Mayas, cacao was not a food exclusive to the elite (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (04:45)   This molecule could be behind liver fibrosis (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (04:45)   Magnetic field helps thick battery electrodes tackle electric vehicle challenges (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (04:14)   Study IDs what brings our senses and thoughts together (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (04:14)   New study shows transmission of epigenetic memory across multiple generations (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (04:14)   New study allows scientists to test therapeutics for rare disease affecting young children (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (04:14)   Correcting peers is key in small-group learning (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (04:14)   Plastics of the future will live many past lives, thanks to chemical recycling (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (04:14)   Family ties give animals reasons to 'help or harm' as they age (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (04:14)   Diets rich in refined fiber may increase liver cancer risk in some individuals (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (03:45)   Anxiety during pregnancy can lead to earlier births, study finds (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (03:45)   'Placenta-on-a-chip' mimics malaria-infected nutrient exchange between mother-fetus (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (03:14)   Coffee drinking is associated with increased longevity (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (03:14)   Asteroid that formed Vredefort crater bigger than previously believed (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (03:14)   Astronomers map distances to 56,000 galaxies, largest-ever catalog (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (03:14)   Flower strips and hedges combine to boost bees in orchards (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (03:14)   Frozen embryo transfers linked with high blood pressure risks in pregnancy (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (03:01)   DART goes silent after hitting an asteroid [Update] (Ars Technica)
27-09-22 (02:56)   RS Recommends: These Combination Heating and Cooling Fans Help Keep Your Space Comfortable Year-Round (RollingStone.com)
27-09-22 (02:45)   Layering, not liquid: Astronomers explain Mars' watery reflections (ScienceDaily)
27-09-22 (02:36)   NASA DART Mission Successfully Slams Spacecraft Into Asteroid: Here's What Comes Next (SlashGear)
27-09-22 (01:59)   NASA's DART successfully rams asteroid in attempt to alter space rock's course (Washington Times)
27-09-22 (01:27)   NASA successfully smacked its DART spacecraft into an asteroid (Engadget)
27-09-22 (01:08)   Startling - Cancer Rates Are Dramatically Rising for Adults Under 50 (SciTechDaily)
27-09-22 (00:04)   Amazon Announces October Prime Day Event, and You Can Score Major Deals on TVs (Popular Mechanics)
27-09-22 (00:04)   The Best Prime Early Access Sale Gaming Deals You Won't Want to Miss (Popular Mechanics)
26-09-22 (23:47)   Save Big on Christmas Decorations Now at the Amazon Prime Early-Access Sale (Popular Mechanics)
26-09-22 (23:25)   A Brand New Island Appears in the Pacific Ocean (SciTechDaily)
26-09-22 (22:40)   Why DART Is the Most Important Mission Ever Launched to Space (Gizmodo)
26-09-22 (22:18)   Make Your Own Wooden Bowl to Hold Keys, Change, and Odds and Ends (Popular Mechanics)
26-09-22 (21:47)   The Best Prime Day Early-Access Deals on Headphones (Popular Mechanics)
26-09-22 (21:33)   Every Season Of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Ranked Worst To Best (SlashFilm)
26-09-22 (21:30)   Hyenas is Creative Assembly's latest reinvention - a looter shooter from space (Pocket-lint)
26-09-22 (21:25)   This Week @NASA: Critical Preflight Test for Artemis I, DART Planetary Defense, New Webb Images (SciTechDaily)
26-09-22 (21:25)   2022 Arctic Summer Sea Ice Minimum Extent Tied for 10th-Lowest on Record (SciTechDaily)
26-09-22 (21:22)   Here's How You Can Watch NASA Crash A $330M Spacecraft (SlashGear)
26-09-22 (21:18)   Report pushes 'big-tent' approach for the future of batteries (Ars Technica)
26-09-22 (21:18)   It's DART's big day: Asteroid collision just hours away (Ars Technica)
26-09-22 (21:05)   The Untold Truth Of 2001: A Space Odyssey (Looper)
26-09-22 (20:51)   A New Island Just Appeared In The Pacific Ocean: Here's How (SlashGear)
26-09-22 (20:05)   Hey, Covidian! Leave Those Kids Alone (The Daily Sceptic)
26-09-22 (20:04)   The Best Prime Early-Access Sale Power Generator Deals to Shop Now (Popular Mechanics)
26-09-22 (19:25)   ESA's Deep Space Network Tracks DART Asteroid Impact (SciTechDaily)
26-09-22 (19:25)   DART Impact Day: How To Watch Live Coverage of Spacecraft's Impact With Asteroid Dimorphos (SciTechDaily)
26-09-22 (19:21)   Physicists Rewrite a Quantum Rule That Clashes With Our Universe (Quanta Magazine)
26-09-22 (19:18)   Asteroid Ryugu was once part of a much larger parent body, new results find (Ars Technica)
26-09-22 (19:18)   NASA makes the call to protect its Artemis I mission from Hurricane Ian (Ars Technica)
26-09-22 (19:17)   Hurricane Ian Prompts NASA to Roll Moon Rocket Off Launchpad (Newsmax)
26-09-22 (18:45)   Key phases of human evolution coincide with flickers in eastern Africa's climate (ScienceDaily)
26-09-22 (18:45)   Young kids avoid one learning trap that often snares adults (ScienceDaily)
26-09-22 (18:33)   Heavy-Hitting American Tanks Like the M1 Abrams Are 'On the Table' for Ukraine's Army (Popular Mechanics)
26-09-22 (18:14)   Engineers build a battery-free, wireless underwater camera (ScienceDaily)
26-09-22 (18:14)   Invasive stink bug habitat could expand greatly with climate change (ScienceDaily)
26-09-22 (18:04)   ASMR Feels Like a Pleasant Little 'Brain Massage.' Scientists May Finally Know Why (Popular Mechanics)
26-09-22 (17:56)   New Star Trek Series Is Officially a Deep Space Nine Sequel (Screen Rant)
26-09-22 (17:27)   NASA will roll Artemis 1 back to shelter it from Hurricane Ian (Engadget)
26-09-22 (17:27)   This Apple iPad Pro 9.7" 128GB in Space Grey (Refurb) is just $212.99 (Neowin.net)
26-09-22 (17:25)   NASA's Juno Spacecraft Will Perform Close Flyby of Jupiter's Icy Moon Europa (SciTechDaily)
26-09-22 (17:22)   Here's What Would Happen If Every Planet Doubled In Size (SlashGear)
26-09-22 (16:42)   Genshin Impact Glitch Sends Yae Miko To Space (Screen Rant)
26-09-22 (16:41)   Watch NASA crash DART into an asteroid at 6PM ET (Engadget)
26-09-22 (15:12)   Zack Estrin Dies: Prison Break and Lost in Space Producer Was 51 (TV Fanatic)
26-09-22 (15:08)   MIT Engineers Build Wireless Underwater Camera That Doesn't Need Batteries! (SciTechDaily)
26-09-22 (14:46)   Hurricane Ian Projected to Hit Florida Wednesday as Category 4 (Newsmax)
26-09-22 (14:08)   Scientists Discover That Chromosomes Are Fluid (SciTechDaily)
26-09-22 (13:53)   Best Universities for Blockchain 2022: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (CoinDesk)
26-09-22 (13:39)   Best Universities for Blockchain 2022: Norwegian University of Science and Technology (CoinDesk)
26-09-22 (12:54)   Green Tea Found To Improve Gut Health and Lower Blood Sugar (SciTechDaily)
26-09-22 (11:54)   Viruses May Be "Watching" You - Lying in Wait Before Multiplying and Killing (SciTechDaily)
26-09-22 (11:54)   Sharjah Museums Authority opens interactive space for archaeology learning (Blooloop)
26-09-22 (10:54)   NASA Releases Revised Version of Its Moon to Mars Objectives (SciTechDaily)
26-09-22 (08:25)   Hubble Spies a Spectacular Spiral Galaxy (SciTechDaily)
26-09-22 (08:04)   Zack Estrin, Producer Of Prison Break And Lost In Space, Has Died At 51 (SlashFilm)
26-09-22 (06:08)   Scientists: Eat More of This Carb - Even Supplements Make a Big Difference (SciTechDaily)
26-09-22 (04:20)   Zack Estrin Dead at 51; Prison Break and Lost in Space Reboot Producer (TVLine)
26-09-22 (03:12)   Hilton to design crew suites for new space station (Digital Trends)
26-09-22 (01:45)   Longhorned tick discovered in northern Missouri (ScienceDaily)
26-09-22 (01:25)   Newly Discovered Protein Connected to Significant Increase in Risk of Alzheimer's Disease (SciTechDaily)
26-09-22 (01:24)   Zack Estrin, Writer-Producer Known for 'Prison Break' and 'Lost in Space,' Dies at 51 (Variety)
26-09-22 (01:17)   Zack Estrin Dies: 'Lost In Space' Showrunner Was 51 (Deadline.com)
26-09-22 (01:00)   Zack Estrin, TV Producer, Screenwriter and Showrunner for Netflix's 'Lost in Space,' Dies at 51 (TheWrap.com)
26-09-22 (00:36)   Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Argonne Technology Eyes Bird Activity at Solar Facilities (CleanTechnica)
25-09-22 (23:39)   Growing Human Kidneys in a Lab - Scientists Have Made a Significant Breakthrough (SciTechDaily)
25-09-22 (22:39)   Ancient DNA Reveals Comprehensive Genomic History of the "Cradle of Civilization" (SciTechDaily)
25-09-22 (21:08)   Reducing Stress - How Does Nature Nurture the Brain? (SciTechDaily)
25-09-22 (21:08)   Chrysalis: Saturn's Ancient, Missing Moon (SciTechDaily)
25-09-22 (18:18)   7 Solar-Powered Floodlights for Better Home Security (And a Lower Electric Bill) (Popular Mechanics)
25-09-22 (17:42)   Ahoy's Highball is a Side-Splitting, Boozy Tribute to Space Adventure (Screen Rant)
25-09-22 (15:25)   7 Tips to Improve Your Sleep Quality (SciTechDaily)
25-09-22 (14:08)   Plant-Based Meat Is "Healthier and More Sustainable" (SciTechDaily)
25-09-22 (13:25)   Where Does Consciousness Reside in the Brain? New Discovery Helps Pinpoint Its Location (SciTechDaily)
25-09-22 (13:25)   COVID-19 Linked With Substantial Increase in Type 1 Diabetes in Children - As Much as 72% (SciTechDaily)
25-09-22 (13:18)   Were your teen years exhausting? School schedules may be why (Ars Technica)
25-09-22 (11:54)   NASA's SpaceX Crew-5 Astronauts Meet Their Dragon (SciTechDaily)
25-09-22 (10:00)   Wild hit-and-run shatters outdoor NYC restaurant space (New York Post)
25-09-22 (08:39)   MIT AI Image Generator System Makes Models Like DALL-E 2 More Creative (SciTechDaily)
25-09-22 (07:39)   Webb Space Telescope Reveals Richest and Closest Star Nursery in the Solar System (SciTechDaily)
25-09-22 (05:54)   Innovative MIT Passive Cooling System Works Without Electricity (SciTechDaily)
25-09-22 (02:08)   NASA's SpaceX Crew-5 Enters Quarantine for Mission to International Space Station (SciTechDaily)
25-09-22 (01:08)   New Treatment Target Could Counter Bone Loss (SciTechDaily)
24-09-22 (23:39)   Explaining the Most Baffling Quirk of COVID: Common Gene Variant Linked to Mortality (SciTechDaily)
24-09-22 (22:45)   Asexual relationships need same ingredients as any other relationship (ScienceDaily)
24-09-22 (22:45)   Potential of precision genome editing in treating inherited retinal diseases (ScienceDaily)
24-09-22 (22:45)   Air pollution can amplify negative effects of climate change, new study finds (ScienceDaily)
24-09-22 (22:45)   New research throws doubt on old ideas of how hearing works (ScienceDaily)
24-09-22 (22:45)   New research finds that viruses may have 'eyes and ears' on us (ScienceDaily)
24-09-22 (22:14)   Simple process extracts valuable magnesium salt from seawater (ScienceDaily)
24-09-22 (22:14)   Researchers test a novel hypothesis to explain the cause of autoimmunity in patients with type 1 diabetes (ScienceDaily)
24-09-22 (22:14)   Mutation in key molecules could stop gonorrhea infection, biomedical sciences researchers find (ScienceDaily)
24-09-22 (22:14)   Transition to newer clot-busting drug improves patient outcomes, lowers cost in treating ischemic stroke (ScienceDaily)

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