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11-12-17 (01:53)   Mt Hope installed as 'UK's highest peak' (BBC News)
11-12-17 (00:07)   Wavy to Zig-Zag Line Illusion Reveals the Importance of Corners in Perception (Nerdist)
10-12-17 (21:32)   NASA and Amiga history meet in an eBay listing (Ars Technica)
10-12-17 (20:47)   Energy Secretary Perry agrees to extension on pro-coal, nuclear rulemaking (Ars Technica)
10-12-17 (20:12)   Apple AI chief reveals more progress on self-driving car tech (Engadget)
10-12-17 (19:06)   WATCH: MAGA Hats Result in Ouster From Fordham Safe Space (Heavy.com)
10-12-17 (17:35)   18 suits of power armor from science fiction you don't want to meet on the battlefield (TheVerge)
10-12-17 (14:13)   Get a comprehensive set of online courses in computer science for 97% off (Mashable)
10-12-17 (13:22)   Australian town driven batty by flying foxes (BBC News)
10-12-17 (01:43)   Botanical exploits: How British plant hunters served science (BBC News)
10-12-17 (01:14)   Plastic planet (BBC News)
10-12-17 (01:07)   What's the Smallest Hole This Mouse Can Get Through? (Nerdist)
09-12-17 (22:27)   Kevin Feige Reveals That Future AVENGERS Movies Will Take Place In Outer Space (Comic Book Movie)
09-12-17 (21:41)   Kevin Feige Says Future AVENGERS Movies Will Take Place In Outer Space (Comic Book Movie)
09-12-17 (20:18)   Looks like a rough flu season ahead. Here are answers to ALL your flu questions (Ars Technica)
09-12-17 (19:06)   Is Elon Musk even allowed to send his car to deep space? (TheVerge)
09-12-17 (18:51)   Marvel Studios Head Teases More 'Avengers' Films In Space (Comicbook.com)
09-12-17 (03:28)   The polar bear in this video is dying from starvation. Fortunately, most aren't...yet (Mashable)
09-12-17 (01:29)   Light from LIGO's neutron star smashup just got even brighter (Newscientist.com)
09-12-17 (01:29)   Record-breaking two-tonne fish is the heaviest of its kind (Newscientist.com)
09-12-17 (01:22)   The 'Godfather of Coral' who's still diving at 72 (BBC News)
08-12-17 (22:57)   This is what a shooting star looks like from space - CNET (C-Net News.com)
08-12-17 (22:54)   This is what a pizza party looks like in space (Business Insider)
08-12-17 (22:32)   Bad news: Warmest climate models might also be most accurate (Ars Technica)
08-12-17 (20:59)   People are losing their minds over historic Southern snowstorm (Mashable)
08-12-17 (20:43)   That interstellar asteroid could be a shard of a shredded planet (Newscientist.com)
08-12-17 (20:43)   Will wildfires finally change Rupert Murdoch's climate stance? (Newscientist.com)
08-12-17 (20:43)   Wildebeest no more: The death of Africa's great migrations (Newscientist.com)
08-12-17 (20:43)   Food delivery robots are teaching themselves how to cross roads (Newscientist.com)
08-12-17 (20:43)   Feedback: Proposals for a new drugs class are double plus good (Newscientist.com)
08-12-17 (20:43)   Africa's giraffes are being slaughtered by Joseph Kony's army (Newscientist.com)
08-12-17 (20:22)   NVIDIA TITAN V: 5 features for scientists, researchers, and gamers (SlashGear)
08-12-17 (18:49)   GTFO looks like Payday meets Dead Space (Rock, Paper, Shotgun)
08-12-17 (18:02)   'Star Wars' galaxy leaves plenty of space to navigate (CNN.com)
08-12-17 (17:50)   Solution: 'Triumph or Cooperation in Game Theory and Evolution' (Quanta Magazine)
08-12-17 (16:25)   The 'space kingdom' Asgardia says it's the first nation with all of its territory in orbit ? but legal experts are dubious (Business Insider)
08-12-17 (16:13)   Your next flu shot may be replaced with this patch (Mashable)
08-12-17 (14:51)   UC San Diego engineers create glucose monitoring phone case (SlashGear)
08-12-17 (14:18)   Teaser: Our Apollo celebration continues with part 2, launching Tuesday (Ars Technica)
08-12-17 (14:00)   California wildfires: Flames seen from space (BBC News)
08-12-17 (13:22)   UCLA researchers create device that could revolutionize hydrogen vehicles (SlashGear)
08-12-17 (11:51)   World's smallest Mona Lisa is on a DNA canvas (SlashGear)
08-12-17 (09:00)   Kony's Lord's Resistance Army is slaughtering Africa's giraffes (Newscientist.com)
08-12-17 (08:54)   Battlestar Galactica Deadlock - the tactical game for space combat and Battlestar Galactica fans - releases on Xbox One and PS4 (TheXboxHub)
08-12-17 (06:13)   Firefighters are brave as hell, and these photos prove it (Mashable)
08-12-17 (03:59)   Rescuers rally on social media to save horses from wildfires (Mashable)
08-12-17 (01:12)   Thai company mu Space can now operate satellites (Engadget)
08-12-17 (00:28)   Photos show the surreal devastation from Southern California's wildfires (Mashable)
07-12-17 (23:59)   Dramatic photos show the devastating Southern California wildfires from space (Mashable)
07-12-17 (23:00)   Bizarre supernova may be powered by hidden disc of dust and gas (Newscientist.com)
07-12-17 (23:00)   How refugee scientists can change the world (Newscientist.com)
07-12-17 (23:00)   Robot's terrible jokes are a new test of machine intelligence (Newscientist.com)
07-12-17 (23:00)   Daughters of older mums are more likely to never have children (Newscientist.com)
07-12-17 (23:00)   Planets near dangerous stars could shield alien life under smog (Newscientist.com)
07-12-17 (23:00)   Your smartphone behaviour may decide whether you get a loan (Newscientist.com)
07-12-17 (22:49)   Netflix has optioned John Scalzi's military science fiction novel Old Man's War (TheVerge)
07-12-17 (22:42)   Gun sales spiked after Sandy Hook. So did people being shot and killed. (Mashable)
07-12-17 (22:40)   NASA captures space view of California wildfires blazing - CNET (C-Net News.com)
07-12-17 (22:23)   Mount Holyoke Students Create 'Alternative Space' For Those Triggered By Gun Rights Speech (Daily Wire)
07-12-17 (21:14)   Narwhal escape: Whales freeze and flee when frightened (BBC News)
07-12-17 (20:58)   This is why you don't look directly at a solar eclipse (Engadget)
07-12-17 (20:26)   KEF Porsche Design Space One Wireless hands-on review (Digital Trends)
07-12-17 (19:53)   US firm picks UK for weather satellites (BBC News)
07-12-17 (19:22)   Dark Phoenix: Exclusive concept art of Jean Grey's transformation in deep space (EW.com)
07-12-17 (19:18)   Boeing: We are going to beat SpaceX to Mars (Ars Technica)
07-12-17 (19:08)   A startup is printing giant photos of Earth from space, and they're gorgeous (Business Insider)
07-12-17 (18:53)   Researchers find 'oldest ever eye' in fossil (BBC News)
07-12-17 (18:52)   Beyond Good & Evil 2's First Space Monkey Report Livestream is Live; Watch Right Here (DualShockers)
07-12-17 (18:42)   Everyone's sharing this video of a man saving a rabbit from the California wildfires (Mashable)
07-12-17 (18:28)   Busting myths about virtual reality in cinema (Mashable)
07-12-17 (18:07)   Here's How We'd Build a Real X-Wing (Nerdist)
07-12-17 (18:01)   DeepMind AI needs mere 4 hours of self-training to become a chess overlord (Ars Technica)
07-12-17 (17:54)   12 books on science Bill Gates thinks everyone should read (Business Insider)
07-12-17 (17:04)   Mathematicians Crack the Cursed Curve (Quanta Magazine)
07-12-17 (16:42)   Thursday is one of the most dangerous wildfire days in recent Southern California history (Mashable)
07-12-17 (16:33)   What the fires look like from space (CNN.com)
07-12-17 (16:28)   'X-Men: Dark Phoenix' Timeline Revealed; Will Be Going to Outer Space (Collider)
07-12-17 (16:28)   Making pizza in space is incredibly hard, ya'll (Mashable)
07-12-17 (16:14)   What do the new 'gay genes' tell us about sexual orientation? (Newscientist.com)
07-12-17 (15:18)   Video: See our full interview with Apollo 7 astronaut Walt Cunningham (Ars Technica)
07-12-17 (14:29)   Night exercises: The intense workout we all do in our sleep (Newscientist.com)
07-12-17 (14:07)   Can You Hear the Sound in the Silent Gif of Power Lines Playing Jump Rope? (Nerdist)
07-12-17 (12:28)   SYFY launches Snapchat Show 'GEEKLY' as Snap strips ephemerality from product (Mashable)
07-12-17 (06:06)   WATCH: Beyond Good and Evil 2 "Space Monkey Report" Live Stream (Heavy.com)
07-12-17 (04:05)   Beyond Good & Evil 2 Getting Its Own Developer Stream Tomorrow (GameInformer.com)
07-12-17 (01:01)   Man gets gruesome fungal lesion after snipping pimple with dirty wood tools (Ars Technica)
07-12-17 (00:54)   Science says kids who become successful have parents who teach them 8 things (Business Insider)
07-12-17 (00:53)   Beyond Good and Evil 2 Space Monkey Report Stream on December 7 (PlayStation LifeStyle)
07-12-17 (00:42)   How an iconic LA art museum prepared itself for devastating wildfires (Mashable)
06-12-17 (23:47)   Climate change already costs us all money, and it's going to get worse (Ars Technica)
06-12-17 (23:36)   Supermassive black hole is the most distant one ever spotted (SlashGear)
06-12-17 (23:26)   The space station is about as sanitary as your run-of-the-mill bachelor pad (Digital Trends)
06-12-17 (23:03)   Sundance 2018: New Frontier Slate Heads To Space & Beyond With Black Eyed Peas, Rosario Dawson & Frankenstein Along For The Ride (Deadline.com)
06-12-17 (22:22)   Farthest monster black hole found (BBC News)
06-12-17 (22:06)   Oculus now lets you access the Windows desktop and build your own space in VR (TheVerge)
06-12-17 (21:43)   Earth's climate will warm 15 per cent more than we thought (Newscientist.com)
06-12-17 (21:29)   A closer look at '3.67m-year-old' skeleton (BBC News)
06-12-17 (21:12)   Google's AlphaGo AI can teach itself to master games like chess (Engadget)
06-12-17 (21:11)   'Space nation' to Earthlings: Do you read us? - CNET (C-Net News.com)
06-12-17 (21:06)   This free science fiction anthology is all about the future of space exploration (TheVerge)
06-12-17 (20:47)   Victims of mystery attacks in Cuba left with anomalies in brain tissue (Ars Technica)
06-12-17 (20:29)   Gruesome eyeball wounds patched up with squirt of smart glue (Newscientist.com)
06-12-17 (19:43)   US cyberweapons have been stolen and there's nothing we can do (Newscientist.com)
06-12-17 (19:43)   Most distant quasar ever seen is way too big for our universe (Newscientist.com)
06-12-17 (19:43)   Welcome to the limb lab where organs are kept alive on shelves (Newscientist.com)
06-12-17 (19:43)   Podcast: How your thinking style is getting you into trouble (Newscientist.com)
06-12-17 (19:43)   Why brewing beer in space is more important than you think (Newscientist.com)
06-12-17 (19:43)   How we breathe between words can be used to identify us (Newscientist.com)
06-12-17 (19:42)   'The Last Jedi' will feature a space version of Carrie Fisher's dog Gary because we're not crying enough already (Mashable)
06-12-17 (19:19)   Wanted: academics wise to the needs of government (Nature)
06-12-17 (19:19)   Arctic fishing, robot explorers and Chinese medicines (Nature)
06-12-17 (19:19)   Archaeologists uneasy as Trump shrinks Bears Ears monument lands (Nature)
06-12-17 (19:19)   Bat cave solves mystery of deadly SARS virus ? and suggests new outbreak could occur (Nature)
06-12-17 (19:19)   Scientists want in on humanity's next big space station (Nature)
06-12-17 (19:19)   Hundreds of German universities set to lose access to Elsevier journals (Nature)
06-12-17 (19:19)   The labs that forge distant planets here on Earth (Nature)
06-12-17 (19:19)   Muscle-cell manoeuvres (Nature)
06-12-17 (19:12)   Farthest-ever supermassive black hole reveals the early universe (Engadget)
06-12-17 (19:04)   Earliest Black Hole Gives Rare Glimpse of Ancient Universe (Quanta Magazine)
06-12-17 (18:33)   After Dana White discusses boxing promotion, Holly Holm addresses possible return to the sweet science (Bjpenn.com)
06-12-17 (17:57)   Return to Aperture Science and anger GLaDOS in 'Bridge Constructor Portal' (Digital Trends)
06-12-17 (17:14)   The Fake Space Agency Searching for Life on Mars' Nonexistent Third Moon (WIRED)
06-12-17 (17:13)   Wildfires lead to hellish scenes for Los Angeles commuters (Mashable)
06-12-17 (16:53)   Little Foot skeleton unveiled in South Africa (BBC News)
06-12-17 (16:22)   The other Dodo (BBC News)
06-12-17 (16:12)   Girl Scouts launches computer science program to encourage STEM careers (Engadget)
06-12-17 (16:00)   Superheated water makes microwaved eggs explode when you dig in (Newscientist.com)
06-12-17 (16:00)   A boy is missing the vision bit of his brain but can still see (Newscientist.com)
06-12-17 (15:18)   Video: See our full interview with NASA legend Christopher C. Kraft (Ars Technica)
06-12-17 (14:43)   UN signals 'end' of throwaway plastic (BBC News)
06-12-17 (14:36)   Researchers create 3D printed objects that connect to WiFi with no electronics (SlashGear)
06-12-17 (13:32)   Bitcoin's insane energy consumption, explained (Ars Technica)
06-12-17 (13:14)   Dark energy is mutating, with grave consequences for the cosmos (Newscientist.com)
06-12-17 (13:14)   Why do female monkeys spend so long looking at rugged males? (Newscientist.com)
06-12-17 (12:29)   Japan's refusal to stop ivory trade undermines bans elsewhere (Newscientist.com)
06-12-17 (12:28)   Code.org raises $12 million to provide more computer science education for children (Pocket Gamer.biz)
06-12-17 (12:14)   What Happens When an Algorithm Helps Write Science Fiction (WIRED)
06-12-17 (10:52)   Researchers Create 'Living Ink' That Reacts To The Environment (Ubergizmo)
06-12-17 (09:53)   Mini-review: Space Jet: War Galaxy Machines (All About Windows Phone)
06-12-17 (03:13)   Striking aerial photos show severity of California wildfires (Mashable)
06-12-17 (01:36)   Mars rover images show round balls, stirring up new conspiracies (SlashGear)
06-12-17 (01:25)   Two questions that can help you make better decisions, according to science (Business Insider)
06-12-17 (00:05)   VSCO Messages feature connects users in a private space (SlashGear)
06-12-17 (00:05)   New 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Preview Shows "Space Horses" Trampling Through Canto Bight (Comicbook.com)
05-12-17 (23:32)   Accused of medical malpractice?a lot? The VA may be the place for you (Ars Technica)
05-12-17 (23:27)   NASA's James Webb telescope is one step closer to launch (Engadget)
05-12-17 (22:22)   Secret 18th century message found in Jesus statue's hollow rump (SlashGear)
05-12-17 (22:00)   Lizards re-evolved eggs after thousands of years of live births (Newscientist.com)
05-12-17 (22:00)   The usual way of hunting dark matter may be all wrong (Newscientist.com)
05-12-17 (21:39)   A clumsy detective investigates space murders in 2000:1: A Space Felony (PC Gamer)
05-12-17 (21:00)   Artificial ovary may fine-tune treatment for menopause symptoms (Newscientist.com)
05-12-17 (21:00)   Sumatran tigers fall 17 per cent and have just two strongholds (Newscientist.com)
05-12-17 (20:26)   Google's newest app aims to free up space on your Android phone - CNET (C-Net News.com)
05-12-17 (19:18)   The mission to learn everything we always wanted to know about the Universe (Ars Technica)
05-12-17 (18:06)   Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope Remaster Review - Lost in Space (DualShockers)
05-12-17 (17:50)   What Bacteria Can Tell Us About Human Evolution (Quanta Magazine)
05-12-17 (17:47)   Morals behind anti-vaccination: Vigilance against tyrannical, impure shots (Ars Technica)
05-12-17 (17:07)   Elon Musk and SpaceX Want to Help You Get Drunk on Mars (Nerdist)
05-12-17 (16:28)   California's worst fire season just got even more terrifying (Mashable)
05-12-17 (14:51)   Researchers create spacesuit with "Take Me Home" button (SlashGear)
05-12-17 (14:18)   The Greatest Leap, Part 1: How the Apollo fire propelled NASA to the Moon (Ars Technica)
05-12-17 (14:00)   Robofish floats about tracking antibiotics in the Great Lakes (Newscientist.com)
05-12-17 (14:00)   NASA fires Voyager 1's engines for the first time in 37 years (Newscientist.com)
05-12-17 (14:00)   UN commits to stop ocean plastic waste (BBC News)
05-12-17 (13:29)   Hinkley Point's Cardiff Bay toxic mud claim 'alarmist' (BBC News)
05-12-17 (12:00)   Pizza night aboard the International Space Station (BBC News)
05-12-17 (10:00)   Australia's frog count: App calls on citizen scientists (BBC News)
05-12-17 (08:29)   Scorching hot springs house extreme life and a future ocean (Newscientist.com)
05-12-17 (08:29)   Extreme radiation around small stars may not doom life nearby (Newscientist.com)
05-12-17 (08:29)   Spaceplanes may be the best hope in war on deadly orbiting junk (Newscientist.com)
05-12-17 (08:14)   IUCN Red List: Wild crops listed as threatened (BBC News)
05-12-17 (03:36)   ISS crew video shows how to make and eat pizza in space (SlashGear)
05-12-17 (01:22)   How UK's birds are being affected by a changing climate (BBC News)
05-12-17 (01:14)   Ocean plastic a 'planetary crisis' - UN (BBC News)
05-12-17 (00:42)   Patagonia fights back hard against Trump's national monument land grab (Mashable)
04-12-17 (23:40)   Science Channel Scores with Its Highest Rated November Since 2010 in Primetime (The Futon Critic)
04-12-17 (23:38)   Beautiful Sci-Fi Short ORBIT EVER AFTER Seeks Love Among the Stars (Nerdist)
04-12-17 (23:34)   Sheryl Sandberg says we need equal access to computer science education (TechCrunch)
04-12-17 (23:21)   The Best Thing You Can Do for Your Next Idea Is Space Out (Fstoppers)
04-12-17 (22:59)   Elon Musk Plans to Launch Tesla Sports Car into Space (Breitbart.com)
04-12-17 (22:59)   Photos of the majestic public lands Trump just opened to drilling and hunting (Mashable)
04-12-17 (22:28)   Before-and-after satellite images show massive influx of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh (Mashable)
04-12-17 (21:59)   Who benefits most when kids learn to code? Tech companies. (Mashable)
04-12-17 (21:43)   Star Wars: The Last Jedi's "space horse" sees some action in the Chinese trailer (GamesRadar)
04-12-17 (21:42)   Gorgeous photo shows space station cross the face of the moon (Mashable)
04-12-17 (21:13)   Scientists created a Tetris game powered by jellyfish DNA (Mashable)
04-12-17 (20:49)   NASA's next big space telescope is out of its cryogenic testing chamber (TheVerge)
04-12-17 (19:29)   Pole-to-pole highway transports heat beneath Europa's icy crust (Newscientist.com)
04-12-17 (19:11)   See astronauts throw a pizza party in space - CNET (C-Net News.com)
04-12-17 (18:49)   Watch the first trailer for Netflix's new science fiction show Altered Carbon (TheVerge)
04-12-17 (18:43)   Science Fiction: slavery stereotypes, and a new M. John Harrison (Newscientist.com)
04-12-17 (18:43)   Focus on liberty and purity may change anti-vax parents' minds (Newscientist.com)
04-12-17 (18:43)   Moon's explosive birth drove iron deep into Earth's core (Newscientist.com)
04-12-17 (18:43)   Jupiter's icy moon Europa has a hidden 'conveyer belt' of heat (Newscientist.com)
04-12-17 (18:43)   Want to be the boss? How to signal your leadership potential (Newscientist.com)
04-12-17 (18:43)   Male monkeys with masculine faces draw long lingering glances (Newscientist.com)
04-12-17 (18:35)   Plunge Into a (Virtual Reality) Black Hole (Quanta Magazine)
04-12-17 (18:28)   Powerful cold front to usher in winter across the U.S., but it may not mean heavy snow (Mashable)
04-12-17 (18:27)   Spacesuit 'take me home' feature could save lost astronauts (Engadget)
04-12-17 (17:41)   Life may be easier to find on planets outside the 'habitable zone' (Engadget)
04-12-17 (17:14)   The Science of Sensory Deprivation Tanks in *Stranger Things* (WIRED)
04-12-17 (17:13)   Smart Google Doodle puts coding in everyone's hands (Mashable)
04-12-17 (16:36)   Star Wars OnePlus 5T has two special features (SlashGear)
04-12-17 (14:51)   Geek out with your own liquid sand fluidized air bed (SlashGear)
04-12-17 (14:29)   Bustard or bust: The fractious battle to bring back a lost giant (Newscientist.com)
04-12-17 (14:29)   Destruction of war-torn Syria brought to London by AI (Newscientist.com)
04-12-17 (14:29)   World's richest science prize hands out $22 million for research (Newscientist.com)
04-12-17 (14:29)   Macho, macho monkey: female monkeys gaze more at masculine faces (Newscientist.com)
04-12-17 (14:29)   Kids are alright whatever the family make-up, so let them be (Newscientist.com)
04-12-17 (13:00)   The 'supermoon' celestial wonder seen across the UK (BBC News)
04-12-17 (12:53)   Mini-review: Space Racing 2 UWP (All About Windows Phone)
04-12-17 (11:05)   Voyager 1's thrusters still after 37 years of sleep (SlashGear)
04-12-17 (11:00)   Schoolgirl invents low-cost lead detecting device (BBC News)
04-12-17 (10:41)   Gravity waves could help scientists detect earthquakes faster (Engadget)
04-12-17 (03:36)   What is a 'supermoon'? (BBC News)
04-12-17 (02:22)   2018 MacBook, Apple Watch to free up more space inside, says Kuo (SlashGear)
03-12-17 (23:29)   Clearer label plan in bid to reduce food waste (BBC News)
03-12-17 (20:48)   US: Russia, China building space weapons (CNN.com)
03-12-17 (20:13)   Pizza in space clearly means well but looks pretty disgusting (Mashable)
03-12-17 (19:16)   Space-age tires on Mars could mean no flat tires on earth someday (TechnoBuffalo)
03-12-17 (17:54)   Science says holiday music is bad for your mental health (Business Insider)
03-12-17 (17:07)   Benjamin Franklin's Bizarre and Beautiful Glass Armonica Could be the First American Instrument (Nerdist)
03-12-17 (16:59)   The coming Arctic blast probably won't make you sick, but winter definitely can (Mashable)
03-12-17 (16:18)   Big Ag + Big Pharma = Big Problems (Ars Technica)
03-12-17 (15:43)   How Japan got a fix on brain-teasing highs (Newscientist.com)
03-12-17 (15:43)   Old Scientist: Age, autism and animal art (Newscientist.com)
03-12-17 (07:01)   Australian TV Host Nearly Takes A Rocket To The Face During Science Experiment (TVOvermind)
03-12-17 (01:12)   NASA wakes up Voyager's slumbering thrusters 37 years later (Engadget)
03-12-17 (01:07)   Bird's Song Sounds Like R2-D2, Lasers, and Other Sci-Fi Noises (Nerdist)
02-12-17 (23:28)   Yes, it's true: SpaceX is sending a Tesla Roadster to Mars aboard the Falcon Heavy (Mashable)
02-12-17 (23:26)   After 37 years, NASA fires up engines on the Voyager 1 space explorer (Digital Trends)
02-12-17 (23:08)   People think different kinds of alcohol makes them different kinds of drunk ? science explains why (Business Insider)
02-12-17 (21:47)   SpaceX will attempt to launch a red Tesla to the red planet [Updated] (Ars Technica)
02-12-17 (21:42)   Far-flung Voyager 1 thrusters come to life after almost 40 years of disuse (Mashable)
02-12-17 (19:35)   Barbary Station is a thrilling sci-fi adventure about space pirates and a homicidal AI (TheVerge)
02-12-17 (19:20)   Elon Musk told us he was sending a car to space, then said he totally made it up (TheVerge)
02-12-17 (18:54)   The darkest day of the year is almost here ? here are science-backed ways to fight winter blues (Business Insider)
02-12-17 (17:14)   Space Photos of the Week: Survey Your Home Galaxy?And Its Neighbors (WIRED)
02-12-17 (14:53)   Chief vet defends support of larger hen cages (BBC News)
02-12-17 (13:29)   Rediscover the gift of reading: Best books to buy this holiday (Newscientist.com)
02-12-17 (07:33)   This is what space used to look like (CNN.com)
02-12-17 (05:27)   SpaceX's first Falcon Heavy will carry Musk's Tesla Roadster to Mars (Engadget)
02-12-17 (04:27)   AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Extended Trailer Offers A Sneak Preview Of The Space Madness To Come (Comic Book Movie)
02-12-17 (04:16)   Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Season 5 Trip to Space Came With Some Major Twists (E! Online)
02-12-17 (04:08)   Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. bosses on that space and time shocker (EW.com)
02-12-17 (03:14)   Why it's good that NHS England is cutting back on prescriptions (Newscientist.com)
02-12-17 (03:14)   Why the internet's CiCo calorie count diet won't keep weight off (Newscientist.com)
02-12-17 (03:14)   A shipwreck has been found from the time of Alexander the Great (Newscientist.com)
02-12-17 (03:14)   Weird magnets could make computers that work 1000 times faster (Newscientist.com)
02-12-17 (02:51)   SpaceX Falcon Heavy test launch delayed until early 2018 (SlashGear)
02-12-17 (01:54)   College's Social Justice And Gender 'Safe Space' Center Raises Transparency Questions (Daily Wire)
01-12-17 (23:28)   Jupiter has the blues, just like the rest of us (Mashable)
01-12-17 (23:13)   5 Times We Thought We Found Aliens But Didn't (Mashable)
01-12-17 (23:13)   Disneyland adds a single rider option on Space Mountain (Theme Park Insider)
01-12-17 (22:18)   After 37 years, Voyager 1 has fired up its trajectory thrusters (Ars Technica)
01-12-17 (22:01)   Russian sites call HIV a myth, Western conspiracy?an epidemic is now exploding (Ars Technica)
01-12-17 (21:07)   Automats, Soylent and How Retro-Futurism Influences How We Eat (Nerdist)
01-12-17 (20:05)   Interview: Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen on 'Agents of SHIELD' Season 5, Outer Space, and Thematic MCU Connections (Comicbook.com)
01-12-17 (18:47)   Life, but not as we know it (Ars Technica)
01-12-17 (18:29)   Gravity signals rapidly show true size of giant quakes (BBC News)
01-12-17 (18:01)   Celebrate 50 years of Apollo with us as our new series blasts off (Ars Technica)
01-12-17 (17:39)   Science has determined which pet is smarter, cats or dogs (Business Insider)
01-12-17 (17:35)   Secret Link Uncovered Between Pure Math and Physics (Quanta Magazine)
01-12-17 (16:49)   S.H.I.E.L.D. Boss: Season 5's Space Odyssey Is the 'Craziest Roller Coaster Adventure We Could Think Of' (TVLine)
01-12-17 (16:13)   These are the top 10 most dirty places in the office (Mashable)
01-12-17 (16:01)   NASA has never gone this long without a formal administrator (Ars Technica)
01-12-17 (15:06)   15 science fiction and fantasy books to read this December (TheVerge)
01-12-17 (14:29)   Hummingbirds have massive hearts to power their hovering flight (Newscientist.com)
01-12-17 (14:29)   Feedback: How did cannibal rats sail a ship through the Arctic? (Newscientist.com)
01-12-17 (13:29)   New Sentinel satellite tracks dirty air (BBC News)
01-12-17 (11:36)   Unesco adds Sir Isaac Newton's papers to world register (BBC News)
01-12-17 (09:00)   'Zero tolerance' plan eyed for plastic pollution (BBC News)
01-12-17 (06:40)   'Robocop,' 'Rocky' and 'Space Jam' arrive online - CNET (C-Net News.com)
01-12-17 (03:28)   In NYC, uptown and downtown rats don't mix (Mashable)
01-12-17 (01:32)   Historical diarrhea bacteria blasted past antibiotics, scooped pre-resistance (Ars Technica)
01-12-17 (01:22)   Why Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is headed to space in season 5 (EW.com)
01-12-17 (00:13)   Disastrous 2017 Atlantic hurricane season ends, with hard-hit areas still reeling (Mashable)
30-11-17 (23:36)   Nasa footage shows lightning from ISS (BBC News)
30-11-17 (23:13)   That 'alien' bacteria on the Space Station? It's probably not aliens. (Mashable)
30-11-17 (23:07)   Fossilised eggs shed light on reign of pterosaurs (BBC News)
30-11-17 (23:01)   Real wish or drunken regret? A "Do Not Resuscitate" tattoo throws doctors (Ars Technica)
30-11-17 (22:41)   SpaceX's Falcon Heavy launch has been pushed to next year (Engadget)
30-11-17 (22:05)   Gravity signals could speedily warn of big quakes and save lives (Nature)
30-11-17 (21:08)   This site lets you take Harvard's most popular computer science class and more courses from top universities for free (Business Insider)
30-11-17 (21:05)   Huge haul of rare pterosaur eggs excites palaeontologists (Nature)
30-11-17 (20:59)   To obtain funding, scientists may be avoiding use of the term 'climate change' in research proposals (Mashable)
30-11-17 (20:29)   Baby pterosaurs were cute, defenceless and unable to fly (Newscientist.com)
30-11-17 (19:43)   No, aliens aren't lurking on the International Space Station (Newscientist.com)
30-11-17 (19:43)   Podcast: Are we heading towards a male fertility disaster? (Newscientist.com)
30-11-17 (19:43)   Tasty tomatoes could be sacrificed in drive to cut food waste (Newscientist.com)
30-11-17 (19:21)   How Bacteria Help Regulate Blood Pressure (Quanta Magazine)
30-11-17 (18:54)   Dead Space 3 is now available in EA Access on Xbox One (On MSFT)
30-11-17 (18:25)   Science says Facebook is the last place you should argue with anyone (Business Insider)
30-11-17 (18:07)   The Scientifically Accurate Way to Stab a Zombie (Nerdist)
30-11-17 (18:06)   Dead Space 3 Now Available on EA Access (DualShockers)
30-11-17 (17:01)   FDA clears first medical accessory for the Apple Watch?an EKG sensor (Ars Technica)
30-11-17 (16:47)   Big invasive snails are driving birds of prey to get bigger (Ars Technica)
30-11-17 (15:32)   This week's failed Russian rocket had a pretty bad programming error (Ars Technica)
30-11-17 (14:28)   The Colorado School of Mines Wants to Launch the First-Ever Space Mining Program (WIRED)
30-11-17 (14:14)   Does it matter if my child is not genetically related to me? (Newscientist.com)
30-11-17 (12:29)   Addicted to tech? A brain chemical imbalance may be to blame (Newscientist.com)
30-11-17 (12:00)   Huge weather rescue project under way (BBC News)
30-11-17 (05:42)   The supermoon ain't all it's cracked up to be (Mashable)
30-11-17 (05:02)   Science is no friend to the elusive Yeti, but it may help another (CNN.com)
30-11-17 (02:43)   Would you let a company see your text messages to get a loan? (Newscientist.com)
30-11-17 (02:43)   Migraine drug makes people have fewer 'migraine days' (Newscientist.com)
30-11-17 (00:36)   'Unnatural' microbe can make proteins (BBC News)
29-11-17 (23:14)   Caesar's invasion site 'found': Is this where the Romans landed? (BBC News)
29-11-17 (22:34)   You Can Now Buy Claims For Land That Doesn't Exist Yet In Star Citizen (GameInformer.com)
29-11-17 (22:19)   Health agency reveals scourge of fake drugs in developing world (Nature)
29-11-17 (20:59)   5 easy tricks to help you free up storage space on your iPhone (Mashable)
29-11-17 (20:38)   Scientists Say Glitter Poses Major Environmental Hazard, Call for Global Ban (Nerdist)
29-11-17 (20:36)   Hidden history of prehistoric women's work revealed (BBC News)
29-11-17 (20:36)   'Alien' DNA makes proteins in living cells for the first time (Nature)
29-11-17 (20:35)   SpaceX will fly cargo to the space station on a used Falcon 9 rocket, NASA confirms (TheVerge)
29-11-17 (20:14)   Exercise hormone protects against bad complications in surgery (Newscientist.com)
29-11-17 (20:14)   Best-yet quantum simulator with 53 qubits could really be useful (Newscientist.com)
29-11-17 (20:05)   Pro-science budget is not enough for a Brexit world (Nature)
29-11-17 (20:05)   Illicit gene therapies, forensic data and Australia's water woes (Nature)
29-11-17 (20:05)   Supercomputing poised for a massive speed boost (Nature)
29-11-17 (19:58)   Rocket Lab schedules second Electron test launch for December 8th (Engadget)
29-11-17 (19:36)   China to roll back regulations for traditional medicine despite safety concerns (Nature)
29-11-17 (19:14)   The fashion industry can only go green by becoming unfashionable (Newscientist.com)
29-11-17 (19:14)   Fertility clinics are fudging IVF stats to look more successful (Newscientist.com)
29-11-17 (19:14)   A bacterium has been engineered to make 'unnatural' proteins (Newscientist.com)
29-11-17 (19:13)   Trump's pick to lead key science agency actually accepts human-caused global warming (Mashable)
29-11-17 (19:00)   Malaria is no longer in decline and that should worry us all (Newscientist.com)
29-11-17 (19:00)   How changing families are affecting our children's well-being (Newscientist.com)
29-11-17 (18:47)   Origami-inspired artificial muscles outperform human ones (Ars Technica)
29-11-17 (18:36)   This miniature replica Canon IV SB rangefinder is an $80 USB stick with only 8GB of space (DIY Photography)
29-11-17 (18:28)   Confidence grows that extreme weather pattern will soon envelop Northern Hemisphere (Mashable)
29-11-17 (18:26)   Family-friendly 2019 Subaru Ascent has space for up to eight passengers video - Roadshow (C-Net News.com)
29-11-17 (18:07)   Study Speculates POKÉMON GO Caused 145,000 Traffic Accidents in U.S. (Nerdist)
29-11-17 (16:54)   North Korea's missile took a bizarre path through space, and here's why it deeply worries weapons experts (Business Insider)
29-11-17 (16:53)   Polecats sightings reported in Essex (BBC News)
29-11-17 (16:43)   Footage of Earth from the International Space Station (BBC News)
29-11-17 (15:36)   Trophy hunting removes 'good genes' and raises extinction risk (BBC News)
29-11-17 (15:00)   Weird 'underground' flower has evolved to look like a mushroom (Newscientist.com)
29-11-17 (15:00)   Cuts likely for one of NASA's next big space-based telescopes (Newscientist.com)
29-11-17 (14:36)   DNA thought to be from infamous Yeti was actually from bears (SlashGear)
29-11-17 (14:18)   Guns tend to empower white, financially unstable men?who oppose gun control (Ars Technica)
29-11-17 (13:47)   "Completely unique" Iron Age party cauldrons and more unearthed in Leicestershire (Ars Technica)
29-11-17 (13:13)   Google Doodle tribute to horticulturalist is a delightful handmade floral collage (Mashable)
29-11-17 (13:06)   The curse of Space Station 13 (Eurogamer.net)
29-11-17 (13:00)   We struggle with monogamy ? is it time to abandon it altogether? (Newscientist.com)
29-11-17 (12:29)   Weird tiny galaxies found hiding in Hubble's Ultra Deep Field (Newscientist.com)
29-11-17 (12:29)   Bitcoin in the balance: The troublesome quest to reinvent money (Newscientist.com)
29-11-17 (12:29)   Did Pokémon Go really kill 250 people in traffic accidents? (Newscientist.com)
29-11-17 (12:29)   Jocelyn Bell Burnell doesn't mind Nobel overlook (BBC News)
29-11-17 (12:16)   Agents of SHIELD Spoilers: EP, star preview season 5 premiere, talks new challenges for the team on space (Spoilers Guide)

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